Adidas Flat Bench Review

We know what it’s like when you’re unsatisfied with your current weight bench unit, and are on the hunt for a replacement. It’s never easy deciding on new equipment, other than hearing advice from friends and online opinion. Trouble is with that “opinion” is that it isn’t always fair and honest…

Our own struggles with deciding on great equipment always lead us to find friends and sports shops with knowledgeable staff before we make a final decision – and those were our sources for the great flat bench press from Adidas.

Several friends of ours reported good things about it, and it has some great online reviews. It has a low-profile design, but if that is not your concern, you might find the many other aspects of this product advantageous.
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This bench can be used during abs and back exercises coupled with free weights. Check if these flat weight bench features can help improve your exercise routine.

This bench’s weight is about 600 lbs, meaning it is solid inside and it will not easily wobble on the carpet or the rubber mats in your garage. As long as you do not weigh more than half the weight of the bench, you can be sure that you are safe while on it. In the manual, the maximum allowable weight by the bench is 300 lbs. If you weigh more than that, check out some superior alternatives, which you can see elsewhere on our site.

This flat bench is easy to put together. Some online reviews suggest it is difficult to assemble, but even without extra help, you can make it standing and ready for use in minutes. This advantage is perfect for people who want to bring along a flat bench and exercise in different settings.

This bench has a sturdy backpad. It is made of high-density foam that is about 2.5 inches thick. This is ideal for those who are worried about hurting their back – which is a concern among many exercise fans.

Durability is further enhanced by the way it was constructed. Check the upholstered construction as soon as you open the packaging.

Your investment is added to with the bench’s 2-year limited warranty. Make sure that you clarify with the distributor if they have additional warranty offers for this item. Also, check for shipping insurance offers.


This product has the following specifications:

  • Dimensions for this product are 45.4 inches for the length, 4.5 for thickness and 7.0 inches for the width.
  • When fully assembled, the bench occupies a space that is about 10,472 cubic inches with a length of 44 inches and a width of 19 inches.
  • Shipping weight is 33.2 lbs.


  • The feel is really solid as there are no moving parts. You might be thinking of other brands and models because of their cheaper price, but be aware you are not endangering yourself by getting a wobbly, cheaper unit.
  • With 600 lbs. as its own weight, the bench allows a 300-lb user to take in a maximum 300 lb. of weights. The product allows a wide range of flexibility for weight options.
  • The low-profile design makes the bench easily blend with any decoration or color theme at home. Some may find that a big advantage.


There is one setback worth mentioning:

  • The legs are not padded at the bottom, so make sure you put plastic support on the floor to avoid scratching.

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