Best Fitness BFFID10 FID Bench review

Weight benches are the best way to perform gym-level exercises in a home environment, saving subscription fees, traveling time and the effort of venturing to the gym.

If you’re looking for great value, this Best Fitness BFFID10 weight bench offers a host of different features at a very affordable price. Allowing the user to operate on flat, decline and incline, it lends itself to every barbell or dumbbell related activity that one could wish to undertake. The bench comes at an extremely competitive price, and its size also allows for easy storage. We’re not sure there’s better value for your money out there…

Some of the Best Fitness BFFID10 FID Bench’s Features

This awesome value weight bench comes complete with a series of features giving the user complete control over their workout. With five different incline positions, the user can go from a flat chest press on the flat to incline chest flies in no time. This is especially useful for those wishing to practice the variety of workouts usually found in a gym, but without the means to do so. Guarding against the age-old discomfort associated with weights benches, 1.75-inch pads are built in to the FFID10 FID bench for a soft and comfortable time using the bench. The pads are coated with powder to ensure maximum grip in the presence of body sweat, so that functionality is never jeopardized.

If the user wishes to practice preacher curls or even sit-ups, the FFID10 FID bench comes with an additional accessory allowing this to be achieved seamlessly. Adjustments can also be made to the various pins and bolts, meaning that the bench is entirely customizable to the user’s body dimensions.

The FFID10 FID bench measures eighteen inches long, seventeen inches high and 54.5 inches deep. This makes it perfect for living room usage, ready to pack away after working out.

What are customers saying?

Reviews for this product cite the size as being an excellent feature, with many people pointing out that it doesn’t take up a lot of room and can be stored in wardrobes or under beds.

People are also keen to point out the FFID10 FID bench’s extreme value for money when compared to other market competitors, and what one gets for this money (the padding, sturdy build, customization and ease of storage). Users cite the weight bench’s ability to quickly transition between its various states of inclination as being a positive aspect.

The build is also drawn attention to as being a positive aspect of this product, with many reviewers praising its sturdiness and ease of use (already constructed, so can be used right out of the box). Many draw attention to the FFID10 FID bench’s fitness for purpose as a dumbbell weights bench (it being relatively small and compact), with users suggesting that its lightness and width make it suitable for most activities using these weights. Also praised are the bench’s good design and construction materials.

Bang for your buck?

Buyers cite this weight bench’s value for money as being its main attractive feature, with many expressing surprise that one can find such a product at a low price. Whilst more specialist and pricey alternatives are available, this general purpose weight bench has some very favorable reviews.

Here are a couple of very satisfied customers on Amazon:

Barrett Withers: This is a great product that came already put together right out of the box. If all of best fitness’s products are of this quality then they’ve got a new full time customer

Stuart Floyd: This truly is a great bench that really saves on space and cost that will benefit you all around and in the comfort of home, no crowds, no waiting, on your schedule and easy to put away or leave assembled.

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