Clipless Pedals on an Exercise Bike

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Many of our customers ask us whether or not it is possible to use clipless pedals on an exercise bike.  If you are a keen outdoor cycler then you might be using a stationary bike indoors and want the ability to pedal the same style on both bikes.

It’s likely that the pedals on your stationary bike are platforms, so the transition from outdoors to indoors might cause you some problems with consistent riding styles.

There are two different sorts of clipless pedals that you are probably familiar with for either mountain bikes or road cycles.  It is possible to take your pedals off your existing bicycle and actually attach them to you indoor exercise bike.

Attaching clipless pedals

Standard road pedals use a 9/16 inch spindle compared to exercise bikes that use ½ inch.  It is possible to use a quality pair of ½ inch pedals and instead attach some toe clips to them.  An alternative would be to use 9/16 to ½ inch thread adapters and then use any type of standard outdoor pedals.

The result will mean that your Q-factor* is increased but can be the best answer to the trying to get clipless pedals onto a stationary bike.

How to remove exercise bike pedals

Some cyclists use a pedal wrench to remove the exercise bike pedals, then attach the clipless versions.  This method is great if you want to do your fitness workout, because you can swap them back afterwards.

What type of clipless pedal should I buy?

There are many brands and prices and the top models are either Speedplay, Crank Bros, Look, Shimano, or Time ATAC.  You will see that there are varied prices on the different brands and models so make sure that you choose carefully and the best one for your cycling requirements.

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