Exercise Bike Health & Fitness Benefits

Exercise Bikes are a cheap and economical way to lose weight, get fit, and conduct a fitness program in your own home. This type of gym equipment is also known the market as cardio bikes, spinner bikes and recumbent bikes, or stationary upright bikes.  Exercise bikes are one of the best ways you can maintain your health.  Why else would you see row upon row of cycling machines in gyms?  It’s because they work.

And of course they are extremely portable and light-weight, many of them being built so you can simply fold them up after your workout. Upright and stationary exercise bikes, and recumbent exercise bikes and both easy to use and will help you to burn calories, burn fat, and develop you own sense of achievement and fitness.

Fitness Benefits to using an Exercise Bike

  • Easy to use
  • They are convenient and can be used at your own pace and leisure
  • You can use them in the home in private
  • Watch TV, read, or listen to music whilst you work-out
  • You don’t need to pay for an expensive gym membership to use one
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or snowing outside
  • The risk of sustaining injuries is low
  • Develop muscle and body strength
  • Increase your stamina
  • Increase your mental well being and sense of achievement

Cardio Workouts on an Exercise Bike

Fitness cycles are brilliant at increasing your levels of cardio-vascular activity and you will find that your basic rate of metabolism (BMR) will be increased each time you use your exercise bike.

Burn Fat with an Exercise Bike

People that use exercise bikes burn a lot of fat and calories and if the fitness programs are sustained, start to see fitness increasing as well as a better shaped energetic body.

Tone Muscles with an Exercise Bike

Using an exercise bike to tone muscles is also one method of getting the most from your product.  The areas of the body that will see most benefit are the muscles of middle and lower body.  People that are overweight and aim for weight loss should also consider using a fitness cycle as part of a workout program.

Measure Calories Burnt and Speed and Distance

Most exercise bike brands and models have an LCD Computer display and some have heart rate sensors in the handlebars meaning you can track and log how many calories you are burning as well as your speed and distance.   The on-board computers also tend to carry pre-set workout programs at varying different difficulty levels.

Aerobic Fitness with an Exercise Bike

Using an indoor stationary bike is preferable for most people instead of cycling outdoors and will help with an aerobic exercise program.  And of course, by using a stationary bike you can cycle in front of the TV or read which helps to take some of the boredom out of exercising.

How to Choose An Exercise Bike

What do you want to achieve?  Decide what the aim of your workouts is before deciding to buy an exercise bike or what model you want.  For example, do you want a recumbent bike, or an upright bike?

Buy Recumbent Exercise Bikes or Upright Stationary Bikes?

Exercise bikes come in two types and models.  The traditional upright cycle which suit most users, or the recumbent exercise bike.  Recumbent models suit those that are overweight or have bad back and are restricted of movement.
Cycling in a reclined position with a recumbent model can have it benefits as it brings your feet closer inline with your heart which will keep the blood pressure low.

Exercise Bike Safety

Exercising on a stationary exercise bike is a safer bet than other types of indoor fitness equipment as people have been know to to slip up and fall over on a on a treadmill. It’s very easy to lose your balance on an elliptical trainer. If this is a concern for you then choose an exercise bike over any other home gym equipment.

Choosing the Right Exercise Bike

On this website we have sourced and reviewed all of the best bikes and models on the market, meaning you don’t need to trawl the web reading product reviews for exercise bikes on different sites.  This is one-place, and with one aim in mind; to give you the best choice, best exercise bike prices, and show you where to buy an exercise bike.

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