Schwinn 270 vs. Schwinn 230

I cant talk about the Schwinn 270 without mentioning the differences between this particular model and the Schwinn 230. After all, the two recumbent bikes look almost identical, so you must be wondering why you should spend extra cash on this one. Well, let me explain, since at first glance they might seem insignificant, but it’s those little details that matter. Schwinn 230 opts for a vented, contoured seat bottom, while the Schwinn 270 adds an extra layer of comfort with its thick padded contoured seat bottom.

Schwinn 230 vs 270

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Compare schwinn 230 and 270

There are differences regarding the resistance as well. The Schwinn 230 goes for 20 levels of magnetic eddy current, while the Schwinn 270 has 25 levels, increasing the difficulty of the workout to meet the needs of the more advanced users. As for the workout programs, it’s 22 vs. 29 in favor of the 270, with the mention that the Schwinn 270 also includes tests for fitness and recovery.

The 270 model also sports a higher number of user profiles that can be created. It’s definitely better to be able to store 4 instead of 2, especially if several members of your family want to use this recumbent bike. And last, but not least, the Schwinn 270 had its the pedal cranks and pedals redesigned, which are now 3-piece pedal cranks and oversized pedals instead of the 1-piece ones and the standard pedals that the 230 model has.

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