Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer Review

Equipped with a  modern technology called V-Stride, the Schwinn 460 Variable Stride elliptical trainer can provide for an efficient workout routine at home. This enables the unit to change its stride lengths through simple programming, without having to resort to machine modifications.

This model of elliptical machine supports both upper and lower body workouts. You can work on your calves and quads through the stepping routine, and the glutes and thighs can be properly worked out through walking exercises. The machine is also capable of providing for running exercises in different speeds so as to tone all the muscle groups of the body.

Key Features

  • Variable Strides – you can choose the specific stride length required for your chosen exercise routine.
  • Existing Programs – A total of 16 programs is incorporated in this trainer, and it includes 11 workout profiles.
  • Tracking Results – You can track the recorded results for 2 users.
  • Articulating Foot Pedals – This feature minimizes impact on the heels to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Modern Console – The touchscreen console can be easily operated and programmed. It shows the time, distance, speed, as well as calories burned during a workout.
  • Accessories – It comes with a water bottle holder as well as a fan.
  • Movable – The unit is equipped with caster wheels and transport handle.


Schwinn backs this unit up with 10 years warranty on the frame, 2 years warranty on parts, 1 year warranty on electronics, and 90 days warranty on wear parts.


  • Product Dimensions: 54 x 34 x 73 inches
  • Product Weight: 221 pounds
  • Stride Length: 2 to 26 inches
  • Levels of Resistance: 16
  • Maximum User Capacity: 300 pounds

How to Assemble the Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer?

This model of elliptical machine can be assembled in about 1 to 2 hours. Although 1 person can accomplish the task, requiring the help of another person can speed up the process and make the undertaking easier too.

The package comes with all the needed tools and there are extra bolts and screws as well. As the base is already preassembled, you only need to assemble a few parts by yourself. The instruction manual is presented in an easy-to-follow outline, so you can surely follow it without getting lost or confused.

For practical reasons, it would be wise to assemble the unit on the exact place where you want to put it. Even if the exercise machine has wheels, it can still be quite heavy to move around.

How to Use the Schwinn Variable Stride Elliptical Machine?

Use the touchscreen console to program the unit and to monitor your progress. The LCD is easy to read, and its intuitive design makes it easy to operate and manipulate.

You can choose from 16 pre-programmed settings, and you can even create your own profile setting. You can opt to workout using stepping exercises, or burn more calories by choosing the walking and jogging features. You can even vary the stride length anywhere from 2 inches to 26 inches to suit your specific preferences.

Common User Issues and Concerns

This model of exercise machine is generally liked by consumers who have already tried and tested the product. There are very few negative comments about the product, and most of them are just minor issues.

There are customers who complained about not getting a set of instructions for assembling the device. However, this situation can be easily resolved by downloading an instruction manual from the company’s official website.

As far as assembling the elliptical trainer is concerned, some users advice on using your own set of tools. Although there are also tools included in the package, these are said to be flimsy and difficult to use.

Some consumers also experienced having squeaking problems early on. This can be remedied by not over-tightening the screws and by lubricating the metal joints.

All in all, consumers consider this to be a great exercise machine. It can be used by both beginner trainers and avid fitness enthusiasts. And since its maximum user capacity is 300 pounds, it can accommodate even tall and heavy users.


  • Comfortable – the variable stride technology allows for a comfortable workout environment that’s both efficient and effective.
  • Solid construction – the unit uses solid steel materials to guarantee long life and stability.
  • Quiet – you can watch TV at its normal volume.
  • Accessories – there are utility holders to accommodate water bottles, remote control, phone, etc.


  • Insufficient fan – there were some reports about the insufficiency of the fan in providing for a good source of air during the workout.

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