Universal Five Position Weight Bench

Nowadays, a lot of athletes are getting caught up with the latest sporting technology. Workouts revolving around newfangled exercise machines and highfalutin fitness concepts have swiftly displaced traditional barbell and dumbbell workouts. However, I’ve been bodybuilding for nearly two decades and for my money, all you need to get in great shape are a set of free weights and an adjustable weight bench. Forget those expensive cable machines and invest in the Universal Five Position Weight Bench. Your body will thank you for it.

When you’ve been lifting weights as long as I have, you’ll realize that the single most important factor when it comes to selecting a weightlifting bench is stability. If you’re bench-pressing twice your bodyweight, the last thing you want is a lightweight bench that slides across the floor with every movement you make. You need peace of mind to perform at your physical peak and the Five Position Universal Weight Bench gives you that. This adjustable bench features stabilizer levelers to help prevent it from rocking or swaying on uneven ground, which is a feature that will come in handy for most of us since the vast majority of floors aren’t level.

Of course, adjustable weight benches should be mobile as well as stable. Those geniuses over at Universal have managed to create that rarest of products – a weightlifting bench that moves only when you want it to, only the way you want it to. I often rotate my bench so I can get a good view of the muscle I’m working out at the time and I’ve never had to expend much energy to move this one around.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure your weightlifting bench is durable. Few pieces of furniture come under quite as much stress as a workout bench and only the very best benches will be able to stand up to the massive amounts of weight you’re lifting. In terms of durability, Universal has really outdone itself this time. The engineers responsible for designing this bench deserve plenty of plaudits for welding the supports to the point where the seat meets the backrest, eliminating the need for nuts and bolts that are liable to come loose under excessive stress. The weight distribution is also fantastic. Even when I was benching over two hundred pounds, my spotting partner reported no bending or flexing in the bench frame. According to the manufacturer, this Universal Weight Bench is capable of withstanding weights up to 430 pounds, but judging from the extremely solid look and feel, I’d wager it can handle at least 20 percent more weight than that without too much trouble.

Personally, I find most weightlifting equipment to be a waste of money. I like to stick to the basics in my workouts – bench presses, bicep curls, shoulder presses and the like and this adjustable weight bench really helps me get the most out of these tried-and-tested exercises. It gives me the ability to work out at a total of five different angles so I can hit my muscles from different positions and get the best possible results. For example, with this bench, I can now perform incline bench presses with my backrest at the “sweet spot” of a 30-degree incline. That really gives my chest muscles an incomparable pump.

Overall, this is as close to a perfect example of a weight bench I’ve come across. I do wish that the -10 degree incline was supported, but that’s a position most weightlifters are unlikely to utilize anyway, so I’m willing to overlook that. If you want to really enjoy more rewarding workouts, pick up the Five Position Universal Weight Bench today.

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