What is the ProForm Performance 1450

The ProForm Performance 1450 has several state of the art features, including a touch screen dashboard console. This is used for making selections and for programing customized workouts. A unique feature is the Internet browser incorporated into the console.

More Bang for the Buck

Let’s face it, some folks want more from their fitness equipment than a simple way to burn calories and achieve better cardiovascular health. If you’re one of those individuals that seek out state-of-the-art technology in your latest purchases, you might want to have a look at the ProForm Performance 1450 treadmill. This model offers one particular feature that wasn’t seen in treadmills 10 or 15 years ago.

Browse the Web While You Get In Shape

You read that right. There’s a 10 inch full color touchscreen on the console of this machine. The screen is used for more than customizing your fitness programs and monitoring your progress. There’s a built-in web browser included. This means if you are using the treadmill in a vicinity of a WIFI connection, you can access the Internet. The browser is powered by the Android operating system.
If you’re one of those who enjoy reading your email or catching up on world news while exercising, you can do that while using the ProForm Performance 1450.

Other Options Available

This model offers program training by fitness expert Jillian Michaels. The programs are powered by Google Maps, so you might want to be sure you have a WIFI connection via wireless router to utilize the full potential of this machine. There’s also a workout fan to prevent the user from overheating.

You can preset the distance to your fitness level and desire of speed. Besides customizing your own options and program, you can use the random mode. This will vary the options a bit for a uniquely different program each time you exercise.

The Specifications

If you’re wondering about the specs on the ProForm Performance 1450, let’s start with the tread belt you’ll be working on. It’s a commercial size of 20 inches wide by 60 inches long. The machine weighs approximately 200 pounds. As for the dimensions of the ProForm Performance 1450, it’s 87 x 34 x11. The maximum weight allowed is 350 pounds. In case you’re wondering, the ProForm Performance is made in the USA.

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