XMark Fitness Weight Bench Review

If you are scouring for a good weight bench, the XMark Fitness bench model is worth checking out. This product is a lot more expensive than most available products of its kind, but with good reason. The average price for this unit is around $240. Check out some of the reasons below why this adjustable weight bench deserves to be priced so high…



XMark Fitness exercise bench comes with the following distinguished features:

  • XMark Fitness bench accommodates multiple positioning that ranges from decline to military positions, something you will appreciate if everyone in the family is going to use the unit. If a member of the family has some kind of injury and is required to do exercises in specific positions only, this is the right product for your household to use.
  • The cushions are ultra-thick, which is of course, an additional gesture from the company to give ultimate protection for its users. According to reviewers, they will pay more than what they have shelled out because of the perfect cushioning. Some have said that you could actually sleep on the bench after doing the workouts.
  • XMark Fitness weight bench is tear-resistant because of the material and the kind of stitching used. The manufacturer double-stitched highly durable vinyl material to make the product surely last. Reviews are saying that the vinyl material is really something worthy of the money.
  • The seat is adjustable as well with three possible positions.
  • This product comes with built-in wheels for easy movement. With its very light weight, you can easily transport the bench from one room to another. Instead of moving the TV from the living room, you can just let the TV stay on its place and move the bench instead.
  • The manufacturer made sure that the bench is scratch-resistant by utilizing a baked powder coat finish.
  • The fitness bench is very easy to put together. According to reviews and those who participate in forums for exercise benches, the average time is about 15 minutes for the unit to assemble. After assembling, you would find the unit showing a perfect balance of functionality and beauty.

XMark Fitness Specifications

  • The weight capacity of the product is 1500 lbs. This means that all of the members of your family can easily get onto the bench and do whatever exercises you want to do.
  • The seat cushion is 16 inches by 16 inches. That would be about 196 square inches for its surface area.
  • The back cushion is 33 inches by 11 inches, which means that the area for the back cushion is about 363 square inches.
  • When already assembled, the products overall dimensions are 52.50 x 50.50 x 22.50 inches. That is about a little less than 60,000 cubic inches for the volume.

Cons of XMark Fitness

Although this bench is sturdy and not wobbly, there are a couple of minor issues that reviewers are mentioning in their posts, including:

  • Some customers find the seat to be too large. If you have a petite body, you might feel that the seat is uncomfortable and does not fit you. But there are petite users who love this bench for being large because it allows them to have large weights.
  • Some customers have complaints on the distributor of the product. One reviewer posted a negative review because the product arrived with missing screws and parts. Going with a renowned retailer like Amazon should ensure any issues like that are handled quickly.

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