A bicycle ergometer is a training device where you can sweat quickly. Therefore it needs a regular cleaning. It is not for nothing that visitors to the gym are asked to disinfect the devices after use. Also, the ergometers that are used at home, require appropriate care, so that no germs form. For this cleaning and also for other care measures we have put together the most important tips.

Tip 1

A ground protection mat ensures that the ergometer leaves no traces on the floor covering. In addition, the mat serves as a noise damper during training and prevents too much dust from being whirled up.

Tip 2

After training, clean the seat and handles with an antibacterial cleaner. The suitable products are often obtained as a spray can. After applying the disinfectant wipe the areas with a paper or microfibre cloth to avoid streaks.

Tip 3

Also, the technical components of the bicycle ergometer need now and then a cleaning. The sensors and levers can also be cleaned with the disinfectant. For the engine compartment and other components are also other cleaning products.

Tip 4

The bicycle ergometer needs maintenance now and then. Above all, the bearings are sensitive and must be occasionally supplied with new lubricant.

Tip 5

To maintain an ergometer include several checks. Among other things it is necessary to check up a belt and brake unit. If necessary, tighten the screws. The bump test can tell if everything is secure.

Tip 6

Regular equipment maintenance and servicing can extend the life of the fitness equipment, even without repair. Even the test winners of the bicycle ergometers, which have a high quality standard, however, can show signs of wear and must then be repaired. Within the warranty period you should definitely commission a specialist company with this repair.

Tip 7

The electronic components of the ergometer sometimes need a check. A measurement can be used to determine whether fuses need to be replaced. Such error analyzes help to detect weak points early and, if necessary, to replace individual parts.

Tip 8

In the functional test you should perform a game control. It may be necessary to fix again if the fitness equipment is too unstable

Tip 9

For the cleaning and care of the contact points usually sufficient antibacterial agent. In addition to the rubberized elements but you should also clean the plastic and metal parts. For this you can use a moistened cloth and a mild grease cleaner.

Tip 10

If small parts are to be replaced, you can get the spare parts either directly from the manufacturer or from the dealer.

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