In any well equipped gym you can find a variety of cardio machines to choose from. Among the two more popular ones are the treadmill and the recumbent exercise bike.

While most people I’ve spoken with told me that they believe a treadmill is superior to a recumbent bike in the intensity and effectiveness of the workout it delivers, I want to offer an opposing viewpoint. I want to speak about some of the advantages an exercise bike has over a treadmill. Perhaps this will give you greater motivation to ride one on your next workout.

You Can’t Fall Off A Bike

A treadmill looks innocent but it can also be quite dangerous. Anyone who has ever fallen off one knows how painful it can be. As someone who has twice fallen of a treadmill, I can tell you that it is not a pleasant experience. Landing with your arm on a moving treadmill can result in quite a serious injury. I was out of action for a number of weeks following such an accident.

With a recumbent bike this cannot happen. You’re sitting down on the bike and you’re perfectly stable. You’re safe. You won’t fall down. This is a big advantage.

Less Impact

One of the disadvantages of running on a treadmill is the impact of each step you take. With each step you’re sending a shock wave through the joints and bones of your legs. This can harm your tendons and joints.

When you ride a recumbent bike you don’t have this much impact. You don’t have contact between your feet and the ground. The movement is different and less hard on your bones.

Strength Workout

There’s one thing I love about recumbent bikes that treadmills can’t offer: the ability to add resistance to the workout. You can create a pretty intense workout experience and build stronger leg muscles by working with added resistance on a bike. If you want to build bigger leg muscles, a bike can be a great addition to your regular leg exercises.

Bottom Line

I love running and I spent a lot of hours on a treadmill. However, exercise bikes have some advantages that you should consider. This is why they can be a good part of your workouts.

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