Sometimes it can seem like your exercise regime is eating up valuable time that you could be using completing other more pressing tasks and chores. Or exercising can just become plain boring. However, it doesn’t have to be either of these things! An exercise bike frees up your hands so there are so many options for multitasking!

I have personally found that I can have a lot of fun on the exercise bike and it can also allow me to get important stuff done. Here are my top 5 suggestions for multitasking and getting things done on your exercise bike at home:

Watch TV and Television

Rather than staring at wallpaper, try placing your exercise bike in front of the box. Make it a rule that you only watch your favorite shows if you are simultaneously pedaling away. Entertaining your mind while you bike can make your workout appear easier and also make it more fun!


By far, the best use of my time when I am on my exercise bike is when I study at the same time. I am finishing up a masters degree online program but while working full time and trying to have a social life, I am left with little time to study and exercise. I read through my notes and practice my note cards while I bike and so this allows me to kill two birds with one stone!

Take Phone Calls

Although a phone call while on the bike may be somewhat breathless on your end, you can still likely hold down a coherent conversation while on your bike! I try to make any pending calls while I bike as a way to pass time and also to free up some spare time for the rest of my day.

Read Magazines or a Book

If you are anything like me, you probably have several trashy magazines that you love to read. I like to read my juicy celebrity gossip mags while I am on my bike to make my workout seem like it’s going faster and also to avoid having to expose my guilty pleasure to the world! So make sure you stock up on plenty of fun reading material before your workouts!

Surf the Web

Indeed trying to balance a laptop on your knees while you pedal probably isn’t going to work. However, if you have data on your mobile phone you can absolutely still surf the web while you’re on your bike! I personally like to do my online shopping while I bike and also watch a funny YouTube video or two.

As you can see, your home workout routine on your exercise bike can be far from boring! It can be a great opportunity to either have fun or get several chores done at once! Don’t be afraid to try different multitasking ideas and remember that the exercise bike is a fantastic exercise tool for staying healthy and looking good. Good luck!

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