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Concept 2 Vs WaterRower

Concept 2 vs. WaterRower

The best equipment for a home workout would always be the rowing machine. If I would ever choose just one piece of gym equipment for my training sessions, it’d be a rowing machine. I understand it’s a rowing machine, and the name suggests an outdoor use. But the thing is, rowing machines are quite convenient …

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benefits of using knee sleeves

Benefits of using knee sleeves

If you are experiencing knee pain while working out then using rogue knee sleeves might help you in your quest to work out without experiencing any pain. Working out is an important part of many people’s day and having pain get in the way of a good workout is not a good thing. One doesn’t want to …

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best fitness pants for woman

Top 8 Healthy Diet Mistakes

Those looking to drop a few pounds of fat and/or gain a few pounds of muscle typically pay quite a bit of attention to their dieting habits. After all, aside from regular visits to the gym, it’s what you eat that is primarily responsible for how your body looks and feels. Not everyone that watches …

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3 things you should be doing to boost your fitness results

Top motivational fitness tips

Whether you’ve finally succumbed to your new year’s resolution and decided to join the gym or have bee plugging away for months on end to less than exemplary results, getting fit has never been easy. It’s an entire rollercoaster ride that’s never easy – if it was, everyone else would be at the gym five …

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