bicycle ergometer from the 2020 test comparison convinces with its modern technology and good comfort. Thus, these ergometers are ideal training devices for home use. In other types of training, the joints are more strained and you have to focus on all movements. If you like it especially comfortable, you can opt for a recumbent bike and ride your bike in an almost horizontal position. So the training is even more relaxed.

A professional alternative is an indoor cycle that is often available in the gym. Here, a mechanical function provides resistance to pedaling. This resistance can be adjusted manually. In the indoor cycle, there is no accurate power measurement in watts, as is the case with the bicycle ergometer from the test. In addition, the freewheel that characterizes the typical bicycle ergometer is missing at the indoor cycle.

The fitness equipment range also includes race bikes, which are a combination of indoor cycle and stationary ergometer . They have a rigid hub, a large flywheel and a magnetic brake system. This allows you to perform an individual training, including the heart rate measurement.

The roller trainer is a bicycle that is fixed on a stand construction. For this purpose you can clamp your own bike on the stand, so that the tires do not touch the ground. The wear on this type of exercise equipment is relatively high, but the ride is very realistic.

As a small alternative, there are training devices that consist only of pedals and a flywheel. When you pedal, you sit in a chair, so that the similarity with the normal cycling is lost. Nevertheless, the leg muscles are activated. Such a pedal trainer is also referred to as an arm and leg trainer. If you put this exercise bike on the table, you can also grab the pedals with your hands and use your arms for turning. This is how muscle activation shifts. However, the training effect is not as great as the bicycle ergometer due to its lighter weight.

Treadmill, rowing machines and other training equipment are not a direct alternative to the bicycle ergometer from the 2020 test. Frequently, the joints are more stressed in these devices, so they are not suitable for all persons. However, when it comes to boosting performance and / or losing weight, these fitness machines are also a good choice.

The bike itself is the first choice for many outdoor athletes. It is ready for use in the garage or in the bicycle cellar and you can drive through the countryside or through the city. Depending on the design of the two-wheeler you are more comfortable on the move or swift and sporty. The main problem with cycling is caused by the unsafe weather. When it rains in streams or gets cold, very few people feel like getting on a bike and doing another round.

In the fitness center you will find more training aids and equipment to activate his muscles. If the bike ergometer is occupied here , you simply go to the next fitness equipment, for example the rowing bench or the abdominal trainer. Here are other muscle groups addressed than the bicycle ergometer, so you can not call these devices as a perfect replacement.

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