How Shapeshifter Yoga Can Provide You 5 Powerful Benefits

In this article I want to take a look at 5 powerful benefits of Yoga in general and Shapeshifter Yoga has all these benefits as well. Yoga dates back thousands of years and was proven empirically effective. It aims to unite the mind, body and soul and thus, the benefits are also divided into three categories which are the physical health benefits, mental state of well being benefits and the emotional benefits.

Yoga poses are designed mainly to relax the body but over the last three decades, countless benefits are discovered to be associated with yoga. Although yoga has shown beneficial in variety of conditions, it is never considered as a form of therapy for diseases or illness. Rather, it is a unique way of teaching people the natural way on improving life, regaining general good health, preventing disorders and changes the way of thinking of a person into better. This is what makes Yoga and more importantly, Shapeshifter Yoga such a powerful part of any workout, diet or body redesign.

Nobody is too young or too old to do and reap the good things in yoga. So let’s get started and talk about the highlighted and primary benefits of yoga in relieving stress, fatigue, vitality, the anti-aging components and its way to relax the whole being of a person; mentally and physically.

The Physical Health Benefits Of A Program Like Shapeshifter Yoga

  • The healing power. Yoga has a powerful healing power to heal ailments and cure diseases. Because it makes the body strong, it also involves all the muscles in the body when making the essential posses in yoga. Thus, stretches the body and improves the flexibility, tendons, muscles stay limber and eliminating joint pains, back pains and other arthritic symptom.
  • Fertility. Programs that unite the mind and body gives support to people dealing with medical conditions like cancer and fertility. Because of yoga breathing techniques, tension, worry and stress are release giving a vibrant feeling. Recent research shows that patients who undergo with yoga had higher success rate to fight against the chronic condition. This doesn’t mean it cures cancer or anything to that effect, but Yoga can aid in feeling better which equals a strong immune system.
  • Energy. Yoga exercises, posses and breathing techniques activate the balance of energy in the body. The negative energy pathways are cleaned resulting to vitality and gives off the power you need in order to have a quality life. Shapeshifter Yoga can give you the energy you need to complete any workout routine you decide to take on.
  • Strength. This comes together with the energy, and strength does not only refer to being able to do weight lifting but on the other hand may refer also the internal psychological system. In simpler terms, it means the strength in a person’s digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system and the list goes on and on.
  • Improves the bone density. Yoga is an exercise where the bone components can be improved. This is particularly advantage to women who is approaching the menopause stage since yoga deals with improving the bone density and helps to have a great posture.

The Mental Health Benefits of Doing A Program Like Shapeshifter Yoga

  • Brain development. Yoga develops a part of the brain that is usually dormant. Once theses parts of the brain is develop, the intelligence, clarity of thoughts and the ability to think is also increased.
  • Increases concentration. Great concentration is another health benefits that you can gain in yoga. Being an athlete or not, you can take advantage of your job, assignment, training or chores if the concentration level is optimum when doing a task.
  • Awareness. Self awareness is important in order to have the ability to accept criticisms and understanding towards others and as well as ourselves. Additionally, awareness in many things enables us to make developments and changes to make improvements and achieve goals. In terms of fitness and working out, Adam touches on this subject quite a lot within Shapeshifter Yoga.
  • Increase the mental control. Yoga is very effective when it comes to cooling and controlling stress, depress and the anxious feeling that a person has in times of fight and problems. In the last couple of decades, therapist had discovered other advantages of yoga like how it is a self-soothing tool, promoting relaxation and confidence.
  • Positive outlook and optimism. Constant practice of yoga balances the hormone in the nervous system which is the main reason in being optimistic and positive thinker. Shapeshifter Yoga goes into depth about the role yoga plays with affecting hormone balance and how you can use that to your advantage.

The Emotional Health Benefits of A Program Like Shapeshifter Yoga

  • Joy. The nature of yoga practice is in line with beauty of life and in dept of one’s purpose in living. Thus, doing yoga opens the opportunity towards a spontaneous happiness and contentment.
  • Peace. Peace is an essential component in life that plays an important role in making us happy and comfortably. It affects us in so many ways and accordingly, means order and discipline which is highly practice in yoga.
  • Compassion. The values and philosophies in yoga are associated with compassion and being able to understand others who have different points of view, beliefs and cultures is an essential skill that is not so easy to acquire but is not impossible to learn. Along with yoga meditation, the ego centric factor of a person is slowly eliminated and developing thoughtfulness, generosity and compassion is maximized.
  • Helps prevent obsessive compulsive disorder. 22 adults with obsessive compulsive disorder were studied by the psychiatric medical journal, “Half the group did meditation and the other half Kundalini yoga for three months. The yoga group had a 40% improvement, compared to 14% of the meditation group. After a year there was a 70% improvement.”
  • Calm. Yes, yoga requires great concentration and thus, implies that being calm is essential to have a great level of concentration which means that it induces greater peace, calmness and tranquility to connect the mind, body and soul.
In the end Yoga programs like Shapeshifter Yoga can provide an excellent addition to any workout program. Yoga has many benefits and more that I wasn’t able to cover in this article. I highly recommend if your serious about your body transformation than you take a look at programs like Shapeshifter Yoga or other yoga programs.  Hopefully you see that Yoga isn’t something you do just relieve stress. It’s a plays a vital role in your fitness and emotional development.

Shapeshifter Yoga Review – Scam or Legit?

After taking some time to go through the entire program my Shapeshifter Yoga Review is ready. I hope you find this review useful. So let’s get started with my in-depth Shapeshifter Yoga Review. Yoga is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and is practiced for thousands of years and is well known for uniting the mind, body and soul thus, making a person feel better.

To appreciate the concept of yoga, you must understand its components. Of all this philosophical origins and systems, yoga evokes through the vital force called “Nadis”. The way we think, act, and feel depends on the force flow of “Nadis” in our body which are interconnected with one another and form plexuses.

Shapeshifter yoga on the other hand, is the newest technique developed by Adam Steer and Kristine Fondran. This is a highly effective way to lose weight or improve the overall being of the body by introducing exercises, postures and relevant body activities. Aside from the universal benefit of relieving body and joint pains, Shapeshifter yoga also aims to use meditation to attain spiritual insight and tranquility.

As defined in yoga study, any disturbance that we feel is caused by the improper pattern and functioning in the passage of the current flows of “Nadis” which deals initially with the balance of releasing negativity. In connection to that,”Nadis” and the balance of releasing negativity can be control and monitor.

This is true because this newest technique demonstrates the ability to fuse together all the subtle areas which leads to awareness and understanding the three aspects of humanity; the physical, emotional and mental levels. Maybe you haven’t experienced it and heard only through people and Medias but it has a lot more to offer other than flexibility and physiological benefits.  This makes a difference! Let’s continue with the Shapeshifter Yoga Review.

Advantages of Shapeshifter Yoga

Through the practice of Shapeshifter yoga, it is possible to create the balance between the nervous system and endocrine system which makes a good effect to all the remaining systems and organs in the body. Adam Steer and Kristine Fondran develop this kind of yoga to improve the concentration of a person and is a therapy, increasing the state of living.

  • Doing Shapeshifter yoga helps clean blood and waste materials. Since yoga deals with being flexible and as well as massaging organs, the practice maintains the weight, builds joins, bones, muscle strength and makes lymphatic stimulation cleaning the blood and as well as the waste material. Lymphatic stimulation is another form of detoxification flushing out toxins, providing nourishment of every cell in the body which makes you look younger and gives energy to do daily activity. This is why yoga is a fundamental way to have a healthy life.
  • Shapeshifter yoga boosts your confidence. This is one thing that most yoga participants experience. Once you start yoga, your ability to believe in yourself increases; thus, boosting your confidence to make things happen.
  • Stimulate the vital force of the internal organs especially the liver. The liver is well known to be a detoxifier and as well as a cleanser in the body because if purifies or filters blood. By following Shapeshifter yoga postures, you are building the force of the liver thus, optimizing the function. Plus, gives you the energy by producing coenzyme Q10 and storing the glucose in the body.
  • Shapeshifter yoga relieves stress. Yoga has the ability to relieve or reduce stress. The 21 century study shows that people who practice yoga is much healthier, happier, active, more productive, and focus. They are the people who have more successful relationship and see the beauty in his/herself. It will also increase concentration, making a person work faster and accomplish task before the deadline.

Well, I cannot point out and elaborate one by one all the benefits that you can get through Shapeshifter yoga. At least, four benefits are mentioned above, what matters most is the fact that this gives a positive impact in all aspects in being fit and as well as the value in discovering one’s self and enjoying life as it is giving peace of mind, self at rest and gives a reason to deal with people in a meaningful way.

Disadvantages of Shapeshifter Yoga

Everything too much isn’t good. Over doing shifter yoga for a faster result may cause you to have muscle pain and disturbance of the great pressure of internal heat in your nervous system. When doing any kind of yoga, you should take in slow and enjoy it. If you want to have healthy take it seriously.


I think most of the people has an attitude like “wait and see”, that is indeed common but just let me give you a brief conclusion about how my Shapeshifter yoga help me a lot. It gives a huge progress when it comes to my stability of the attitude; it makes me feel so good.

I highly recommend this one to all of the people. If you want to put end to your tensions, stress, improve the quality of the good times spent with your family then try Shapeshifter yoga. It is always said that prevention is better than cure; sure thing you can take medicines later but why not prevent it? After all, there’s nothing wrong in trying. I hope you found this Shapeshifter Yoga Review helpful and useful.