Best Elliptical For Tall Man


The best elliptical for tall man carries a stride length that’s suitable to a particular user’s needs. This is of utmost importance in an exercise machine as it is the basis for the unit’s efficiency and comfort level. As tall people naturally have long strides, the machine should be able to adapt to this need. If the stride length is too short, a trainer’s overall performance can be very uncomfortable and unnatural.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Elliptical Trainer for Tall Man

In general, having a stride length of about 18 inches is enough. However, this may still prove to be too limiting for some trainers. While 16 to 18 inches of stride length may work for users who are 5’3” tall, it may not be suitable for those who are 5’4” to 6’ tall. In this case, a stride length of about 20 to 21 inches is recommended, so that trainers who are taller than 6 feet tall can also use it comfortably.

2 Best elliptical for tall people

This elliptical machine is equipped with a 20-inch stride, so it can accommodate users who are over 6 feet tall. It also has a 30-pound flywheel that can provide trainers with smooth and comfortable strides.

The maximum user capacity of this machine is 350 pounds, and its adjustable pedals make the unit suitable for multiple users.

Equipped with a V-Stride System, this model has variable stride lengths that can be adjusted anywhere from 2 to 26 inches. The unit is therefore suitable for tall people and short people as well.

Its heavy-duty flywheel weighs 25 pounds, and it can accommodate users up to 300 pounds.

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Which Elliptical Trainer for Tall People to Go For? And Why?

Both units of elliptical machines are highly recommendable, but we are more inclined to go with the Schwinn model because of its variable stride length feature. It can accommodate a wide range of users (both tall and short people) as the unit’s stride length is adjustable. And compared to the Spirit elliptical trainer, it also offers a more flexible stride length as it can be set up to 26 inches while the Spirit model is only equipped with a 20-inch stride.