Best Exercise Bikes with Moving Arms

Which are the Best Exercise Bikes with Moving Arms?

Exercise bikes that are incorporated with moving arms allow you to have full-body workout right in the comfort of your own home. As this type of exercise machine offers low-impact forms of exercises, the chance of suffering from physical injury is very unlikely. Furthermore, you can save on gym money as the unit can cover both upper and lower body workout.

Things to Consider when Buying an Exercise Bike with Moving Arms

Aside from the presence of moving arms, having an efficient resistance system is also needed in this type of exercise equipment. Furthermore, a padded seat and heart rate monitor are also important as these features will make your exercises safe and comfortable as well.

You can also take a look at the unit’s warranty. While it is not always the basis for a quality product, it will still give you peace of mind.

2 Great Options for Exercise Bikes with Moving Arms

1. Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike

With built-in handlebars, you can workout your upper and lower body parts with this model of exercise bike.

It uses an air resistance system that provides you with an unlimited source of tension levels. And as the legs and arms move in synchronized motions, it can mimic the actual experience of riding a bicycle.

The seat on this unit is also padded and anatomically correct so as to provide you comfort and protection while exercising. And its heart rate monitor lets you check on your heart’s condition efficiently too.

Having a maximum user capacity of 300 pounds, this model of exercise machine is also backed by 30 years warranty on the frame, 3 years warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on labor.

2. Marcy Classic Upright Fan Bike NS-1000

This Marcy model of exercise bike comes with handlebars that can provide for an upper body workout.

The resistance levels automatically adjust to one’s performance as it becomes more tensed as the trainer pedals harder.

Equipped with an adjustable seat, it can accommodate a number of users with different heights and can handle trainers up to 300 pounds. This unit comes with a 2-year warranty on parts.

Which Exercise Bike with Moving Arms to Go For? And Why?

The Schwinn exercise bike offers more features than the Marcy Classic model. Aside from having moving arms, it also offers a wide range of tension as it uses an air resistance technology. This unit’s warranty also provides trainers with peace of mind for a long long time.

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