Best Home Gym with Bench Press


Which is the Best Home Gym with Bench Press?

A home gym that’s equipped with a bench press will allow you to perform strength exercises that are particularly focused on the upper body. This type of equipment can be used for body building purposes, especially if you want to have a well-developed chest. The fitness training that it provides can also help one burn calories more efficiently.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Home Gym with a Bench Press

You should look for a well-constructed home gym equipment even if you are only after its bench press feature. This will ensure your safety while performing workout routines, and you can also rely on it for a long time. Having other exercise programs incorporated on the unit will also give you more options as you can choose the particular type of exercise that you want at a certain time.

Being backed by warranty will also give you peace of mind and minimize your expenses when the unit breaks down unexpectedly.

2 Great Options for Home Gym with Bench Press

1. Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme Home GymThe bench press feature on this model of home gym equipment provides for both incline and decline options. It is also incorporated with over 50 types of strength exercises so as to give you a wide variety of options when working out.

This Bowflex home gym can accommodate users up to a maximum of 410 pounds. And the manufacturer backs it up with a 1-year warranty on the frame, 7-year warranty on the tension rods, and 60-day warranty on parts.

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2. Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench

Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout BenchThis unit has an adjustable vertical and horizontal bench press. And its seat comes with a preacher curl as well as a leg developer attachment. Weighing over 400 pounds, this home gym equipment is stable and solidly-built. It is even equipped with a base frame to keep in steady while performing vigorous exercises.

Marcy Diamond backs this unit up with a 2-year warranty on the parts.

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Which Home Gym with Bench Press to Go For? And Why?

Both models are highly recommendable as they both possess a bench press feature. However, we are more impressed with the Bowflex PR3000 home gym as it comes with over 50 pre-programmed exercises. Furthermore, it has a 300-pound user capacity and even comes with warranty.