The good weather is coming, it’s time to get in shape to look like a guy in the summer. Here, we tell you about the best overall exercise equipment for home that can save your money time also.

Exercise equipment at home is usually small in size compared to the gym, so you can adapt it to your home space. They are also much lighter, so you can have a space reserved for them or save them so they don’t bother you when you’re not using them.

If you are one of those people with a busy day to day, being able to exercise at home will be one of the best options for you: choose when, how and for how long without having to adapt to the hours of a gym.

What best overall exercise equipment for home can you have in a home gym?

Before explaining how to do a home gym at home, let’s see, what kind of devices can you have at home? There is a great variety, but the most typical are:

Fitness experts suggest to must have an elliptical at home. Anyone can afford an elliptical as it is not expensive. You can buy an excellent elliptical machine under 700 bucks.

The elliptical is one of the most complete fitness devices in terms of the number of muscles that can be exercised at the same time. Allows proper training at the level of legs, hip, buttocks, arms and shoulders. It is a moderate level exercise in terms of the effort and physical preparation it requires.

It is a machine that allows you to perform the sport by means of pedals suspended in the air. The suspension prevents overloading at the level of the joints, as there is no direct impact with any element such as with the treadmill.

Treadmill allows you to run inside the house, selecting the speed and in some cases the inclination. Its use improves the exercise of the lower train mainly, favoring blood circulation and stimulating the cardiovascular system. The use of suitable footwear is advisable, since the impact on the joints over a long period may cause some damage.

Exercise bike is another piece of gym equipment you should have at your home. The main objective is to simulate the effort made with a traditional bicycle, but from home. The daily use, allows a wide stimulation of the lower train, getting benefits for strengthening the legs, in addition to improving endurance and cardiovascular health.

This device offers a very complete exercise and cardiovascular performance, due to the position in which the person should be placed and the movement that is performed. It promotes muscle toning, in addition to a considerable increase in endurance.

It works up to 84% of the muscles, stimulates shoulders and arms, obtaining an increase in the level of muscle mass that composes these anatomical elements, but also achieves the exercise of legs, back, abdominals and buttocks.

These elastic elements allow fitness exercise and sports gymnastics.

A trampoline is usually quite resistant as they are intended for use by adults. They allow you to perform many exercises in an easy way. Not only will you exercise your muscles, but it is very useful for improving balance, coordination and motor skills.

Instead of some weights, why not buy some weight machines? There are for the feet, for the arms, for the shoulders.

Although, to save, our recommendation is a multifunction weight machine that offers all that in one machine

For those who don’t have much money, there are several devices, called platforms that are very simple.

They serve to do very simple, but practical exercises to gain muscle strength and lose some weight. If the idea is to build a cheap home gym, you should consider this device

One of the most complete and best overall exercise equipment for home for exercising, since the arms and legs are strengthened at the same time.

They are expensive machines, we are not going to cheat you, but when you don’t have much time to exercise outdoors, isn’t it good to invest in them?

What if I want to build a gym without machines?

Let’s look at things from another angle. Who said a gym has to be full of machines? No one, right?

There are many ways to learn how to do a home gym without machines, which is cheaper. What is needed are:

1. Floor mats

Doing push-ups, abs and other exercises on the floor have results as good as putting weights for half an hour.

Build your own home gym by laying a floor with several mats, to do these exercises. The good? What a machine does not need to do them.

2. Dumbbells

Dumbbells, double weights or large kettlebells. Changing the discs to your liking, is the end of losing so much space in the room for a large machine.

3. Platforms

As there are very complex platforms, there are very simple platforms. These cannot be considered machines, and when setting up a small home gym, they are useful.

4. Bars

If you put a wall with a series of bars, you are good for both stretching and exercising.

5. Punching bag or similar

Apart from a series of simple objects for gymnastics, have you not thought about buying a punching bag or a boxing ball? They are very good at releasing stress and help you to have strength in your arms.

6. Resistance bands

Exercise tensions are a classic exercise, so how will you lose the chance to get something?

In the decoration of a home gym they are perfect, since they do not usually cost a lot of money or steal a lot of room space. They can be attached to the walls or loose, as you wish.

I have little space, how do I fit my gym?

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t take much space to have a home gym.

In fact, a small home gym is perfect for saving, since having a lot of space can be in search of getting more and more devices.

Make each space for one thing

More than worrying about how to build a home gym, worrying about how you will distribute the spaces.

Organizing a home gym means dividing the spaces, so that each area is dedicated to one thing: one for cardio, another for weights, another for fitness, for stretching.

To do this, you can place some colored canvases for each space, which while protecting the floor, separate the spaces in a simple way

How many machines should you have?

We can explain how to create your own home gym, but in the end, the final decision of the machines you will have will be yours alone.

Our advice is betting on multi-function machines. Since it has a large space, it would be a shame to have a dozen machines and not leave room for light exercises.

Instead of a heavy machine, think of weights or kettlebells, and you will have room for a treadmill, a step machine or an exercise bike.

Put the machines in a row, as they do in gyms, in a corner of the room, except that you may want to watch TV while exercising, in which case you should have them watch the wall.

What do you think of having simpler devices?

Before talking to you, there are very simple products to do exercises that serve as the most sophisticated machines.

Learning to become a home gym is not only knowing what machines to buy, but also ways to get a cheap gym.

Look for those simpler machines or use products that are practical for the exercise. In the end, your pocket will thank you

Do not forget the storage space

It is true that, for decorating home gyms, especially small ones, storage space is important, but the same goes for large ones.

It is good that you have storage space to store some objects when you are not using them, as well as having towels or drinks on hand.

Other things for the best overall exercise equipment for home

There are some objects that are designed for exercise. However, people’s imagination has made them a perfect helper, especially to decorate a simple home gym.

An example? The wooden benches. These serve to rest, or to do some weights. However, they may also have another utility.

You can use them to stretch, as a foothold for some yoga exercises or even to improve coordination, jumping from side to side of the bench.

Similarly, you can have a home gym without weights, creating a gym for yoga, exercises or cardiovascular exercises. And, in reality, there are everyday objects that can help you do these exercises without spending a lot of money.

You just have to find out and you will learn something else, in addition to how to do a home gym.

Some objects for children.

Exercising as a family is very good for your health and can become a good activity to share.

So why not have some equipment or gymnastics that children can use while doing other exercises? For example, a climbing wall.

Thinking about them for this space is very good, so everyone can have their own place in the room to strengthen their body.

What if I want to build a gym without machines?

Let’s look at things from another angle. Who said a gym has to be full of machines? No one, right?

There are many ways to learn how to do a home gym without machines, which is cheaper. What is needed are:

1. Mirrors

You may have never noticed, but in the gyms there are several mirrored walls. You know why?

Exercising in front of a mirror is a way of realizing what one is doing wrong and correcting bad postures or bad habits.

It would be nice if there were a couple of large mirrors in the gym, to see how you exercise and change what you do wrong.

2. Television or radio?

Both things are fine. You can have a small TV to help you do aerobics or yoga, or to watch your favorite show while riding the exercise bike or treadmill.

With the issue of radio, the truth is that the use of “common radio” is a bit dated. In the decoration of a current domestic gym, wireless speakers are usually placed.

These are connected to any device through the Bluetooth connection, and although the device is in another room, you will perfectly listen to your favorite songs

3. Good lighting

Good lighting is necessary to do the exercise you have in mind. So install several spotlights in the room or a large ceiling light, to illuminate it completely.

Natural light is ideal, so keep the shutter as high as possible to get the most out of sunlight.

4. Good ventilation

In the room you will sweat a lot, so you will have to have good ventilation, with a fan and a large window to let out the concentration that is in the room.

5. A mini fridge?

It is not good to have a cold soda after having sweated so much, but during exercise it is good to hydrate and that a fresh drink is the best.

So why not have a mini refrigerator if you have space to install one in your small gym?

Can you save when it comes to setting up a gym?

You already know how to install a home gym, but do you know how to save to do it? Because a gym can be one of the most expensive things in the world.

6. Home gym decoration, Get fit!

Devoting oneself to self-care through exercise has already become more than fashion. It is a habit that many people have begun to acquire, not only to live longer, but to do it in the best possible way.

Yes, it is one of the most expensive habits that exist, since, if you add, between the gym, healthy food and some “extras”, one ends up leaving a fortune. That is why many have begun to bet on what it is like to have a home gym.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The law of supply and demand makes gyms compete to see which one offers the best conditions for their members to stay in one or the other. However, the average price is too high.

Although it is an important investment, it is better to do a home gym . It doesn’t have to be a gym with too many devices, and some can be added little by little. In fact, the way to build a home gym is simple, and you don’t have to buy heavy machines or anything like that.

Surely more than one will be wondering how much it costs to do a home gym. It all depends on the type of devices you want to buy. But really, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

What kind of exercise do you want to do? Do you want to do cardio to strengthen your legs? Do you weigh to gain muscle? He passed? Aerobics?

Depending on the type of exercise you are going to do, you will be interested in doing a gym in your home in one way or another.

Perhaps, for some, talking about having a type of gym designed for women and another designed for men may seem sexist. Actually, there should be no difference, but the reality is different.

When you are looking for something related to how to do a home gym for men , what you find are models of gyms dedicated to the “strong” exercise , with weights and large machinery.

However, if we talk about how to do a home gym for women, we find that there is less machinery and it is designed for a smoother exercise.

Does this mean that a man cannot have a gym more like that of a woman and a man? Of course, no. A man may decide that he prefers softer exercises and a heavier woman, according to his needs.

You’ve noticed that gym colors are usually quite bright and eye-catching, right? It is not a coincidence.

These colors serve to increase the passion for exercise, transmit strength … therefore, white, blue or red are so typical on the walls of gyms.

When you want to do a home gym, the decoration of the walls should be of these colors, you will see how it works.

Take advantage of the space

Installing a home gym will not force you to lose a large room for this purpose. In fact, a small space is enough.

We repeat the above: it depends on the type of exercise you want to do. Today there are multifunctional gym machines, which allow you to save a lot of space, having only one machine for what you would normally have three.

They are somewhat more expensive than if you were buying machine by machine, but when preparing the design of the gym to do at home, it is a safer investment than the other options.


All the best overall exercise equipment for home described above offer a multitude of benefits for people, however, it is important to have a good attitude, which allows to carry out the sports goals that the person imposes. This will achieve an improvement in health, both physically and mentally, since sport stimulates the production of endorphins by the body.