If you want to unload your pent-up power, punching bags are the ideal tool. To ensure that the forces are properly channeled, a high-quality punching bag is an advantage. We have summarized comparisons for you. With a punching bag you can do your fitness training individually in your home. You do not have to rely on an expensive gym and opening hours. What is more comfortable than not having to drive miles to the nearest gym after a stressful day at work, just putting on the boxing gloves, moving on to a room and getting started?

Even experienced boxers appreciate the training on the punching bag, as they can improve their technique with this device continuously. A punching bag is not limited to classic boxing, but is also suitable for cardio training. This is the so-called fitness boxing that during exercise your calorie consumption and your pulse – and heart rate measures. From a 2019 product test, we will introduce you to useful accessories to effectively complement your fitness training.

What is a punching bag?

It is a training device in bag shape, which is usually made of leather or synthetic leather, if it is mounted as a free-swinging classic version under the ceiling. A punching bag is ideal for training strength, movement, endurance and cardiovascular activity. As a stand version on a pedestal he is sometimes made of nylon or fabric.

How is a punching bag constructed?

Punching bags are cylindrical and have an outer skin made of synthetic leather or genuine leather. Often they are also made of vinyl or nylon . The classic punching bags are screwed by means of a bracket and dowels to the ceiling and provided with a chain device to adjust the height variable. Sacks in the standing version are mounted on a pedestal and are also referred to as sandbag, as this variant is usually filled with sand. However, the preferred filling for both types of model is cloth, as it is not as heavy as sand and more variable because it can be better distributed within the punching bag than sand, which always has the same density. Fabric can be distributed so that less material is used at the top and more material in the middle. This makes the clubface harder in the middle , but so flexible that the recorded strokes are softer.

How is a punching bag used?

The training on the punching bag can be implemented with different techniques. The punching bag at home can simply be hung on the ceiling or be a fitness device that stands firmly on the floor, whereby only the punching bag itself is flexible. Compared to other training devices, eg. the punching ball, the punching bag is suitable for both untrained and trained people who master the stroke technique. Due to its filling material, the punching bag responds to a limited extent, does not rock or spring back, so that the impact force can be excellently trained without having to avoid it. Nevertheless, a free-swinging punching bag can increase the movement. The Punching Ball is superficially designed to train your own stroke rhythm, the punching bag improves endurance, technique and strengthens the muscles. When using a punching bag, a few things need to be considered to get an effective workout. The space for the punching bag should be sufficient, so also provide enough space for your own movement and that of the punching bag. In different stroke techniques swinging and circling the punching bag must be possible. Furniture, door frames or walls should therefore not be located nearby.

How does a punching bag work?

The main function of a punching bag that he give you the possibility of an effective fitness -Trainings offers in your own home regardless of gyms and their opening times. Depending on the type of boxing bag is either attached to the ceiling by means of a suspension device or placed with a stand in the room. However, both variants require a bit more space than other home trainers such as a stepper or a yoga mat. If you are already a good boxer, we recommend that you accompany your boxing training with a punching ball , as this is the only way to guarantee holistic training. A punching bag does not always have to be expensive, there are also models of the low to middle price range, which are particularly suitable for beginners. To find out if training with a punching bag is the right choice of fitness for you, try out various punching bags in a gym or at a specialty store . Get a check from your family doctor to help you assess your fitness level. Your doctor may also advise you not to do a punching bag workout if, for some reason, you do not have the physical training required. If you have clarified everything, have done your punching bag test and are sure that this type of training is right for them , nothing stands in the way of the purchase and your career at the punching bag

  • A punching bag does not respond to the incoming blows and is therefore suitable for beginners
  • Trains endurance, power, technique and motor skills
  • Is very suitable for endurance training
  • Wonderful device for stress and anger reduction
  • Also suitable for cardiosport
  • Training is independent of a gym or a training partner
  • Not suitable for training the beat rhythm
  • Not suitable for speed and reaction training as there is no partner

Application areas Before starting the training session, get advice from a user who already has experience with training on a punching bag. If you use the stroke training incorrectly, it can quickly lead to incorrect posture of the musculoskeletal system. You may also injure or break your fingers and wrists if you mistreat them during the impact training. The best boxing training is strength training to build muscle , cardio exercise to improve and monitor physical fitness and kick boxing for high energy consumption.

What types of punching bags are there?

Punching bags were tested by these factors


A product test must answer the question, which material is more suitable for a punching bag, leather or imitation leather? Some wave at Imitation leather immediately, for them, only a model of genuine leather comes into the house. However, there are professional athletes who swear by imitation leather models. So in a test both variants were subjected to a stress test in order to find out from their own experience a conclusive answer as to which type of leather is better and which boxing bag is more durable. Various external tests have found that both species have their right to exist. Both the real leather and the artificial leather have passed a stress test. Punching bags made of genuine leather have a very good workmanship, the seams are flawless and the leather does not fray even after prolonged use of the punching bag. Genuine leather, however, is more sensitive when it comes to cleaning. Use a leather care product and never use traditional detergents as this attack the leather leaving faded areas and stains. Synthetic leather is insensitive in this regard, the short cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient. If the cleaning is a bit more extensive, use warm water with a mild detergent. Boxing bags made of vinyl, which turns out to be tear-resistant on regular and intensive training sessions, offer a very good price-performance ratio. Even after many blows, kicks and a long time, the punching bag made of vinyl remains undamaged. Genuine leather is slightly more sensitive as a natural material and can be damaged during training, for example, regularly stressed areas such as the stroke width under extreme conditions tear and a hole is created. In many punching bag tests, however, test persons have found that these damages only rarely occur under really extreme conditions. In general, no serious disadvantages or defects were found in both types of leather. In the test were both punching bags made of genuine leather, synthetic leather, nylon and vinyl. In many punching bag tests, however, test persons have found that these damages only rarely occur under really extreme conditions. In general, no serious disadvantages or defects were found in both types of leather. In the test were both punching bags made of genuine leather, synthetic leather, nylon and vinyl. In many punching bag tests, however, test persons have found that these damages only rarely occur under really extreme conditions. In general, no serious disadvantages or defects were found in both types of leather. In the test were both punching bags made of genuine leather, synthetic leather, nylon and vinyl.


Even though both punching bag types are in a state of equality with regard to the material properties, the weak point in the otherwise non-breakable artificial leather is the processing. In this regard, we see clear differences between punching bags made of genuine leather and imitation leather. Models made of genuine leather regularly show good workmanship in terms of the seam guide and the number of seams. These models come with a minimum number of seams and are very well sewn, so that the punching bags do not tear at the extremely stressed impact points. However, this statement need not mean that models made of synthetic leather generally have a defective seam processing. As with other products, the price also determines the quality in this case. The boxing bags from the lower price segment often have too many seams, which makes them extremely susceptible to cracking. The models from the upper to middle price range, on the other hand, show similarly few seams as punch bags made of genuine leather. Whether your punching bag is leather or imitation leather, make sure it has a double seam guide in the area where the hanging bracket is to be attached to the ceiling. This double seam should additionally have two rivets to stabilize the mount. There are also punching bags, which have only suspensions that are sewn crosswise. These punching bags have not proven in the punching bag test, because the suspensions are not stable and the tested models quickly fall out of the bracket and to the ground and tear at these points. That can be dangerous,


There are models for self-filling and those that you have already completed. Punching bags with filling are more practical because you do not have to worry about filling material and amount of material. Ideal is a stuffing made of fabric, which makes the punching bag flexible and best absorbs the impact. This filling usually falls slightly lower at the top and slightly stronger at the middle. Thus, the center of impact is stress-resistant, but still varies the impact, as the stuffing gives way to the top, because there is sufficient escape space. Thus, the blows are not too hard, which protects hands and joints

Height and weight

Before purchasing a punching bag, you must be aware of what you want to do with it. Occasional stroke training is not as demanding on your model as endurance training or kick boxing. For simple requirements, the smaller models with 80 cm striking area are sufficient. Higher loads start with a face of 90 cm, ideal is a measure of 120 cm. The bigger the punching bag is, the harder it is to make it vibrate with targeted punches. We prefer models that are not too easy to vibrate to avoid ineffective training. If you’re training for endurance with light but fast punches, you’ll want to work up a sweat to really feel your workouts. Therefore, your punching bag should not be too light. The tested punching bags recorded a filling meal between 18 and 140 kg. At 140 kg, a punching bag is very sturdy and heavy, so the user should bring an appropriate body size and the right weight. Ideal is a weight of 70 to 80 kg, so that the punching bag does not swing too hard and the user does not have to use too much clout. The lightweight models under 30 kg are well suited for sparring units, cardio-sports or light punch training. The punching bags of the middle weight class between 80 kg and 113 kg have proven to be suitable for almost any height and body weight. They do not swing too easily, and we did not have to spend too much effort to get them moving. The average height is 165 cm to 170 cm. With this measure, the punching bags are suitable for both a little smaller and a little larger boxing athletes. Children and adults taller than 1.65m should opt for the smaller models between 100cm and 80cm. The diameter of the models we tested ranges between 35 and 40 cm.

Punching Bag Type

In tests both hanging and standing models were tested. Only our comparison winner, a hanging model, offers the manufacturers in other sizes. Only a few of the test candidates were available in the respective product version in other sizes. All models were positively noticed by construction elements. They are suitable for classic boxing, kick boxing, sparring, cardio training and Muay Thai. Almost all punching bags are also suitable for beginners.


Our comparative test winner and our prize winner receive from us nine out of ten possible points in this regard and have thus proved themselves perfectly. In terms of stability, they leave nothing to be desired, because the material quality and seam processing are flawless. All other tested models range in price from 54 € to 230 €. To our surprise, we found that our comparison test winner and our price winner in the mid to low price range between 60 € and 99 € move. So you do not always have to dig deep into your wallet to buy a punching bag. The key is material, workmanship and manufacturer to find out if you really have a model that has a good price / performance ratio. The cheapest model with 54 € gets three points deduction, as it showed faster signs of wear than the other models tested. However, it scores with printed hit zones and is well suited for sparring. In general, punching bags should be low-noise during training, as a sandbag version have a flexible spring element and be space-saving. Classic punching bags with ceiling mount must not swing too easily, should be variable in height by a stable chain holder and have a double seam guide in the area of the suspension. as a sandbag variant have a flexible spring element and be space-saving. Classic punching bags with ceiling mount must not swing too easily, should be variable in height by a stable chain holder and have a double seam guide in the area of the suspension. as a sandbag variant have a flexible spring element and be space-saving. Classic punching bags with ceiling mount must not swing too easily, should be variable in height by a stable chain holder and have a double seam guide in the area of the suspension.


The most important prerequisite for keeping your punching bag under the blanket is adjusting the weight and the ceiling mount. This must be so stable and attached that it holds the punching bag. If the punching bag is too heavy for the ceiling mount, it rips out and the falling punching bag poses a risk of injury for you or your children. In addition, there may not be enough nice escape holes in the ceiling, which is the lesser evil in view of the risk of an accident. Most punching bags contain a chain suspension, so that the height can be adjusted variably. The individual chain links must be of stable quality and workmanship to hold the weight of the punching bag. The hoes for hanging and the dowels must also be stable, to guarantee a stable ceiling guide. Keep in mind that the ceiling mount must withstand high loads on a regular basis. The punching bag vibrates freely and develops according to the principles of physics much stronger forces than its own weight may suggest. Ideal are the models that are delivered with a swivel joint. If you are not too talented in craftsmanship, trust the attachment of your punching bag to a specialist or a skilled hobby craftsman.

What should I look for when buying a punching bag?


The optimal size is crucial for the training success, but also for the accommodation at the training place. Before purchasing, you must be aware of the type of martial arts you wish to perform and the size of the space available to you in your home. The minimum size of the clubface for an effective workout must be 80 centimeters. This size is suitable for the athletes who have no great demands on their training and reduce to a pure stroke training. Models from 90 centimeters of impact are also suitable for kickboxing training and sparring units. The club only expresses the actual training area that intercepts your activities. The overall height is also important in terms of the available space. It can be varied by a chain on the ceiling attachment. For example, if you do not work out alone on the punching bag, but on other family members, this adjustable height adjustment by means of a chain is an advantage, since the exercising athletes certainly have different body sizes. The sandbag hitting area depends on the height of the base. Our boxing bag comparison shows that you should choose a good mediocrity. The ideal impact height matches your height or that of a possible training partner. We’ve found that an average height of 1.70 meters is a good guide. You have to keep in mind that your punching bag gets heavier and heavier with increasing size. The heavier the counterweight to you, the more power you need to


A punching bag is best suited for you if it makes up about 40 to 50 percent of your body weight to achieve ideal combat resistance. Too light punching bags swing too easily and quickly back and forth and offer you, the training is ineffective. The heavier the punching bag is, the more resistance it creates, allowing for an effective training session that will make you sweat and out of breath. However, your punching bag should not be too heavy, because if you do not have enough strength to fight the weight, it will remain static and immobile. Also in this case you do not perform suitable training. If you decide on a sandbox bag on a stand, it has to carry most of the weight. The weights are usually very high and deter potential buyers. However, this information refers exclusively to the base, so that the sandbag reaches the necessary stability to counteract your impact. On the level of difficulty and mobility of the sandbag, this information has no effect, because the weight is compensated by a flexible spring device that keep the sandbag moving without it tipping over during exercise. Various tests have found that sandbags with a less flexible spring element offer more resistance to the user and thus make training more effective. The more flexible the spring element is set, the less effort you need. However, this information refers exclusively to the base, so that the sandbag reaches the necessary stability to counteract your impact. The material quality is a prerequisite for how lively and flexible your punching bag is. In addition, the material should be such that the punching bag is easy to clean. The classic punching bag is made of leather, a material that we pronounce a clear buy recommendation. This natural material is flexible, durable, robust and has good seam processing. In addition, the cleaning is associated with little effort. For users who only want to work out occasionally and do not put much demands on their punching bag, a synthetic leather model is sufficient, some say, while others claim that these models are indestructible. Test institutes have made the test and we have the results for you under the point “So the punching bags were tested” put together. Another variant is the punching bag made of vinyl, a synthetic fiber that looks very similar to leather and the first choice for punching bags made of artificial materials. Sandbags are mostly made of polyester, a substance that does not withstand the incoming loads for long. If you opt for a sandbag, our recommendation is to buy a nylon model that withstands light loads such as cardio exercise. For all training sessions that go beyond that, we recommend a classic punching bag made of leather or imitation leather. If you opt for a sandbag, our recommendation is to buy a nylon model that withstands light loads such as cardio exercise. For all training sessions that go beyond that, we recommend a classic punching bag made of leather or imitation leather. If you opt for a sandbag, our recommendation is to buy a nylon model that withstands light loads such as cardio exercise. For all training sessions that go beyond that, we recommend a classic punching bag made of leather or imitation leather.

Martial arts

Combat sports that make higher demands on your punching bag, such as kick boxing, sparring or punch training, we always recommend the classic punching bag made of leather or synthetic leather, as it withstands the incoming loads. For kick boxing a length of 100 centimeters is optimal.


Most models are already filled. Although the term sandbag is used, the classic punching bags are filled with scraps of fabric or wood pellets. Of course, sand is also popular, because this material is ideal because of its density. However, if the punching bag is damaged by a torn seam or hole, sand will run out, but wood pellets and scraps will not affect the damage. You can also buy some punching bags without filling and make them as you wish. Regardless of the material condition, we always recommend a boxing workout with gloves. There are punching bags that are designed so that the user can refill them themselves if the material wears off after a long time, slips down, gets wet or lumpy. They are provided with a zipper. If necessary, you can also open punching bags made of leather or fabric at the seams to refill new material. Make sure, however, that you then sew the seam again with a stable thread.


The material texture also includes the color scheme. Many punching bags are offered in black. The workmanship must be so good that the punching bag is colorfast, otherwise it will discolour when it comes in contact with door frames, walls, furniture or clothing. Even with good quality you should nevertheless make sure that your punching bag always has enough distance to its surroundings. Other common colors are brown, red and blue.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

Hammer models are often the first choice when it comes to boxing training . They weigh between 35 and 40 kg and are supplied with a stable chain suspension and a swivel for the ceiling mount. They are filled with scraps. Pleasantly noticed in a test is that the manufacturers are so forward-looking to provide their products with zippers, so that a simple refill is possible and you do not have to buy a new punching bag at the first signs of wear. These models are available in different lengths 80 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm. The weight class of Hammer Punching Bags is ideal because overweighting can affect your training because you have to apply too much punch to move the punching bag. Excessive impact also damages your wrists. On the homepage of Bad Company you will find detailed information about the topic of punching bags. The manufacturer produces different products for different arrangements, here both beginners and professionals will find it. In various  product tests in 2019 , the punching bags of this brand have attracted positive attention in terms of material properties, workmanship and seaming. This brand is represented in both the upper hand in the middle and low price range. The stand box bags by Knockout are space-saving and robust with a flexible spring element. Anyone who has no opportunity in their premises to attach a free-swinging punching bag under the blanket should fall back on the sandbags from Knockout. The sand bag does exactly what it should, swinging optimally to enable effective training. The leather quality is very good and the stitching is so ideal that the sandbag withstands all incoming loads. Make sure that the pedestal has a maximum screw connection to ensure adequate stability of the pedestal. Optimal is a 15-fold screw connection. The well-known sporting goods manufacturer scores with a large selection of different models in different price ranges, so that is the right thing for every kick boxer. The models we compare are in an affordable price range of € 58 and € 80. With the box set “Junior” the manufacturer has also thought of the little boxers. In various customer reviews, the adidas models score regularly with very good grades. Who prefers punching bags from the upper price league, will also find something. These versions are at a price level of 160 € and have a corresponding quality. The models of the brand Punch line are available in different sizes and designs. They are available both as a free-swinging variant for attachment under cover with chain and swivel, and as a sandbag with a stable base. The manufacturer also distributes accessories such as wall mounts and punching balls. Anyone who has mounted his punching bag under the blanket and would rather change over to a wall mount can order it from the manufacturer at a later date. In the punching bag comparison , all models have been positively noticed. There is a plus point for the versions whose weight can be variably determined by their filling.

Worth knowing & advice

The history The punching bag goes back to the professional boxing of professional athletes. This martial art can look back on a long tradition, because already in 1681, the first fight was carried out. The fight was without Rules were held, boxing gloves and sporting fairness you did not know. The first set of rules was recorded in writing in 1743. In the next two centuries, boxing , which was initially carried out unprofessionally in street battles, enjoyed greater popularity . Athletes and coaches became more and more professional and the martial arts increasingly attractive as far as the prize money were concerned. Many amateur boxers were professionally promoted and quickly became pro fighters who brought their sponsors a lot of money.7 The punching bag, which gives hobby athletes the opportunity to recreate a professional boxing match in their own four walls while at the same time sustainably increasing their fitness level, goes back to this prancing fighting and striking technique.

Numbers, data, facts about the punching bag

How quiet is a standing sandbag?

If your comparative test winner is a standing sandbag, be aware that your training may not be quite quiet when the stand is scratching over the floor. A good alternative is the training on carpet , because the noise emission is eliminated. However, there is the disadvantage that the stand leaves grooves and marks in the carpet. For this type of punching bag you should install a hiking harness to keep the sandbag stable. If you have to make that effort, make a virtue out of necessity and use the wall mount as an additional training device to perform pull-ups. The bracket is attached to the wall with several screws. Our boxing bag test has shown that for punching bags with an average weight of about 35 kg, a four-point steel chain is sufficient . This type of punching bag is particularly suitable for training in the hobby room or in the basement, because not at every seat in the apartment , this punching bag holder looks really nice.

Fix the punching bag properly

The place where you want to attach your punching bag must be sufficient . He should not be near furniture and other furnishings and should have enough space for prancing around the punching bag. The bracket must match the weight of the punching bag to ensure that it does not fall off and pull the suspension out of the ceiling. The ceiling must be solid in concrete and / or have supporting elements such as steel beams or wooden beams. Load-bearing elements are rarely in open spaces, so the first means of choice will be a concrete ceiling. A wall mount is an alternative to the ceiling mount. Again, the walls must be massive. Concrete or stone walls in combination with screws and dowels provide a good foundation. If your walls are Ytong , you must use special dowels suitable for aerated concrete. If your premises do not meet these requirements, it is best to use a sandbag with a stand. Wall brackets are available in rigid and variable versions. The variable wall mount has the advantage that it can be removed and folded after training, while the rigid version is firmly attached to the wall. The easiest way to attach a punching bag under the blanket is to use a punching bag hook. High quality models are mounted with a swivel and a carabiner. Cheaper versions often have only a swivel without carabiner. Both ceiling mountings , punching hooks and wall brackets are attached with screws and dowels. Ceiling mounts with a flexible thread get a plus point from us , because the punching bag can swing better . Another alternative is the purchase of a punching bag stand , which allows the attachment of your punching bag without screws and dowels. This special steel frame provides your equipment with the necessary stability and is also referred to as a punching bag station.

Boxing as self-defense

Of course, boxing is one of the toughest sports, requiring both high mental and physical demands. Strict rules and prescribed techniques make it more than just a simple punch training. Learning is not only about distributing punches, scoring hits and putting them in, but practicing on the punching bag and in the boxing ring also strengthens your self-confidence. Fears can be overcome in such a way, since victory and defeat go hand in hand, the sport nevertheless remains fair. For this purpose, the reflexes, the own coordination and endurance are trained, at the same time practicing the movement and the evasion. It depends on the speed as well as on the well executed blow . Not only the insertion of punches is practiced here and overcome as fear, also the execution of punches as overcoming the impact inhibition. Strength and conditioning training promotes self-discipline and self-confidence. If you know how to use punches correctly and correctly, you can practice boxing as self-defense , as the basics are relatively simple and easy for anyone to learn. Motivation, endurance and regularity with varied training programs are important.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The training on the punching bag is part of the strength and endurance training and promotes the structure of muscle mass as a non-isolated training . It all depends on a varied training of boxing, endurance and strength exercises. The goal is a total body workout that works on the low-lying muscles , which means that not only arms and shoulders are trained, but the entire upper and lower body, as well as the legs. The boxes on the punching bag in the proper implementation strengthens the muscular system, the same reaction and stamina are improved. As stamina increases, muscles build up through repetitions. These grow during the regeneration phase.

Depending on which material it is, the cleaning of a punching bag is very easy. In most cases, welding residues, prints or dust are the real problem, with a cloth , some dishwashing liquid or even just warm water are already sufficient to implement the cleaning. Some types of plastic may cause the punching bag to discolor or fade in color . No punching bag is waterproof. Although the material is adapted to the use of the punching bag, it will not remain permanently in the same capacity and shape. An outdoor use is therefore possible , but a punching bag should not hang or stand outside all the time in wind and weather. For the filling , there are appropriate measures to return it to replace . However, it must be a punching bag, which allows the change of filling , z. B. by a zipper. How and where do I hang the punching bag properly? There are two ways to hang the free-swinging punching bag . Once, of course, the blanket is optimal, with the punching bag hanging from a rope or a chain. For this purpose, a position should be selected which is sufficient to carry the weight of the punching bag statically. Similarly, hanging on a wall by wall mount is possible, the punching bag should have enough space to swing freely. Through the rope or the chain , the punching bag can be changed in height and attached at the desired height. Depending on the type of training, the height is different. For punching and punching, the punching bag should hang so that the center is hit at eye level . The ceiling suspension allows large vibrations, with the punching bag can also simulate the presence of an opponent and then as both stroke technique, evasive maneuvers, footwork and reflexes can be trained.

Alternatives to the punching bag

As an alternative to a punching bag, of course, corresponding comparable fitness equipment, home exercise or for the stroke rhythm training a punching ball suitable. In fact, the punching bag allows the elimination of some highly acclaimed sports equipment, as a targeted training can be implemented excellently. It’s not all about strength and boxing training, but about the variety of endurance and strength training. Accordingly, there are other devices that train either muscle building or coordination or can be purchased in addition to the punching bag. Also, the weight bench is an alternative, as it relies on the strength training similar muscle parts.


Boxing Gloves What applies to the punching bag is also transferable to the boxing gloves. They have to be of good quality and stable, not have too many seams and adapt flexibly to the hand movements of the athlete. Boxing gloves with additional padding absorb the blows ideally and there is no risk of injury.

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