Hey rowers, just imagine the following: You’ve newly assembled your perfect rowing machine, and you’re ready to get that heart rate up and drop the calorie counter. What could possibly get in the way of your workout?

The answer is: a hard seat without an appropriate rowing seat pad, determined to numb your sit bones and muscles. The more you work out, the more butt and back pain it will cause.

No worries – there’s a quick fix for this one. If you want to have pleasant workouts, make sure that you get the best rowing seat pad that fits perfectly over your seat.

All You Need to Know about Rowing Machine Cushion

A rowing cushion is a unique seat pad designed to support you as you use your rowing machine. The need for a rowing seat pad cushion often arises due to the poor design of the seat of the rower. Most of the rowing machines have rowing seats that are too hard for comfort. Sometimes, the seats do not provide enough support for users’ buttocks. Hence, you will likely feel so much pain if you don’t use one of these items.

A rowing machine is supposed to help rowers increase their overall body fitness. Therefore, if its rowing seat is causing you so much pain, you may want to stop using it. However, you do not have to stop; you only need to get a reliable rowing machine seat pad to avoid the pain.

It is worthwhile to understand that rowing machine seat cushion comes in different sizes, types, and designs. So, you want to consider the one that best suits your needs when it is time for you to choose.

Top 10 rowing machine seat cushion

If you prefer to do exercise with comfort – choose the best rowing seat pads. In our reviews, we provide the best seat cushion for a rowing machine from the Amazon products list. That is – if you decide to buy a rowing machine seat pad, then you are on the right track.

At, we have collected the best seat pads of all that are in stock on the Amazon menu.

How did we make our selection of the top 10 rowing machine seat cushions?

The best seat cushions for rowing machines were selected based on 142 customer reviews and made by12 fitness and health experts. We didn’t approach the products biased in any way – regardless of the stars or the brand.

Thus, it didn’t matter whether a product had five stars, and it belonged to a popular brand (such as 2K Fit, Vapor Fitness, or Hornet Watersports Concept 2) – we evaluated it based on its quality.

Check out more about these products below before you go browsing through Amazon and add to cart the best one for you! Orders and shipping with any of these won’t be a hassle, and there may also be some sales. But first, you ought to determine which product is the best for you.

We studied the following questions:

First and foremost, you ought to check the compatibility with your indoor rower. For each of the seat pads we’ve chosen, there’s more info about its size on Amazon to determine whether it’s appropriate.

Next, you ought to choose the material for your seat pads – from a memory foam cushion to gel seats; there’s a little bit for everyone. People who are hungry for more info can check the section below on materials.

As of now, we’ve decided to deem the Concept 2 pad gel seat by Hornet Watersports the best seat cushion that money can buy. There’s a good reason why Concept 2 is so prevalent in the United States and globally.

However, if you don’t own a Concept2 rower, you’ll be better off with the 3 inches thick 2K Fit pad or the Domain Cycling rowing seat pads. They are more versatile and fit more rowers, unlike Concept 2.

As pads for rowers are often on sales, there’s no definitive answer as to which one will be the cheapest. But you can rest assured that the models we’ve singled out on this list have the best money-to-value ratio you’ll find.

Are you considering whether you should purchase a rowing machine seat pad or not? Here are some benefits of a rower pad

d butt pain and numbness. So, if you want to be comfortable using the machine, a rowing machine seat cushion is what you need. You are likely going to notice the comfort immediately you start using the pad.

#2 – It increases your rowing period

It goes without saying that when you are comfortable with using the rowing machine, you will enjoy rowing itself. As long as you enjoy rowing, you will spend more time doing it. Rowing longer without feeling any discomfort is an excellent way for you to improve your fitness.

#3 – It enhances your rowing form

Since a rowing machine seat pad ensures that your posture is correct, it will lower the pain in your legs, back, and butt. As time goes on, your rowing form will improve significantly.

#4 – It enhances your overall health

When you use a poorly designed rowing machine seat, you will feel pain in your sitting bones, tail bone, and core muscles. This pain is a result of the increased pressure in these parts of the body. Nonetheless, using an excellent rower pad will relieve the pressure. Similarly, it will also enhance the blood flow to your hamstrings and glutes as you use the rowing machine. All these improvements will accumulate to strengthen your health.

Generally, the principal materials for making rowing machine seat cushions include:

  • Gel
  • Memory foam
  • Rubber (silicone or Sorbothane)

Although each material has different characteristics, our results have shown they are good enough to make a great rowing machine seat pad. For instance, people prefer memory foam cushion because it’s slightly more comfortable than the gel seat, but gel seats are more beneficial for users’ workout. On the other hand, rubber ones are known for their anti-slip properties.

The essential thing is to ensure that you can wash them easily. Also, the materials must not absorb sweat excessively.

Are you looking for the best rowing machine seat cushions? Here are the best ones you should choose.

Final Words & The Winner

Our team of experts is pretty picky when it comes to the equipment, but our top pick, the Concept 2 anti-slip pad, has it all: comfort, durability, and affordability.

Concept 2 by Hornet Watersports is perfect for indoor rowing for its sports-grade gel seat cushion, extra-strong fabric, and sleek design.

However, as this product fits perfectly with the Concept 2 rowing machine and may not work for some other rowers, I suggest the 2K Fit seat cushion as the runner-up.