Best Running Watches 2020

A running watch, as its name suggests, can be used primarily for running training. However, various running watches have shown that almost all watches are also suitable for other sports that can be practiced indoors or outdoors.

What is a running clock?

The running clock is generally the type of sports watches. In contrast to a conventional clock that displays the current time and date in the main, a Running Watch has other, especially on the support and control of running training designed functions. With these, the wearer can efficiently control and optimize his training. The manufacturers have developed different variants of running watches in recent decades. They exist:
  • As a running clock without heart rate measurement
  • As a device with integrated heart rate measurement
  • As a running clock without GPS system
  • As a clock with GPS system

In addition to these classic running watch types, there are also pedometer and activity trackers (also known as fitness wristband) today. They all serve for the general control of the physical fitness or the targeted training within the running sport.

How does a running clock work?

If you do a regular running workout , you will probably attach great importance to two aspects in particular. First of all, it is important for every runner to know what distance he has covered during the training . He also wants to work out efficiently, which works best when he is following his pulse. In conjunction with the required time, track length and heart rate provide information about the training performance. Therefore, the following functions belong to a high-quality running clock:
  • Timing (in the form of a stopwatch)
  • Speed indicator (to vary the tempo)
  • Distance measurement (by GPS system)
  • Measuring the heart rate (using optical sensors on the wrist or chest strap)
  • Bluetooth function (for quick transfer of training results to the PC)

In addition to these basic functions , most running watches have additional features such as integrated altimeter, calorie consumption display, maximum heart rate setting , average heart rate calculation and display, and resting heart rate. Most manufacturers of running watches offer their own app, with which one can receive the data on the smartphone. In addition, there is almost always a separate evaluation software.

To get accurate training data , you can create your own profile the first time you turn on the watch and enter and save personal information such as age, gender, height and weight. This information is then used by the running clock as the base data to z. B. to determine the calorie consumption or display the user’s own fitness state. Then, if available, attach the chest strap, which normally automatically connects to the running watch and displays the heart rate on the display. If the watch has an optical sensor for the wrist, the value becomes determined as soon as the clock is created. In addition, the watch searches for the location within a few moments via the integrated GPS system . If the runner presses the start button, all data will be calculated and transferred to the display. The user can jump back and forth between the different ads. However, the most important data appears on most start watches on the start display.


When the stop button is pressed, the training is finished and the running clock displays the time taken, the average and maximum heart rate as well as the calories burned in addition to the distance covered . Good running watches also give a short feedback on training or fitness condition.

Possibilities of a running clock with GPS

The selection of fitness bracelets , activity trackers and running watches in stores allows very individual use and development opportunities. There is a clear trend among many people to want to increase, measure and evaluate their movement and performance.

This includes calorie counting , pulse and step measurement , but also other options that help to motivate a healthy and athletic life. For some, it is enough to be animated by a running clock for more exercise or to be able to better maintain a diet by looking at the values.

However, a running watch in the test is especially interesting for fitness and sports enthusiasts.

These are more professional models, which in addition to many useful functions still make simple applications possible, e.g.  measuring your own heart rate or answering phone calls.

This makes the application practical, suitable for everyday use and adaptable to your own needs. Compared to normal running and heart rate monitors, there are professional models that offer many additional functions beyond the basic functions, a display and above all GPS .

This allows extensive planning of your own fitness and exercise program , which can also be viewed directly on the display.

Modern running watches are now very user-friendly, compact and reliable. They also offer a selection of training suggestions or the storage of own training programs.

While smartphones and activity trackers do not always provide correct data, the running clock with GPS allows very precise values thanks to the advanced functions.

This makes the use of other tools and sensors unnecessary . The elaborate sports watches act as a motivational boost and allow complete control of all training data and the associated daily challenge to increase your own performance.

Above all else, the running watch is intended to implement the training plan precisely without any other aids and to constantly increase its own performance. The fact that the running gland with GPS can continue to measure the heart rate, can also calculate how fast your own movement is, and at what distance the trainee is from his target points or which distance he has already covered, can not only be viewed accurately When the performance per short-haul has improved, but also a targeted increase be addressed.

Calculated are the speed, the calorie consumption, the pulse rate and the distance . The values can then be compared exactly without exceeding its force limits.

If the running clock is provided with GPS , all navigation is possible via the watch alone on the wrist. It is not necessary to take the smartphone with you.

The running track can be precisely defined and tracked , so that the watch not only displays the route plan, but is even able to function as a whole navigation system in the test and comparison and to animate to increase the performance.

Many running watches receive the GPS signal quickly and reliably. A delay of the training start is thus no longer necessary.

Professional athletes always rely on their strength and body in the test , but not on the body feeling. The senses are inferior in deception, especially in movement and effort.

Experience shows that a targeted and accurate calculation is more useful to ensure training registration. Therefore, the system warns a good running watch if one of the measured values is too high or too low.

This allows the athlete to see exactly when he is outstripping his power reserves or needs a break. This happens then by means of optical and acoustic signals, including vibration, which the exerciser is the easiest to notice, because the clock sits directly on the wrist. At the same time, this requirement also serves to precisely determine the pulse rate.

Normal functions , such as The use of a stopwatch, for example, is extended by a comprehensive training plan. Even sleep phases can be included and can be determined by a running clock and balanced with the training. The running clock allows for a simple data transfer to the PC then the exact verification of all data and running values.

In conjunction with integrated barometers and altimeters , the running clock in the test can also be useful for hiking, cycling or climbing tours. In addition, professional models with GPS have an integrated compass and can determine the exact position of the watch wearer.

The GPS tracking takes place relatively quickly, which may show up in the speed when the signal is given also differences. Deviations in the location are also systemically possible, with the distance between two measuring points can bring a deviation between 5 and 10 meters .

Professional watches are adjusted and corrected by algorithms , so that an approximately accurate result is possible.

That concerns the current running speed and the average speed.

Many running gadgets with GPS have an interval unit and a selection of exercise programs that are preset. You can save lap or split times.

For joggers in cities, some high-quality running watches are equipped with an auto-pause function, which is helpful at a red light.

The clock can also be programmed via the PC and has a slightly larger display for itself.

On this a visual display of the route , the pulse and the direct reading of all values is possible.

Also color highlighting are available, including z. For example, if the jogger is expiring too fast or shows too high a beat. The symbol of the runner on the watch then changes from the green display to the warning red display.

Application areas for a running clock

A running watch , as its name suggests, can be used primarily for running training. However, various running tests have shown that almost all watches are also suitable for other sports that can be practiced indoors (without GPS) or outdoors. These usually include cycling, swimming or walking. But also for mountain climbers or cross-country skiing, the clocks are suitable. This flexibility can be combined with the basic functions of timekeeping, heart rate and calorie consumption of a running watch, which are important in all these sports to determine the efficiency of training and the training state of the user. Accurate monitoring of running training is especially important for the following groups of people:

  • Runners (as they still have little feeling for their own body and the personal load limit)
  • Persons with a strong overweight (since their entire organism has to be introduced to the burden first)
  • Runners with illnesses (e.g. persons with heart problems, impairments of the musculoskeletal system, in rehabilitation after accidents or injuries)
  • Athletes with ambitions (for example, in preparation for a marathon)

According to the medical profession , a running watch is especially important for people who are new to running or who are severely overweight. In most cases, they do not feel good about their own body and their performance. The first goal for them, therefore, is not to put too much stress on the cardiovascular system, joints, bones and muscles, as this usually has a negative impact on their health.

The use of a running watch and compliance with the training guidelines helps to bring the already burdened by disease or obesity already stressed body as gently as possible to the exercise and thus to ensure an improvement in general fitness or for a controlled and healthy weight loss . If you are overweight and do not use a running watch to perform your training against medical advice, success is not guaranteed.

What advantages or disadvantages does a running watch have?

The advantages of a running watch are mainly the fact that they can not only be used to control and follow the training, but also to control the training efficiency and the physical condition. For example, conclusions about the condition of the entire cardiovascular system can be drawn from the heart rate during training . Another advantage of the running watch is that it can prevent permanent overloading. All you need to do is set a maximum heart rate for the workout. Will this during the running unit exceeded, sounds a warning signal and asks you as an athlete to reduce the intensity of the load and run slower. So you stay in the acceptable and healthy pulse range for you. This function of the running watch allows the training to take place either in the aerobic area (that is, with the combustion of oxygen for energy production) or also in the anaerobic area (in which the stored energy reserves in the form of glucose are used).

A disadvantage of a running clock can be, among other things, the fact that the data collected by the clock are not only accessible to you as a user of the clock, but may also be accessible to third parties via Internet connections. Imagine what you could do with them if, as evidenced by a large German consumer protection agency, they could get into the hands of health insurance companies via the manufacturer . Also a disadvantage of running watches is their usually very bulky appearance. They often do not look very elegant and are therefore not suitable for every outfit. Many running watches, that have one running clock Tested, also have the modern features of a fitness tracker and are thus becoming a constant companion and admonishes in terms of activity and health. However, not everyone likes this kind of permanent, never-ending surveillance. What is also perceived by many users as at least a small disadvantage is the relatively high price that has to be paid for a high-quality running watch.

Here it is important to compare and find the cheapest option, which still has all the desired functions.

What types of running watch are available?

In principle, the running clocks differ in that they are offered either with or without GPS. You also have the choice between watches with chest strap or with optical sensors that measure the heart rate at the wrist. Other, in the Running Watch integrated functions serve the party to delineate the watch apart. Which type of running watch fits you depends mainly on the goals you are pursuing as a user with their help. For those who just want to go jogging and do not care about training with heart rate or distance, you may already have a cheap running watch worthwhile, which have the already mentioned functions such as time and speed measurement as well as the indication of the consumed calories.

However, if you’re an ambitious athlete or need to be aware of your heart rate and the length of the trail based on medical advice, you should choose a running watch that has the most accurate heart rate and an integrated GPS system.

If you feel uncomfortable putting on a chest strap then you can choose a watch with an optical sensor. However, such a sensor does not always have the same accuracy as the chest strap.

Running clock with or without chest strap?

Those who seriously want to keep fit with a fitness and exercise plan also have higher demands on the running watch that is used during training .

There are models in the test that can be combined with a pedometer or with a chest strap and thus allow an even more precise measurement of all values. There are also reversed chest straps that are used with a wrist watch to ensure direct data reading.

Such tools are useful if the running clock is not a professional model and the specified values differ in part. Even if manufacturers try to correct this with algorithms on many high-quality running watches, the deviation is still a few percent. A thorax allows even more accurate measurement results through an additional sensor on the heart.

With professional models, a chest is less necessary in the test and comparison , since such watches already work very precisely. Here, the deviations are so small that they have no negative influence on the actual training course.

In contrast, a running watch combined with a rib cage can directly process and store the data measured in real time. In addition, the near-to-heart measurement method can be extended by determining heart rate variability.

This plays a role if the training is to be more efficient and intensive and a significant increase in performance is desired.

The values are passed on in the test and visualized on the display of the watch. This makes it possible to constantly check whether the heart rate is within the optimum range or the tempo needs to be adjusted.

The benefits of a chest strap running gland are in improving the accuracy and enhancement of features and readings. Since extensive and intense training requires maximum performance and training at the same time in the right heart rate zone, reviewing all values can be instructive and optimize training.

Especially during running training the pulse determines the beat and shows when the power reserves are reached and a workout tilts into the unhealthy area.

In turn, to boost muscle growth and fat burning, it is important to know and adhere to the maximum heart rate. Training in the range of 50 to 60 percent can strengthen the cardiovascular system and reduce fat.

The increase in running is then in the range of 60 to 70 percent of the maximum heart rate for receiving the dream figure, is increased again when it comes to the condition and endurance. The power range requires accurate control and high lactate levels, sometimes above the anaerobic threshold.

Skin electrodes installed in the belt detect the heartbeat and the R pulses with sufficient accuracy.

Better is the transmission through a thin film of moisture that forms automatically during sports activity by the sweat.

A running girth with chest strap has several heart rate and time functions, can be adjusted in the training area, counts the calories and indicates the fat burning. It is waterproof and can also be used as a stopwatch. The chest strap is part of the set and is combined with the watch.

Less practical, of course, remains that a chest strap is used and something more elaborate must be put on before exercise . The models differ in quality, material quality and comfort.

It makes sense to use models that cannot rub or slip. The chest strap should not interfere with the wear and also allow a stable hold of the sensors. Similarly important is that it is not too heavy or constricts the body.

Running watches and activity trackers, which are used without a chest strap, measure the heart rate via the wrist joint. The devices detect the pulse by emitting light, which usually takes place in the green wavelength range.

According to the test, the reflected light is measured in its fluctuations, since blood absorbs light strongly and emits a higher light intensity due to the pulse beat or the pulsating blood in the vessels.

This signal is used to display the heart rate. It is foreseeable that these measurements will be less accurate than the actual body contact by the chest strap sensor.

The running watch with chest strap is a good alternative for body-conscious people and compared to professional models also cheaper priced. Many models also have extended functions and can initiate data transmission via Bluetooth .

Running watches with chest strap should be waterproof and easy to use . An instinctive training is better possible with the chest belt, since more accurate values can be used to determine your own exercise limits.

The running watch with chest strap allows optimal training sessions with a direct transmission of all relevant data. A combination of running watch and chest strap is also worthwhile for losing weight and building muscle. The concrete measurement can be used to define the load ranges in which calories and fat can be used most cheaply.

The running clock for ladies – differences and further hints

Many running watches are practical as a unisex model and suitable for both sexes. However, since they are watches that are also suitable for everyday use, allow continuous wear and are even used at night to measure sleep, size, weight, appearance and design play a decisive role in terms of comfort and versatility .

Therefore, there are also running watches for men and women , which have a different design. A running watch for women is smaller, narrower in the bracelet and can be elegant or sporty.

Also in terms of color and display, there are differences. The women’s models provide data and measurements tailored to the needs of the female, motivating and improving performance and fitness training or jogging.

A women’s running watch can be used to create your own training plans, compare the values and save the existing data. For women, this includes above all the determination of energy and fat consumption, the calorie count and the steps.

Most women are not keen to strive for muscle growth, but rather want to stay fit and healthy. Similarly, training can be used to lose weight or increase your own performance. For many women, training is combined with a healthy diet.

The running clock should accordingly provide an overview of the desired data , while sitting comfortably on the wrist and also look good visually. Many unisex models or running watches for men are rather clunky and too big for female narrower wrists.

The masculine touch is balanced in women’s running watches by a feminine elegance and a variety of colors. There are running watches for women in the test, which therefore have a narrower angular display with digital display, as well as models that have a round and in the data transmission tuned display.

In addition to the step and calorie count , GPS also makes sense for many women, as the signal can be used to define the running distance and determine the distance traveled. Many models for women are also compatible with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Women exercise differently than men. Already with the normal strength training the clear differences show up, because completely different body zones are trained and the fat burning and muscle strengthening stand in the foreground. Also, the female body responds to a vast fitness program unlike a man’s body in building muscle.

The female body is about the formation of curves and a naturally slim and well-trained figure. Muscle should not be too prominent, no loss of the chest and the butt. Similar to competitive sports and running training is trained in different heart rate ranges.

This requires that more endurance devices serve the fat burning . The treadmill is more appealing to women in the fitness center than a weight bench. Yoga, Pilates or gymnastics are more of an option for women than pure strength training. A well-developed musculature helps to increase the basic energy sales. Less to build muscle mass than not to increase, takes an intense workout instead.

However, women’s physical activity is no less sweaty than men, so the running watch should be waterproof and have a supple, comfortable wristband.

The women’s running watch is similar to many other manufacturers of a normal classic watch and is also lighter in weight than the masculine variants. Differences then show in the optics and in the functional scope, whereby not all features are necessary. The models are the performance of men’s watches in terms of performance.

The running clock can be selected in the test meaningfully according to your own claims. Training is about combining exercise phases with rest periods in a meaningful way. Mixing intensity and endurance training does not always achieve the desired effect.

The sport has to be adapted to the female body, regardless of whether it is exercised on the treadmill, stepper or ergometer.

A longer lasting cardio in good workouts at moderate exertion helps to improve endurance and reduce fat.

The maximum heart rate required for this purpose is adapted to the fat burning zone and can be adequately achieved by measuring with a ladies’ running watch if the workout takes longer than half an hour.

Also an intensive training with shorter phases and more force increase the heartbeat, whereby then the muscle development and energy burning are aimed at. The pulse should be monitored by the running clock and adjusted in its frequency phases.

This is how running watches are tested

There is now a barely to surveyed number of running watches, which are very similar in many areas. The functions are often the same and the small but subtle differences are of course hardly recognizable for you as a customer. However, to make a good purchase decision regarding a running watch , you need to know the capabilities of the watch. For this reason, consumer portals or comparison websites repeatedly run a running test . Only with the help of running tests it is possible to find out what such a watch can do, where it has its strengths and weaknesses. For such test Running watches are used to set certain criteria in advance, which are then checked during the test by testers or test persons . These criteria usually include:

  • Functions of the running clock
  • Accuracy of the measured values
  • Usability and handling
  • Display of the running clock
  • Compatibility of the clock
  • Battery life
  • comfort
  • Watch design
  • Price-performance ratio

With all these criteria , you as a customer usually focus on the greatest possible user-friendliness and ease of use. After all, the running clock must be operated during physical activity and the data and numbers shown on the display must also be easy to read when the athlete moves.

In the following sections, we will deal more intensively with the above-mentioned criteria and thus explain to you what you should pay particular attention to when buying a running watch.

The functions of the running clock

Here is that a running clock is all the more useful, the more functions it offers the athlete. The testers at a running test therefore check, above all, what capabilities the watch has. In doing so, they usually distinguish between the essential basic functions that we mentioned earlier and additional features that they then classify into the comfort category . While such additional functions may not be as important to the recreational athlete, they are of great importance to an ambitious athlete or someone moving in the field of performance or high-performance sport.

As can function like a built-in altimeter, adjustable training sequences or intervals and even programmable track layout in training more effectively and make the athletes more successful. Especially for competitive athletes in the field running counts the Running Watch an indispensable equipment. Every training run is recorded with the devices .

Accuracy of the measured values

For a runner who just jogs every now and then, the displayed readings may not be as existential as they may just be about moving. In a top athlete, however, false or inaccurate readings can make the difference between a winning race and a bitter defeat. Inaccuracies in the measurements , even in recreational athletes, often lead to a wrong training with too high or too low loads.

This definitely has a negative effect on the training effect . Excessive stress can lead to injuries , too little stress remains the desired training effect. Therefore, the testers attach the greatest importance to a running clock test that the displayed values are as accurate as possible. A good running watch must necessarily work precisely, otherwise it is simply not worth their money.

Operation and handling of the running clock

If you’ve ever owned a bad running watch and trained with it, you know how annoying it can be if you can not read the display well during exercise because it’s too small or too poorly lit. Nothing is worse for an athlete than when he has to complain about the too small or too tight buttons and buttons while running. When running test is therefore, the testers pay attention to whether the clock can be operated easily and with little effort (i.e. also intuitively) or whether it can only be handled with the help of a manual that has been enclosed.

The training alone is already a challenge for the organism, since the runner should at least have his head free and not have to think about how he finds which function on his running clock and activates or terminates. That would be not only annoying, but also dangerous, because the running training takes place mostly outdoors and partly on public roads, on which cyclists or even cars can be on the road. The less work you have as a runner while running the watch, the more attention you can give to your environment and the more enjoyment you will have in using a running watch .

The display of the running clock

An extremely important part of the running watch is its display. With his help, the runner can read the data determined by the clock during training . Therefore, the display of the running clock should be large enough, reflect as little light as possible and have easily legible letters or numbers.

So that it is readable even in the dark, it should also have sufficient lighting .

The compatibility of the running clock

The networking of our world does not stop at sports. Many athletes want to be able to view and analyze their data collected with the running clock after training on the PC, tablet PC or smartphone. For this to succeed, the running clock must be compatible with the other end devices . For this reason, a running test also checks with which apps or operating systems the running clock can be connected. In general , this depends on the operating systemof the devices that work today with either iOS or Android. Good running watches can now connect to both systems and ensure that they can transfer their data to all conventional devices. Many running watches transmit their training results via Bluetooth or a USB cable.

The battery life of the running clock

Some runners have already experienced that in the midst of running training, they wore a watch on their wrist that had a dead battery so that they no longer received training data. When running clock is therefore beside by the testers the battery and its running time attention to .

The charging time of the battery should be relatively short. High-quality running watches usually have batteries that have a running time of between 6 and 10 hours when the GPS system is activated .

Above all, this function consumes the most energy for these watches. For running watches, no call battery life , you should definitely inquire before buying, to experience no nasty surprises later. Basically, a running watch is the higher quality, the longer it endures in use.

Comfort in running watches

Anyone who practices running sports always wants to make sure that not only their running clothes and running shoes fit well, but also that the running watch sits well and securely on the wrist and also the chest strap (if the watch measures heart rate with one) while walking does not push or slip. The secure hold of the belt is usually achieved with an adjustable, elastic band. In the running watch test , the material of the bracelet is also examined and checked whether it is elastic but still does not slip, which would be very disadvantageous for a running watch with optical heart rate sensor , since he would then make any accurate or uninterrupted measurement more ,

The well-known watch manufacturers manufacture their bracelets and chest straps made of environmentally friendly and skin-friendly materials and do without pollutants. So it can not come to allergic reactions. Also any metal parts of the running watch (e.g. the clasp of the bracelet) are made of stainless metal. This is important because you sweat most during your workout , especially in the warm months of the year.

The watch design

The design of a Running Watch is not one of the most important criteria in a Running Watch test, yet it plays for the testers a role. The reason for this is on the one hand the demands of runners who like to wear their running-watch in everyday life and on different occasions. On the other hand, more and more running watches are also equipped with the functions of a fitness tracker, with the help of which the wearer is “monitored” 24 hours a day, as it were, fitness technisch.

For this he needs the Running Watch but wear around the clock, otherwise he would receive inaccurate and falsified results of his condition. In the running test showed that most watches have a particularly sporty design that fits the running clothes , but not always to the wardrobe for elegant occasions such as an opera visit with your partner.

Price-performance ratio

An important criterion for many customers when buying a running watch is the price. Therefore testers evaluate the running time test also the price-performance ratio. This gives an important clue as to what you as a customer get in terms of technology and functionality for your money. A running clock is available today from just over 50 euros. The prices for very powerful and with numerous functions provided running watches can also be up to just under 450 euros. Here it depends very much on the manufacturer and the model offered.

The individual manufacturers, of which the best known are briefly presented, have developed a whole range of running watches, which are suitable for very different demands. Overall, buying a really good running watch is costly. A comparison is definitely worth it for you.

The practical running test shows strengths and weaknesses

Each manufacturer is inclined to present his products as a particularly high quality and, above all, to promote their strengths. The smaller or larger shortcomings are like small talk or just completely concealed. The st in running watches as well as any other product. Whether a running clock is really good and has the promised features of the manufacturer , can ultimately show only a practical running test, in which the clock is tested in a real application.

The running test and its execution

Before such a test, which is usually a comparison of different products , the testers set certain aspects that they want to take a closer look at. In addition to the points already mentioned , these can also be things like software, environmental friendliness of materials, special features and comfort, or even seemingly rather succinct areas such as packaging. It is always about making an objective judgment.

After the testers have received the running watches, they will first test whether, due to a hopefully good and safe packaging, no damage has occurred during transport . With an expensive watch with a cheap package, it can easily lead to unsightly and very annoying scratches on the display or the case . Then it is checked whether all components are present and whether they are also functional and have remained without damage. Some testers use the instruction manual to test the user-friendliness. With a well-designed watch and easy-to-read instructions, it should not be a problem to start the clock and the basic settings make.

This procedure quickly shows whether the tested running watch is actually as easy to use as the manufacturer promises. The more features a running clock has, the easier the operation should be. Here, the tester will also pay attention to whether the buttons and buttons are meaningfully arranged and, for example, are well operable even for slightly larger fingers . The more straightforward the handling presented, the better ratings the watch will receive in the running test. You as a customer do not want to have a scientific career have to complete in order to serve your new running watch. Therefore, the greatest possible user-friendliness plays a central role in the running test.

In order to find out exactly how the running watch measures the heart rate and how accurately the location is determined using the GPS system , it is necessary to test the running watch while running . Here, the testers will pay attention to how quickly the location can be displayed and whether the running clock has a constant connection to the satellites during the run unit. The more frequently this connection breaks off, the less accurate will be the indication of the distance traveled after completion of the training . The same goes for the heart rate. In the running test this can only be found out by a real-time comparison. The tester therefore, in addition to the running clock with chest strap or optical sensor probably carries a second, proven measuring device when he is traveling on a treadmill in the test lab, for example. The comparison of both devices then shows how exactly the running meter measures the heart rate . As a side result, the tester can also get an idea of how comfortable the chest strap is.

All other functions of a running watch such as pulse alarms, training programs or smart functions are also checked during practical test units for their accuracy and usefulness. Athletes are often consulted during running tests . There are test institutes that are constantly searching for test persons. They then receive a running watch, test it in their everyday life and send a test report to the commissioning institute after completing the test phase.

From the collected reports an overall picture of functionality can be created and the running clock can be evaluated.

What to look for when buying a running watch?

If you want to buy a running watchband train with it, you should first consider which functions you absolutely need and which you can easily do without. So you are able to make a first pre-selection and exclude all running watches that have more than the functions you want .

In addition, you should pay attention to the simplest possible handling of the clock and see if the display and the numbers and data displayed on it are large enough.

How easy is the operation of the buttons? You should also test this yourself, because ultimately you have to operate the clock. It is also in your interest to pay attention to the wearing comfort and the workmanship of the running watch . What good is a running clock, which falls apart after a few training sessions or whose display is unreadable due to lack of water resistance or completely fails. What you need to look out for is a powerful GPS system that takes as little time to find your location as possible during the run not always losing contact with the satellites and thus falsifying the route length.

Quality and style – that distinguishes a good running watch:

Since a Running Watch is not primarily used as a classic watch, including above all the optics, the display, the applications and functionality to the specifics of a good Running Watch of simple heart rate monitors to distinguish and activity trackers and highlight.

Nevertheless, the everyday practicality and the wearing comfort are an option, since such a model is used around the clock. For an intensive training not all functions are necessary.

However, the running clock should have a good display to be able to read the data at any time. Practical are high-resolution color displays, which do not reflect too much in the sun. How big the display is depends on the taste of the user.

Modern running watches today allow almost all of the precise pulse measurement directly on the wrist, so that additional aids, including a chest strap or pedometer, are unnecessary. Advanced features include the GPS signal or compatibility with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This in turn allows a detailed record of all training successes and progress , which can then be evaluated with the transfer of all data at rest on the PC at home. Many training programs require comparison of values and measurement over a longer period of time.

The professional running watch allows a complete overview of performance and fat burning. Many models are also suitable for multi-sports functions, such. B. for use in jogging, hiking, swimming, cycling, climbing, strength or cardio training.

A running watch is specially designed for athletes and offers a very precise measurement of their own performance, effort and fat burning. A high-quality model has a comfortable, flexible and finely adjustable bracelet with a small hole spacing, a tear-resistant material and a non-buckling buckle.

More important than a variety of functions is the accuracy of the measurement . This concerns the steps, the distance and the pulse.

However, running gauges also offer advanced features in the 2020 test and comparison , including a thermometer, altimeter, barometer and compass, GPS and activity tracker, accelerometer and pre-set workouts.

In addition, a long-running battery is crucial for a good running clock. This should run in GPS mode for at least 24 hours, then in normal mode up to 60 hours.

A running clock can also enable the connection to the smartphone or the complete music control. Since it is used in sports, the weight should not be high, be around 50 grams.

Other features include an audible alarm and vibration to z. B. to increase or slow down the movement, and the measurement of time, speed and distance.

Some models offer interval training so that they can compete against themselves or integrated sensors that can be combined with a treadmill or fitness equipment.

It is favorable for good running watches always the one-hand operation ia a main button or easily accessible distribution of multiple buttons. Good test results are also achieved with touch screen models .

As a result, one’s own performance can be tracked during the training and the running watch can be directly operated in the test.

An auto-pause function completes the whole thing when jogging or cycling in the city takes place at high traffic and different traffic lights must be considered.

Also recommended is a waterproof and very robust watch that allows accurate pulse measurement. Deviations are then only 1 to 2 percent. The running watches have one or more LED elements , which measures the pulse over the light beam at the wrist.

This should not protrude too far and compensate for fast movements. Measurements show a daily minimum value, which is compared with a maximum value and ensures a detailed daily summary of the training in the test .

Various parameters can then be displayed on a display, whereby even the balance of the ground contact time or the running efficiency can be calculated. In addition to the functions, however, simple handling and intuitive operation are important. Many models offer a clear menu navigation and synchronization with other mobile devices.

Special GPS running watches in turn are characterized in that the location of the signal takes place within a few seconds, so that the training onset is not delayed unfavorably in the test.

In addition a good running clock provides stable GPS values , the exact route planning and the recording of the total distance and covered distance. For runners, the determination of the lap time is interesting, which can then be measured manually or automatically. Running watches that announce data, GPS or other functions by means of acoustic signals are advantageous.

The actual hardware for a high-quality running clock sits mostly in the test 2020 directly in the bracelet. This can bring along that this is a little heavier and stiff, z. B. when the running watch is provided with a silicone strap.

The housing thickness of the running watch is then sensibly adapted to the bracelet. Many models can be combined with their own functions with a pulse or chest belt and are therefore compatible.

Buy Running Watches – shop vs. Internet

Basically, there are two ways to buy a running clock. Either you go to the shop or you try the computer and look through a search engine like Google for the right running clock for you. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

What speaks for buying a running clock in the specialized trade?

For the visit in the specialized trade speaks above all that you can be advised by a competent sales force . She is able to answer any question you may have about the running clock. You can also see the Running Watch directly into appearances take to create them, test their operation and so decide whether they suit you.

Disadvantages of the specialized trade

As a shortcoming, many customers state that they only have to go to the business in order to buy a running clock. In addition, it is possible that the shop does not have all running watches in stock or even in the assortment. It may well be that you just can not buy the running watch, which you had discovered on the Internet, in the shop.

Advantages of buying a running clock on the Internet

The Shopping on the Internet is associated with significantly less effort because you need the apartment not leave, no parking Search or crowded trains drive or buses through the city, but can range from very cozy bed to go shopping out. Another advantage is that, in contrast to specialist retailers, you can find almost every produced running watch on the internet and order without any problems . Usually there are detailed descriptions of the running watches on the respective product pages.

You can study these in peace and so learn about the functions. So you have no time pressure. Another advantage is that you can pay the running clock very easily. Sometimes there are coupons that you can use to get a discount. The running watch is delivered to you after ordering and payment by a shipping service provider to the front door and you can also return them, if it does not meet your requirements.

Shortcomings in internet buying

A small drawback to buying the Internet is that on an intensive, personal counseling have to do without, but by the disposal is offset information provided. In addition, most online shops have a so-called customer support, which can answer questions. Depending on the amount of the invoice, you may incur shipping costs on the internet, but these are not very high.

Guide & Worth knowing about the running clock

Whether you are traveling as a recreational athlete, an ambitious runner or a high-performance athlete to properly control and analyze the training , you need a high quality running watch. It is today an indispensable tool when running training should be really efficient and support your health . But how did this trend come about ? Who had the idea to develop a wrist training computer?

Information about the history of the running clock

Small tools, for example, to count the steps, were already used in the 18th century on expeditions . Later, stopwatches were created to determine the time someone needed for a particular distance. Finally, in 1983, the first heart rate monitor came on the market, which was the product segment of the sports watch was born. Since then, more and more features have been added and at the latest, since the company Casio in 1999, the first sports watch with integrated GPS system brought to the market, the running clock is becoming increasingly popular.

Initially, it was mainly used by high-performance athletes , but now they are also using more and more recreational athletes for their running training. The manufacturer of running watches are constantly developing new, better models with more and more features that make the running exercise is facilitated and can be made even more effective. In the history of the running clock, the basic principle was and is always the greatest possible miniaturization of new technologies that could then be incorporated in the clocks.

Facts & figures about the running clock

The number of those who regularly engage in sports is steadily rising. The reason for this is the desire for a healthy lifestyle. Especially the Running has had a meteoric rise since the 1980s and has become a trendy sport for the general public, which is also reflected in the increasing number of running events such as marathons, half marathons, New Year’s or open races. In 2017, a total of 22.36 million people in Germany went either regularly or at least off and on. Most of them use a  running clock to control  the training.

The networking of different devices is an important trend today. Man wants to be connected no matter what he is doing. This also applies to the field of sports. For this reason, the manufacturers of running watches develop  special apps , with the help of which the data of the running clock can be transferred to the PC, the smartphone or the tablet PC, where they can be displayed and edited. So you always have your training results with you and can plan on the basis of the next run unit . Statistics show that more than 24 percent of those who exercise regularly have one of the available running apps on their phone and use it.

The sales figures achieved in one year   are usually an indication of the popularity of a product. The number of sports watches (running watches or activity trackers) sold in 2017 was around 1.8 million, with more than 71.5 million watches sold worldwide during this period. Research has also shown that nearly 28% of all athletes in the world train with a fitness tracker, sports watch or running watch . This shows that the trend towards technical support of running training is unbroken.

Tips for taking care of a running watch

Running watches are made of very resistant materials, as they are sometimes very stressed. You have moisture or wetness real well endure as contact with the skin, the sportswear or branches or bushes.

Nevertheless, a running watch also needs care. Above all, it is important to clean them after running. Mostly you can keep the clock under running water to remove any impurities . Especially when running on forest roads dirt and mud can land on the clock. Because most running watches waterproof, the water jet does not bother them. Then it makes sense to dry the watch with a cloth. The chest strap is also very robust in most cases and can withstand a lot. Because it rests directly on the skin, it will absorb a lot of sweat during the running workout. When the training is over, it should also be cleaned under running water to remove the absorbed sweat from the elastic strap. But first the sensor has to be loosened from the belt so that it does not get unnecessarily wet. Although he is working so that the sweat can not hurt him, but you should number to be sure. Careful handling increases the service life of the watch and the chest strap.

Useful accessories for the running clock

The scope of delivery basically includes everything you need to use the running clock . As a rule, you will receive the running watch itself, the chest strap including the transmitter unit (it is not necessary if the watch has a wrist optical sensor), a USB cable, possibly a power adapter to charge the watch and a user manual.

Since the chest strap is the part that is most stressed, it may be useful to buy a  replacement strap . You can usually get it through the manufacturer’s website purchase. When buying a new one always make sure that it is the right brand , the straps of different brands are usually not compatible.

Although you have purchased a running watch ,  brackets  for the bike can be useful accessories. The reason for this is that almost all running watches can also be used for other sports such as cycling or swimming. With a suitable holder , you can turn the running clock into a training computer for the next bike tour with just a few simple steps .

In some watches you can choose  bracelets  with different designs and colors . They are also often in different materials like rubber, silicone, plastic, Synthetic leather or even leather available, where genuine is not suitable for running training .

If you value changing design or color variety , you can buy bracelets in a variety of designs and colors.

If the running clock is equipped with so-called smart functions, has access to your smartphone and can play music , for example , then appropriate  in-ear headphones are  a sensible investment. With these you can musically spice up your running training .

If you do not use the running watch , it must be stored safely. These may  cases  or cases serve. In them, the expensive running watch is protected from damage and thus remains longer functional and also attractive in design.

8 Frequently asked questions about the running clock

Many newcomers are unfamiliar with a running clock and so dive on the Internet again and again the same issues . Although a running test can provide the most important information, many topics are only touched or not treated at all. That’s why we collected the most important FAQ about the running clock .

Everyone who practices sports should strive to make the training as effective as possible and to ensure that it does not strain itself more than its organism can handle. Especially for these reasons it makes sense to have a running clock for training control to use . In addition, such a clock can be used to determine what progress you are making or whether you should possibly be suspended due to a disease with running training . The progress is often seen on a sinking heart rate read off. For example, running the same distance at the same pace all the time, you will not have to spend the same amount of time as you did in the past. The body has become accustomed to the stress and is ready for a small increase in the stress. A steadily high pulse despite low stress, on the other hand, can be at least an indication that you have health problems . The running clock can thus ensure that one recognizes a disease early and counteracts.

Many running experts recommend a training that is based on the heart rate. Therefore, accurate heart rate measurement is essential for a good running watch . There are two variants with the chest strap and the optical sensor on the wrist . Running clock Tests have shown that the optical sensor may not always work exactly. Another important feature is the GPS system. It calculates the distance traveled, information that should not be missing during a training run. Of course, timing is also very important. Through them you can in experienced how long you have run in total, how much time you have spent on a particular track and how long you have spent on a circuit for a lap. An for many runners via Bluetooth or aim portant value is the calorie consumption. A good running watch will tell you how many calories you used during the run . So that you can do something after the running training with the collected data, should a running clock USB cable . This allows the training results to be transferred to other devices.

If you are training with a running watch , make sure that the watch or the chest strap is correctly put on. Only if the belt or optical sensor are in the correct position can they make a correct measurement. The chest strap must be moistened a little before fitting , which improves transmission. A running watch is indeed meant as a tool to help you to train properly. For this reason, you should be aware of the previously stored specifications such as maximum heart rate, speed or scheduled lap times . Above all, running after heart rate protects you from injury and one Overload and the resulting overtraining. With all the technology that you with a running watch feeling Wear on the body, you should still pay particular attention to their own body feeling. Above all, you should feel comfortable while running and if your organism says something other than your running watch, always listen to the body.

Yes, they exist. Almost all manufacturers have developed running watches that are especially suitable for ladies . They hardly differ in the functions, but in the design and the color. Ladies often have narrower wrists and are not big fans of clunky-looking watch cases. However, running watches are almost always available as so-called unisex versions . Therefore, a Running Watch for is women not working generally smaller, but the bracelets are sometimes narrower. To a running clock also for ladies attractive, many color options are offered in the case and bracelet. For children there are no own running-watch collections, but at least the manufacturers have running watches in bright colors on offer, which are also worn by young people like.

A high-quality running watch has always more to offer than the already mentioned basic functions. So many watches have an additional one fitness test, preprogrammed training plans, a compass, an altimeter, a step frequency control to optimize running efficiency, an indication of recovery status and a so-called activity guide with advice on possible activities in everyday life. You can also save and retrieve routes on the watches. Some models also have a mini computer calculator for your wrist. recovering and optimized regeneration, as well as a feature that can analyze your sleep. A good running watch is almost a thing today

If you prefer to work out in the gym in bad weather and use a treadmill, you can still use your running watch. You can turn off the GPS system and only use the timekeeping, speed and calorie consumption. The distance covered will be displayed by the treadmill. Many treadmills now have interfaces that allow them to receive the data from your chest strap. Then you can train without a running clock. However, the treadmill must be compatible with your device.

This question is very important for many customers, because the price range for running watches is sometimes huge. Although there is a running clock for less than 50 euros, but then ask for the functions . Above all, the technically demanding heart rate measurement and the GPS system drive up the prices for a running watch quickly. A high-quality running clock , however, can cost up to 500 euros. It is then not only equipped with all sorts of functions for effective running training , but can also be used as a smartwatch. So it really pays off here, the different models and manufacturer To compare one with each other and to determine which functions exist existentially for you and which you could do without. Ultimately it will be a gut decision which running watch you buy, but maybe it’s worth a little more money in terms of your running training in a technically mature model for .

Normally, a product can only be exchanged if it is unused and in the original packaging. It probably depends on the goodwill of the seller . If, however, the running clock is defective without your intervention, you can of course send it back to the manufacturer and replace it demand or repair. However, this only works if the running clock has broken within the warranty period granted. Unfortunately, it can take some time to repair , especially. if the manufacturer has its registered office and its branches only abroad.

Alternatives to the running clock

The use of a running watch ultimately serves not only to control and analyze running training, but also to control one’s own fitness and progress in running in this area. But where it’s all about the knowledge of your own fitness , a so-called  activity tracker or a  fitness bracelet can be  an alternative to the running clock. These trackers are equipped with different sensors and are able to count the steps and determine the calculated calorie consumption. Depending on the model , the activity trackers have a heart rate measurement and a GPS system. As a result, they can actually be counted among the alternatively usable devices for the running clock.

Another alternative is a  pedometer , also known as  pedometer  . He can easily be carried in his trouser pocket and provides information about the steps taken during the day.

Most devices can even specify the total distance traveled in kilometers . It can also be used to determine whether one has moved enough in everyday life or whether one could do more.

Anyone who has the control of his heart rate in particular , can get a  heart rate monitor  . These devices focus primarily on the pulse measurement, but are also suitable to display the distance and calorie consumption. The term pulse watch is usually synonymous with the term running clock .

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