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For the little ones, a small indoor trampoline for toddlers in the garden is a real highlight. Therefore, our team has tested different tests on the Internet in order to create a list of the best. It also contains ratings on net height, load capacity, weight and other passages.

8 Best Small Indoor Fitness Trampoline for Kids

To find the best fitness trampolines for young and slightly older children, we focus on safety, networks, durability, diameters, handlebars, reliability, and fun and, of course, the price. Here are the best trampolines and trampolines for children and children’s parties’ currently on sale … and with offers that have the best updated prices!

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive
  • Perfect trampoline for toddlers to burn off energy
  • Features large jumping surface and handle bar for stability
  • Plastic and metal combination

Key features :

  • The first model we want to introduce you is the Little Tikes children’s trampoline, a model that enjoys an incredible design that respects the joints of the smallest of the house, while inviting them to have fun in a healthy way.
  • It has a safety net that is supported by 6 padded posts.
  • It has a height of approximately 1.85 meters, top quality materials, access entrance with zip closure, elastic rebound bands with rubber suspension system and excellent stability.
PLENY 36-Inch Kids Mini Trampoline with Handle, Safety and Durable Toddler Trampoline - 3 Colors Available
  • Safety: Extended handrail and padded spring cover mat offer extra stability and safety for kids, it support up to 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy-To-Use: compact design, easy assembly and free of hardware, no tools required
  • Durable: Non-foldable structure may cost some spaces, but it offer better long-lasting usage

By all accounts, Rep’s SR-4000 is one of the best budget options on the market. This rack is aimed at those who need a more affordable setup that is still meeting the quality standards necessary for proper home use. In fact, Rep is up there with Rogue, only falling behind in certain aspects. Rep Fitness has designed SR-4000 to be the ultimate choice for those operating on a tight budget. It’s a rack that pretty much has it all.

All the bells and whistles are included with this build. We’re talking spotter arms with pegs that can also serve as dip arms, two pull-up bars, weight horns in the rear of the rack for improved stability, J-Cups with a plastic lining, the whole 9 yards. So, what’s the catch?

There really isn’t one. This rack isn’t without its flaws, but they are far from being deal-breakers. In terms of build quality, you are looking at 11-gauge steel all around. Uprights on this rig are 2.5” x 2.5” instead of the much preferred 3” x 3” and that is probably the biggest flaw of the whole setup. However, you’re still getting a 1,000 lb certified rack that will easily get the job done.

If your definition of the best squat rack is that which offers the greatest value for money, then look no further than the SR-4000.

Key features :

  • Meanwhile, the second model of the PLENY brand is also one of the best trampolines for children from 8 to 10 years, which has about 140 cm high for large jumps, a perfect stability granted by its access supports with safety foam, protective net that prevents accidents and a support of up to 35 kg of weight.
  • With this trampoline, accidents will be ruled out because it has a security zip entry, top-of-the-line materials in its net and a very safe jumping tarp.
Pure Fun 9008SJ Super Jumper Kids Trampoline with Handrail, Pink - 48 Inches
  • 48" trampoline offers a great way for your kids to build stamina while improving coordination, flexibility, agility and balance, all while burning off some of that extra energy and having fun
  • Ergonomic bent safety bar for increased security and stability; Soft, cushioned handle for firmer, more comfortable gripping
  • Bouncing system is ASTM, TUV/GS and CE certified for safety; Easy and quick assembly, no additional tools necessary for assembly

Next up is the Garage Series squat rack from Fringe Sport. This is another awesome budget rig that offers great back for the buck value. Fringe Sport, much like REP, is right up there with Rogue in terms of quality. Their Garage Series racks are simple, built to last and relatively flexible. The one we are looking at today is a perfect choice for those who want a decently compact footprint and a rack that is designed to accommodate a bench press station as well.

As far as build quality goes, Fringe did a great job putting together a robust rack. They have used 12-gauge, one-piece 2×3” uprights. Even though we definitely would have loved to see 11-gauge steel instead of a somewhat thinner 12-gauge, there is no denying that this rack is properly reinforced in all the right places. With that said, it is tested for 450 lb weight capacity and it is highly recommended that you don’t go outside those specs. 450 lb is still more than enough for home use.

Other than that, you are looking at built-in weight horns, a pair of durable J-Cups, staggered holes near the bottom of the rack to accommodate for proper benching height, and more. One thing you do not get are spotter arms. You can get them as an option and we strongly recommend that you do. Lifting home alone more or less demands a set of spotter arms at the very least.

Key features :

  • This green trampoline is square and has legs that point outward, which ensures good stability.
  • The dimensions are 89 x 89 cm.
  • A wide and curved handle provides better coordination.
  • Its height is 84 cm.
  • An edge cover protects children’s feet from rope suspension.
  • According to the seller, this model is already suitable for children from 12 months.
  • The device weighs 6 kg.
  • The child should not weigh more than 30 kg.
  • In good weather, the trampoline can also be used outdoors.


  • Design adapted to children, suitable from 12 months, grip handle, edge cover, in case of good weather can also be used outdoors.


  •  A model could jump
Fioleken Indoor Trampoline Mini Rebounder Trampoline for Kids 36 inch Foldable with Adjustable Handle Indoor/Outdoor Use for Child Age 3+
  • Indoor Trampoline-Training effect: Trampoline jumping promotes inimitable coordination, sense of balance, flexibility and stability of the body. And also can enhances child motor skills & confidence. Age group: 3 years and over.
  • Safe design: 36 inch diameters and the load capacity up to 155bl which are suitable for children Indoor use. Elastic cords instead of conventional springs ensure safety and increase elasticity. The soft grip is comfortable and easy to grip when bouncing; It can be removable to change the jumps.
  • Foldable and space-saving: The trampoline is easy to install and can be folded and stored after training to save space. Its ready for travel or storage.

Key features :

  • The Jump In model is a round trampoline with a safety net 150 cm high.
  • The network is not removable.
  • The rods that support the net are made of steel and are padded with foam.
  • The edge above the suspension is also padded.
  • A regulation of the jumping force satisfies the special needs of children when jumping.
  • The equipment is eleven kilos and is suitable for children up to 35 kilos and can only be used indoors.
  • It is available in blue-orange and pink-green.
  • The trampoline has a diameter of 140 cm.


  • Includes safety net, upholstery, rebound regulation.


  •  Poor processing, a bit unstable
ANCHEER Mini Rebounder Trampoline with Adjustable Handle for Two Kids, Parent-Child Trampoline
  • Special Design: Oval rebounding surface offer big enough space, perfect for parent-child or two kids' activities.
  • Adjustable Handle Bar: 5 levels heights, adjustable from 38 to 45 inch, more stability, and suitable for kids' heights.
  • Easy Installation: Detachable foldable design, saving storage space, making assemble done within half an hour. Please contact us for installation video link if necessary.

Key features :

  • This little trampoline looks like a turtle.
  • The detachable handle makes the jump safer.
  • The edge is padded with a sheath. Wide feet increase stability and ensure that tiles and tiles are not damaged.
  • The frame is 89 cm wide.
  • The model measures around 60 cm to the handle.
  • Thanks to the weatherproof jump canvas, the model can also be used outdoors.
  • The assembly must be done by the buyer himself.
  • The turtle weighs about 3.5 kg.
  • The child should not weigh more than 20 kg.
  • The manufacturer also targets children 12 months and older with the children’s trampoline.


  • Fun design, also suitable for very young and light children, grip handle, padded on the edges, suitable for outdoor use, wide feet


  • None known
Merax 36" Mini Trampoline for Kids Exercise Rebounder Portable Trampoline with Handrail and Padded Cover
  • 【SAFETY is the Priority】– That’s why Merax trampoline is constructed with stronger steel frame, enhanced base legs and handles, and connected by durable springs that withstand long time tear and wear so that your kids have years of jumping pleasure to come.
  • 【Free Yourself from Tight Schedule】– Fast installation within 10 minutes. Instead of constantly keeping an eye on your kids, it gives you the comfort of knowing your child is safe while jumping, and you’ll be able to do work, chores or have a rest at the same time.
  • 【Indoor can be just as much fun】– When weather does not permit outdoor activity, Merax trampoline is the solution to keeping your children busy and entertained indoor. 36” is the perfect size for intensive jumping for burning excessive energy, and for easy storage while not in use.

This round trampoline for children has the options of sale in the colors blue, black and yellow and is supplied with safety net.

Key features :

  • It reaches the ground.
  • The entrance closes with velcro.
  • The posts of the net are padded.
  • The model is 172 cm high and 143 cm in diameter.
  • A total of six legs provide a secure hold.
  • The model can be folded to save space.
  • Under certain conditions, the game equipment can also be used outdoors.
  • However, it should always be dry and protected from the wind.
  • The maximum load is 45 kg. The trampoline itself weighs about 12.5 kg.


  • Safety net, upholstery, good quality, folding


  • None known
Gardenature Trampoline-36 Portable Trampoline for Kids
  • It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Solid construction,Sturdy and well made
  • Portable-The whole trampoline weighs pretty light and can be carried around place to place

Key features :

  • This 86 x 86 cm square children’s trampoline is colored and comes with a sturdy handle.
  • The carpet is padded and decorated with many colored stars.
  • It completely covers the rubber suspension.
  • The model is suitable for children up to 25 kg.
  • The mat is weatherproof, so the trampoline can also be used outdoors.
  • The handle is removable and the legs can be folded.
  • The buyer must ride the trampoline himself, which weighs about 6 kg.


  •  Colorful design, including handle, weatherproof, foldable


  • The trampoline jumps with you
ANCHEER Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder, Quiet and Safe Bounce Spring Mini Bouncer Fitness Trampoline Rebounder for Kids Adults in Home/Garden/Office Cardio Trainer (Red, 38inch Folding Twice)
  • With unique design to improve the rubber caps and bounce mat, mini bouncer will be well kept in place and providing more stable and safer bouncing experience and thus also makes it possible for kids age 10+, under adults guardianship, to do cardio workout. It also effectively reduce noises by optimizing the trampoline mat.
  • [ Special Rust-Proof Steel & Enhanced Springs ] - Thanks to the constant research in quality materials and manufacturing processes, fitness trampoline could withstand long lasting use without rust or out of shape. 32 enhanced springs and 6 durable & firm stainless steel legs ensures the maxium weight capacity support up to 220 lbs.
  • [ Foldable & Easy to Carry ] - ANCHEER mini trampoline is unique designed for folding, which is perfect for living room, bedroom, office or other limited space etc. With the folding design, it can be folded twice or once, saving you much storage space and carrying your trampoline from one room to the other will be more easier.

Key features :

  • The last model in this list is the trampoline or trampoline for children with measures of 140 cm in diameter, with which they can play both indoors and outdoors, supporting a maximum weight of 50 kg and giving you details like ultra safety net strong, padded rods or safety poles and excellent stability.
  • Its polypropylene canvas is resistant and lasts for many years and its three double legs guarantee that quality and robustness that you are looking for. It is specially designed for children and with it they will spend many hours of fun.
  • Having children at home is one of the greatest joys of all, but like many things, when there is free time it is time to have fun with them doing the best activities of all.
  • One of them is to jump on a trampoline and if you like the idea, and in fact you are in search of the best trampoline with net for children, then you have to read this buying and comparative guide.

Buying guide

How to choose a fitness trampoline for children?

Buying a trampoline of games is not something that is done every day, it is in fact an activity that must be thought very well and carried out with intelligence and always betting on good quality products and above all that meet our needs. And for being a special occasion, we want the purchase of your first or next trampoline toy bed for children to be carried out in the best way, so we will give you 3 valuable tips with which you can do it correctly: Who is the trampoline for? This is the first question you should ask yourself, because although it is a children’s trampoline, in the market you will find from trampolines for children of 2 years and 3 years, as well as individual models or trampolines for 8 or 10 years of age. For this reason you must know for sure who you are looking for. Our second tip is that you set a maximum price, because although there are trampolines for cheap children, you should always bet on quality and it is something that you surely will not be able to appreciate well if you do not do a research on prices and compare models. Finally, think very well where you want to locate this equipment. Do you need a trampoline for children at home? Will it be a trampoline for indoor or outdoor children? Or even, are you looking for a large trampoline or an individual one? In all these questions the location of the team plays an important role, because the elastic trampoline you choose must be able to fit perfectly in the place where you want to place it.

Why buy a fitness trampoline?

Now, although at this time we talk exclusively about trampolines for jumping children, you should know that there are many other models on the market, ranging from trampolines to gymnastics, to exercise trampolines, sports trampolines, professional trampolines, jump and more. This means that it is a very versatile team, which has been designed for any type of person, in search of providing fun, recreation and also some physical activity.

The advantages

And although it may seem that the only advantage of this type of trampoline is to provide fun or distraction for the little ones in the house, nothing can be further from the truth, because when you get a trampoline or trampoline you receive a large amount of benefits such as: Development of motor skills in the smallest of the house. A place where they can entertain, have fun and have fun. A healthy sport and very good for health. The opportunity to set aside video games or television to find healthy entertainment.

The criteria for choosing a good trampoline

But although it may seem very simple and almost something that can be left to chance, the truth is that before buying a cheap trampoline for children it is necessary to take into account some basic criteria that will help you make the best decision:


Safety always comes first when it comes to trampolines for home, and if one thing is certain is that even if they cost a little more, trampolines with net are the best option for boys. The safety measures that are generally taken into account by the manufacturers of trampolines for children at home are safety nets, UV protection, zip entry, springs and padded posts and more.


The price is our second important criterion, because although you can find a cheap trampoline for children, choosing by looking only at a low price, sometimes it is not so beneficial in the end. Choose a diving trampoline at an affordable price for you, but that at the same time meets your expectations, and if those expectations exceed your budget, assess how important those extra aspects are that make such equipment cost more and if you really need them .


And the last criteria of this list are the accessories, which well then get together with the trampoline or separately. You should know that maybe those that come with a lot of useful accessories will be more expensive, but it is an investment that is worthwhile when talking about harnesses, stairs, linings, protectors and more.

What sets a child small indoor fitness trampoline for toddlers apart from a garden trampoline?

How exciting it is to delight the whole family with a trampoline in their garden and to buy the best garden trampoline . In this way “child and cone” have the opportunity to let off steam to their heart’s content and to have fun as much as possible. Often there is nothing better for the little ones than to play with the big ones or their skills when jumping on the small indoor trampoline for toddlers prove .

Interestingly enough, according to tests and experiments, it is important to jump on a trampoline every now and then. Compared to other sports, trampolining on the children’s trampoline promotes physical balance. In this way, it is possible to train the sense of balance , to strengthen the muscles and to improve the overall motor function . Therefore, it is recommended, according to external children’s trampoline tests, especially for the young children to start early with the sports on a small indoor trampoline for toddlers. Those who want to start slowly can get used to the conditions of the child-friendly sports equipment through targeted exercises . In addition, it is possible by certain, slow movements to accomplish even physiotherapeutic exercises with the children’s small indoor trampoline for toddlers. Convince yourself and dare the test! In this regard, it is beneficial for the joints to complete walking exercises on the trampoline test winner, deliberately unrolling from the toes to the balls to the heels. The number of sports exercises on the children’s trampoline is huge.

Have fun with a small indoor trampoline for toddlers

A child trampoline gives children a lot of fun. In addition to physical activity, children find above all the trampoline as an experience with special opportunities. Because they can improve their jumping ability through jumping movements and strengthen their motor skills with the trampoline . Balance and muscles are equally ideally trained. A child trampoline helps the children in their development. With the children’s trampoline parents can induce the children to more exercise and whether in the garden, house or apartment, the small indoor trampoline for toddlers can be used at any time when needed. Many children are thrilled with a children’s trampoline and use it throughout the day. Whether smaller or larger children, everyone wants to jump with them. Depending on the size of the trampoline, one or even several children can jump on the trampoline at the same time. Safety, of course, has its significance. In addition to high-quality workmanship, the child trampoline must also be constructed safely. Also, the location where the trampoline is set up must meet certain requirements. The ground must be level and extremely stable. Also, the child trampoline must be built according to the instructions and everything must be firmly screwed. Then there is no more hindrance to try out the new small indoor trampoline for toddlers. Here the common product types on the market are to be presented and compared in the children’s trampoline comparison 2019 .

Children’s wishes about trampolines

A child feels the desire to move. If there is less pleasant weather outside, then they spend more time in the house or apartment, and there they may turn their room upside down or run back and forth between all rooms. How reassuring it is for the child and the parents when the children have a trampoline in the corner and they only have to prefer it and can use their surplus energy there . The children want exercise that meets their needs. For small trampolines, which are built in the house, children are allowed to jump at any time and use their powers. In the spring and especially in the summer, there are large trampolines set up in the garden where you can hike around in good weather. Especially the modern garden trampolines are extremely popular, because there can jump several children at the same time and move together. Trampolines are available today in a wide variety of designs and there is something for every need. Many children want their own trampoline and if the nursery is too small for a small round trampoline, then at least an inflatable trampoline could be an option. Children want exercise and have the opportunity to exercise regularly with a trampoline and to have fun at the same time.

Advantages of small indoor trampoline for toddlers

The children’s trampolines are not only fun for the kids, they are also very useful for the development of the children, because on such a trampoline they can improve their condition and move all body parts. The hopping fun offers fitness of the extra class and many children have a strong urge to move. So they can move to their heart’s content on the trampoline and jump to lofty heights. The calorie consumption when jumping is considerable and the children can stay pleasantly slim while achieving a strong stature. For the physical exercise the trampoline jumping is ideal. With a trampoline in the garden you can stay optimally fit and adults can easily use the larger trampolines. Many people work very specifically on a trampoline to remove or her fitness to improve . Even NASA uses trampolines to rebuild muscle groups neglected by weightlessness in astronauts. When jumping on a trampoline up to 400 muscles are claimed and thus the sport of trampoline jumping is extremely effective and healthy. With the small indoor trampoline for toddlers you can achieve a challenging work-out . The condition is optimized by the trampoline. By lifting off the trampoline surface, intervertebral discs and articular cartilage are effectively relieved. The trampoline ensures that the equilibrium organs are trained by jumping and thus the coordination ability can be promoted. Children who jump on a trampoline can get the best of it, because it is the happiness hormone serotonin secreted. This has extremely positive effects on the psyche. Thyroid, pituitary and adrenals benefit from the movement. Through a trampoline, the body can achieve optimal fitness and the metabolism of each cell is activated. Children can perform quite complex jump exercises. In a fitness trampoline you have the same effect by jumping for a period of 10 minutes as when jogging for 30 minutes. This saves time with a trampoline while maintaining optimal movement. The trampoline is an ideal training device and is already used in many families every day. Kids often get very creative when jumping, which is really funny for them. Also positive for the children is the trained concentration. Rhythmic hopping is not only healthy, but also a lot of fun.

The construction of a small indoor trampoline for toddlers

Children’s trampolines are available in different versions. The smaller trampolines can accommodate a maximum of one person at a time and can be used for jumping while standing. These trampolines can be used indoors or in the home and they do not take up much space. In addition, they can also quickly stowed in a corner in the basement, if they are not needed. Even in larger children’s rooms such trampolines can be used. The larger children’s trampolines are suitable for gardens and terraces or for halls and large living rooms. Such children’s trampolines usually offer several children at the same time the opportunity to jump and even perform smaller tricks in it. The kids are excited about the possibilities to jump there and they can spend a lot of time on the trampoline. The structure of the children’s trampolines is quite different, because there are small trampolines, which are only on small, stable plastic rods, or larger trampolines with metal anchorage. The jump surface is elastic and as soon as you start to jump, the background surface bounces as soon as you jump up again on the jump surface and you then hops back up by itself. So you can jump higher and higher and you can train the hocks optimally.

Putting up a small indoor trampoline for toddlers

The child trampoline should first be completely set up. For this, the frame must be securely mounted. Depending on the design and construction, the struts, feet or base must be screwed tight. The trampoline has a jump surface, which now has to be firmly anchored. Some trampolines have an external net that prevents children from falling out of the trampoline. This external net should, if present, be carefully fastened and the structure should be secured as described in the instructions. Safety is important and therefore the location should be checked for suitability. Children’s trampolines are often small and whoever sets them up in the living room or children’s room can place them at a suitable place to save space. A small children’s trampoline can also be quickly stowed in the basement as needed. With detachable trampolines you can deposit them in small basements. Large garden trampolines, however, are weather-resistant and can stay in the garden all year round. Many gardeners want a trampoline for their children, because then they are especially happy with the whole family in the garden and the children are no longer bored there.

Comparison of trampolines in the product test

The different offers on the market should be compared, because there are many different requirements for trampolines and thus one should clarify before buying which trampoline fits best. In the small children’s trampolines for indoor use, the question arises how much space is available. For example, a round trampoline can often reach a diameter of up to 1.50 meters, fitting into a living room or a large nursery. An outdoor small indoor trampoline for toddlers can be between two to five meters wide and long and is round or rectangular. Most trampolines in the garden or on the terrace are protected around the trampoline, which prevents the children from falling out of the trampoline when jumping. Depending on the requirements you should choose a trampoline that fits in shape and size and that is above all safe. For larger garden trampolines, the height of the hops may be higher than for small trampolines and therefore there is a small ladder where the children can climb. The available on the market trampolines cost between about 100 € and 450 €, with trampolines are cheaper indoors and large garden trampolines are more expensive. Small trampolines are relatively light and can be disassembled quickly. There are also inflatable trampolines and these can be quickly stowed to save space. Especially for small children, the inflatable trampolines are recommended because they are soft and child-friendly. The big trampolines are meant for a permanently selected location and should stay there. They are often heavier and often weigh between 50 and 85 kilograms. The comparison raises the question of security. While all devices are tested, there are some differences. The trampolines for outdoor use usually have a safety net that is absolutely robust and that gently gives way when a child falls against it. At the edge is on almost all trampolines a soft cover, so that the children can land there without any problems. The frame must be extremely stable and be able to hold the kids in any case. The brackets for large trampolines with safety net can be made of metal or fiberglass. In outdoor trampolines there is often a UV coating, so the trampoline is weather resistant. Important in any case is a high stability. When setting up you must always take into account that this trampoline must not tip over and the ground is correspondingly flat. The workmanship must be of high quality. In the offered trampolines, the jump mat is always extremely high quality , because it must be able to withstand high loads. The load capacity of common products is usually a maximum of 150 to 160 kilograms. This is enough for small and large children, with large trampolines can thus jump several children at the same time or a single adult who does not weigh too much. When processing you should also take a look at the details, because there are trampolines where the outer posts are extra soft padded. This allows children to move safely in the trampoline. Manufacturers value the highest safety standards. An indoor trampoline can be set up within a quarter to half hour, outdoor trampolines take one to two hours. In truly professional garden trampolines, the trampoline is constructed with a drain to allow rainwater to drain off quickly, and after a bit of sunshine, you can enter a dry trampoline. The suspension has to be extremely stable and secure, and the marketable products use the best manufacturing technology. The Product Test Winner 2019 of the small indoor trampoline for toddlers are robust garden trampolines for children with high protection nets and a wide area for creative hopping. Several children find space there and can jump next to each other. Such garden trampolines are stably anchored and can be outdoors all year round.

Comparison of the different types of trampolines

There are children’s trampolines in different sizes. The smallest versions are already suitable for toddlers and help to promote their development. Although these trampolines have a low level of bounce, they are safe and the children like such trampolines. A child trampoline often has a low entry height, so that the little ones can easily get into the trampoline. Inflatable trampolines are made of vinyl plastic and can be set up quickly. A jumping sheet can be attached via two cords and there are no metal springs in this type of trampoline. Such trampolines are cheap and popular despite small bounce in small children. A fitness trampoline can be set up in the house or apartment, and it offers plenty of room for easy hopping on the spot as it is smaller than an indoor trampoline. The fitness trampoline is lightweight and you can build it up quickly. The entrance to the fitness trampoline is very low , because the height of the trampoline is 20 to 25 centimeters. This allows small children and adults to climb comfortably on the trampoline. The indoor trampoline is bigger and you can expect here with a larger space to jump exercises. For outdoors, there are in-ground trampolines, which are very handy because they are embedded in the turf so they can easily be entered by small children and they can hop there. These trampolines have a low drop height and stay where they were once built. The classic garden trampolines are set up outdoors and can stay there all year round. We recommend a suitable cover for these trampolines. The garden trampolines can sometimes be quite large and offer the most diversified fun for the whole family . The garden trampolines recommended as the best trampolines in the Product Test 2019 are suitable for all children and even adults can jump there.

Designs of children’s trampolines

The children’s trampolines are constructed differently. While the flat, round trampolines offer direct access from all sides, there are large trampolines that have a protective net around the trampoline and that are elevated to allow for higher jumps. But the children have to climb over little ladders. These large trampolines are suitable for the garden area, because there is much more space available. There are constructions that are rectangular or round. The protective nets are often equipped with a visually pleasing design and the brackets are colorful, the border also. The design is also often crucial for a purchase decision. The best small indoor trampoline for toddlers in the product Test 2019 offer a colorful design with a cheerful play of colors and shapes.

Care of a trampoline

A trampoline in the house should be freed from dust on a regular basis. With a soft brush, you can quickly clean the trampoline. A garden trampoline should be sprayed with a garden hose and then cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent. You can then wipe the trampoline dry with a towel. There are also impregnated sprays that can help protect the trampoline from moisture. The garden trampolines from the product Test 2019, where the weather-resistant construction and the durable material guarantee lasting jumping pleasure, are easy to care for. A trampoline owner has to be careful if squeaking noises occur when hopping. Then the metal springs are no longer perfect and must be renewed if necessary. Also, the jump mat should be checked regularly and used only in intact condition. The safety nets must be replaced in good time.

Accessories for small indoor trampoline for toddlers

There are corresponding accessories for children’s trampolines. Depending on the type of trampoline you need additional equipment. The small trampolines in the living area need only the standard equipment and possibly even care products. In the garden trampolines often an anchorage is needed, which holds the trampoline stable in place, because by gusts of wind, the trampoline could tip and even violent jumping could bring the trampoline from its desired position. With proper anchorage on the ground, however, this can not happen. Depending on the location you should decide if you buy special anchorages for the trampoline. At garden trampolines there are also ladders to buy, so that the children can climb up there and then reach the jump area. In addition, there are tarpaulins commercially, so that in winter or when not in use, the trampoline can be covered. The trampolines in the product Test 2019 offer a wealth of additional equipment, such as covers, ladders and care products. There are also edge trim and ground anchors, which are offered as accessories for trampolines.

Child trampoline carpet

The trampoline manufacturer Ultrasport, Meanwhile, also sells a round play mat for the trampoline in his assortment. The colorfully printed rug on both sides with a map of the world and a road map is intended to stimulate the little ones to play. The idea is very nice: the trampoline should not only be used for jumping, but also as a venue. But this is also a source of danger, since no toy cars or the like belong to the trampoline and even toddlers under six years should not yet on the trampoline, as we have already explained in detail in Therefore, the play mat for the little ones should only be used as an outdoor mat and the small indoor trampoline for toddlers for its original purpose is maintained.

Fitness for ages

The trampolines are suitable for different age groups. For toddlers, especially the small trampolines in the house or in-ground trampolines are recommended. Here you can easily reach the trampoline without a ladder and hop easily. That gives them great pleasure. For toddlers we recommend in the product Test 2019such trampolines with a small radius and soft ground for small jump heights. Children between five and ten years old usually want to jump higher and develop their talent. Suitable for this are trampolines with a stable jumping surface and a higher distance to the ground. The children already need more space to jump properly, so a trampoline should not be too small. For children over the age of ten we recommend garden trampolines that are big and on which they can jump very high. In the largest garden trampolines children can even jump together at the same time and the hopping fun knows no bounds. Even adults can jump on such large trampolines and the advanced can even perform smaller and larger tricks on the trampoline.

Kids trampoline for a perfect kids development

Through gymnastics and sport, children’s muscles and physique can develop perfectly, making them capable of greater achievement in school sports and everyday life . In this way, parents give their children the opportunity to develop early and at the same time they can optimally support their children. Children’s trampolines are already available for small children and already at a young age, they can implement their own fitness ideas with great fun in the movement. Recommended are children’s trampolines from the age of five, but also teenagers and of course adults can benefit from trampolines. The fitness equipment fits in small sizes in apartments and houses, the larger garden trampolines offer significantly more action space and thus have an even higher fun factor. Depending on the need, so you can choose the right device and the prices are not high. A child trampoline is well worth it for small and larger families. If you buy a trampoline, you should pay attention not only to the dimensions, the design and the safety, but in any case to the accessories. We recommend that you buy trampolines that are GS tested and certified . In the trade there are numerous versions of trampolines and practically for every need there is the appropriate trampoline. The children prefer trampolines with high bounce, so you should make sure that the trampoline is secured by nets, for example. In the apartment you do not jump very high and therefore you do not need a safety net here. Outdoors, however, most manufacturers have provided safety nets and thus the unimpeded jump pleasure the door is open. Children’s trampolines are used for child development and parents can give children a great gift with a trampoline. The trampolines on the market are visually and technically up to date and offer high quality in processing. This means that garden trampolines are weather-resistant and can be used over many years. Anyone can be recommended to buy a trampoline and the kids will enjoy this type of exercise. Buy a child-friendly trampoline.

A trampoline is always a highlight

It is also known to few consumers that trampolines are even used in space travel . Because the trampolines allow the astronauts theirs

  • body fitness,
  • the coordination ability,
  • and the mobility
  • as well as to extend the mobility and the engine in a test sustainable .

In addition to various children’s trampoline tests, there are also numerous other test methods to read on the Internet. But before you decide for a particular garden trampoline, you are well advised not to use the first offer. Pay particular attention to the following: Trampoline is not the same as trampoline . So there is overlooking size , security , stability and bounce but significant differences according to small indoor trampoline for toddlers test. Also in terms of appearance or design and in terms of the materials used in each case large differences are noticeable. It is important to know that the design of a trampoline – whether child or garden trampoline – should initially be seen as secondary. Far more relevant are safety , functionality , stability and material selection and processing, Various online experts are testing Freshness Trampoline test pages for safety and fitness.

Trampoline games for kids

There are a variety of possibilities for trampoline games, which are a real hit especially on children’s birthday parties. Most children’s trampoline games are a variation of familiar children’s games. Online experts have tested children’s trampoline games for you. Below are the best games presented here. It is important that only games are presented in which only one child on the trampoline network is, as this is recommended for safety reasons by doctors and experts and still have fun. Besides, all games are for a trampoline with net suitable. On many pages you will find games where z. For example, items must be trapped on the safety trampoline or the kids should jump quickly from the trampoline – however, as hardly anyone buys a children’s trampoline or garden trampoline without a net for their children, we have excluded these games. In our opinion, the recommended age of six years for the trampoline games can sometimes be undershot – it’s all about trampolining and playing only a few minutes on the net per child. The three best trampoline games for kids 1) Trampoline Game “Sweet Rain”: Balloons filled with candies are bursting. For the game “Sweet Rain” is stretched above the net a string with balloons over the trampoline. The balloons were previously filled with candies . Now the children line up and step on the trampoline. With a needle in their hands, they now jump and make a balloon burst – the sweets rain down. Of course, the supervision of the needle must have an adult . As soon as they are safely on the trampoline, give the needle to the children and take the needle again before the child climbs down from the trampoline. For small children , you should hang the balloons so low that they can actually reach them without trampoline jumping, only with an extended arm. For older children, they can hang at the top of the net.

You need this:

  • line
  • balloons
  • Sweets (possibly for the variants confetti / main prize)
  • needle
  • supervisor


Fill the balloons with candies before you blow them up. For reasons of hygiene and the cleanliness of the trampoline, use only individually wrapped sweets (no gummy bears or licorice). Then you blow up the balloon, close it and tie it to the string. There should be a balloon for every child. These rules also apply when using an indoor trampoline. Variants:

  • “The rivet” : One of the balloons is “the rivet”. That is, instead of candy, it is filled with confetti. This makes the trampoline game even funnier for children (and usually there is still enough stuff left, so the loser should not take it so hard).
  • “The main prize” : Instead of a “rivet” there is a “jackpot”. One of the balloons contains not only candies, but also a coupon – who gets caught, gets a small gift.

2) Trampoline Game in English “Simon says”: The children have to perform various movements on call or NOT to perform. Of course, this trampoline game for children can also be played in German, but since many children already learn English in the day care center, it is already possible to cope with small children in English and in our opinion it is more fun in the original . The children line up around the safety trampoline and a child stands on the trampoline or indoor trampoline. The children now call the child in turn to ask them what they should do. However, the commands may only be executed if Simon has said so . So if you say: “Simon says: jump” (Simon says: spring) the child has to jump, you just say “jump” (spring), you can not jump. If you make a mistake, you have to get off the net and the next child comes to the safety trampoline. You need this:

  • No materials necessary


  • Practice some English command forms before the game starts: “jump”, “sit”, “stand up”, “turn”, “lay down”


  • The English game “Simon says” can of course also be played in German “Simon says” (or in any language that the children speak).

The substitution can either be done in turn or always the child who could confuse the child on the trampoline so that it has made a mistake and excretes may on the mini trampoline.

3) Trampoline Game “Guess Friends”: Blindfolded, a child must recognize his friends through questions . In this trampoline game for children, a child comes in the middle of the mini trampoline and gets blindfolded. The other children are distributed in a circle around the trampoline with safety net around. The child in the middle should then either turn or jump to lose the orientation. Then it calls in the direction in which it stops “Who is there?” The child outside of the trampoline, which is closest, answers with a distorted voice: “It’s me!”. Now, the blindfolded child is allowed to ask three more questions to guess the friend. The questions must all be answered with “yes” or “no”. For example, “Are you a boy?”, “Do you play in football club?”, “Are you older than eight years?”. After that it has to guess who it is. If the answer is correct, the child may continue, if she was wrong, the friend comes to the trampoline. The game is very funny because the kids love to answer with disgruntled voices. You need this:

  •  blindfold


  • No preparation is required for this game


  • To make it a little harder, the questions can be narrowed down. At least as long as the same player is in the middle, he must not ask a question twice, but must always come up with new questions.

Children’s trampolines or garden trampolines – the selection is huge Basically, trampolines can be divided into two main categories . So in this regard, on the one hand from the child trampoline the speech and on the other hand, there are normal garden trampolines, which are just as real “fun bringer” for the outdoor area . A children’s trampoline is almost predestined for children between the ages of two and six compared to other sports equipment. Overall, a children’s trampoline test winner is characterized mainly by the fact that the suspension performance is tailored to the needs of children or particularly lightweight people. In this way, safe movements can be guaranteed. Also, a safety trolley is usually included in a child trampoline . As a result, the “mini-jumpers” on the jumping mat can hardly pass anything if you really feel like rushing around. In a garden trampoline, the bounce is sometimes considerably higher , so that the “big ones” have fun at high jumps. Nonetheless, garden trampolines are safe and comfortable, and this aspect in particular speaks for itself: even stronger mechanical influences or loads are possible in comparison. Garden trampolines with net are – as the name already suggests – designed almost exclusively for outdoor use. Not only because they are generally much larger than children’s trampolines. The materials used are also weatherproof, frost and moisture resistant . Modern models, such. As indoor trampolines, on request even offer the opportunity to convert them to children’s trampolines. This is done by sinking the floor strips in the lawn or in the ground. In this way, the distance to the earth’s surface can be reduced so that boys and girls can not jump too high on the garden trampoline. Thus, numerous external tests suggest that additional accident or injury risks can be avoided . Of course, it is important to loosen the feathers in advance and thus reduce the bounce. Do a test before the exercises!

Great for young and old

Despite the fact that the stability or processing of the garden trampoline with net remains despite this small “change”, the big ones can still jump around in the garden trampoline. The fact is that they are only partially able to make ” big jumps “. As has been shown in various online tests, it is on most models, such as. As the indoor trampoline or test winner, it is an easy way to bring them back to its original state. Here you can also produce the desired bounce. Basically, most Internet tests are about making it clear that a garden trampoline has a certain degree of child-friendly flexibility . While large children can jump on the new garden trampoline usually without restrictions, this is not possible for adults. Here, the model-specific information on the permissible total weight must be observed. This is primarily due to the stability specifically designed for the child’s weight . In addition, the bounce of a child trampoline is significantly weaker. If adults still want to jump on a children’s trampoline, the intensity of the jump must be reduced in any case. Accordingly, it is possible to avoid tearing the seams or lending the suspensions. Nevertheless, you can indulge in fitness.

Small Indoor Trampoline For Toddlers

There are a number of manufacturers such as Ultrasport from our vigourguide comparison chart who recommend their children’s trampoline models (eg the ultrasport jumper) for infants from 3 years old . On the Internet many parents report the great fun their three and four-year-old children have on the children’s trampoline. But we expert testing can not endorse speak for the trampoline for young children, because of doctors is it discouraged knits . Infants under the age of 6 should NOT jump a trampoline for the following reasons:

  •  The jumping burdens the body with four times the body weight. Since toddlers can not stabilize their body so well, this is not good for the child’s bones .
  •  Jumping can infect small fractures / micro-breaks in infants . These heal by themselves and do not have to be forgiven, but infants become pain in their legs feel .
  • The head is larger in toddlers in relation to the body, so they have to stabilize their head at a young age difficult to jump and the great acceleration on the child trampoline. That’s why they are more prone to head injuries .

For which age group a child trampoline is suitable, you can also see the weight limit. A children’s trampoline with a maximum weight of 30 kg is suitable for children up to 8 years . Boys and girls weigh about 35 kg at the age of 9 and on a children’s trampoline with a maximum weight of 50 kg the children can still jump as adolescents .

Interestingly, a children’s trampoline is suitable for both the fun in the garden, as well as in the home nursery. Therefore, it plays only a small role, as it is ordered to the weather conditions outside. When it rains, mom or dad just carry the device into the house. Extensive indoor jumping exercises are pretty much in the way. If you decide to purchase a child’s trampoline, you should focus primarily on the safety aspect. Are the materials stable and robust? Were high quality parts used? Also, make sure that there is a safety net and that there is adequate padding. By the way, the higher the safety net, the lower the risk of children falling out at high jumps or somersaults. It is also important to ensure that a comparatively easy-to- use zipper is integrated in the network. So it is easy for children’s hands, the “entrance” to the mini trampoline without risk of injury or clamps to open and close. The seams of the net as well as the suspensions in the jump area should be usefully fastened in a high quality manner. Thus even harder jumps or somersaults can not harm the child trampoline. Last but not least, most children’s trampolines are equipped with a practical ladder – depending on the provider and model. This allows the boys and girls to climb up and down at will and indulge in their new favorite hobby of trampolining.

What should be considered in the children’s trampoline test?

In order to give children the greatest possible pleasure while trampolining, it is important to subject the children’s sports equipment in question to a special test. Not only the optical conditions of the devices are in focus. Also, the stability and the processing of the materials, such as the jump cloth, should necessarily meet the highest requirements . And not only that: the entire qualitative condition may not leave much to be desired even after long-term use. Pay attention to the following aspects before and after the purchase:


What is the general order for delivery and packaging? Does the packaging possibly show signs of breakage or deformation? Has the environment been considered in terms of material selection? Which parts are included in the delivery? Is a product description included? Are the trampolines safely packed so that nothing can fall out? Is the delivery complete? Last but not least, of course, the total weight of the packaging as well as the plastic content plays a role here.

Appearance & Design:

What is noticeable in terms of appearance and design? Does the children’s sports equipment make a good, high-quality impression? Are there any defects in processing? Is the jump sheet solid? Are all components completely included? Do you notice an unpleasant odor?

The structure:

What are the plus and minus points of the assembly? Is it easy to assemble or assemble the device? Is the instruction manual and product description clearly and unambiguously explained? Can even inexperienced or technically less experienced users build up the children’s trampoline? How long does it take for children to start building the new device after setup? Can the net be easily attached? And is it complicated to mount the stairs – if available – on the children’s trampoline? Can this possibly even be presented separately? To what extent are defects in the processing of the screwing tool in the eye?

Security & Guarantee:

Well-founded information on the warranty conditions of the individual devices in the test, as well as information about the safety of the children’s trampolines, play a very important role. In addition, it would be interesting for parents to know how it is about the goodwill or the customer service and the service of the respective provider is ordered. All these are reasons for you to test the trampolines.


It goes without saying that children should not make any compromises in terms of comfort during the practical test. Therefore, the focus is particularly on the operability, the good feeling when jumping and comfort. Nothing should be left to chance.


The quality of modern small indoor trampoline for toddlers may also be tied to the supplied accessories . Because , not only the sports equipment itself has to score with stability, product description, functionality and quality. Furthermore, the accessories included in the delivery must also be included. This starts, for example, with the nuts and bolts and goes on to the supports, the springs and the textile materials. Certainly, the purchase of a trampoline with network is associated with a certain financial outlay . But as the experience shows time and again, such an investment is well worth it. It is irrelevant whether the new trampolines represent children’s or garden trampoline: For people of all ages, such a special sports equipment is recommended. Therefore check different tests on the internet and find your desired trampoline! Tip: Children and adolescents use the trampoline to improve their mobility and improve their motor skills . The concentration can be strengthened in the course of this. A real advantage when it comes, for example, to improve school performance. A test provides information! Last but not least, people of higher age are well advised, according to various tests on the Internet, to opt for the purchase of a trampoline with safety net. If you do not want to make too big jumps or somersaults, you can use modern equipment to easily perform gentle movements or coordination exercises compared to conventional sports equipment . This can also train the fitness. In any case, in this way you have the option of strengthening your muscles and actively moving again: gentle but effective. The increase in personal fitness and health can also be achieved through small indoor trampoline for toddlers with safety net and not just by conventional sports. Basically, the purchase of such a sports equipment is always a very promising solution when it comes to actively doing something for your health . As a result, you could save yourself the cost of the gym and still benefit from remarkable results. It is worth considering the purchase of a children’s trampoline. Examine and compare different children’s trampoline tests on the Internet and quickly find your desired trampoline! The variety of offers is huge, compared to other sporting goods . Therefore, you should put the various tests for children’s and garden trampolines on the Internet through their paces.