Stand up paddle boarding is a popular watersport today. This fast-growing water sport strengthens your core and upper body. Besides being an effective workout, it lets people enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Anyone who enjoys adventure will have fun paddling while standing up. However, as a beginner, it’s essential to choose the right accessory that will enhance your experience. In this regard, you should look out for an ideal stand up paddle board for beginners.

There are hundreds of stand up boards on the market, each promising to deliver better results than its competitor. As such, you can’t miss out on counterfeit and low-quality products. In this review, we will discuss the top 10 best stand up paddle boards for beginners in 2020. Read on.

Check out the Best Stand Up Paddle Boards for Beginners Reviews

This board will give any beginner a fantastic surfing experience. The board is 10 inches long and 30 inches wide, providing adequate space for more stability and balance for the surfer. The size is also perfect to suit a wide range of people.

Given that the board quickly inflates and deflates, you can conveniently take it with you wherever you go plus storage is made easy. Even though the top deck is soft, it is also non-slip, for improved safety.

Additionally, the package comes with all the vital accessories that you’d want for a memorable experience on the water. They include repair accessory kit, oar pedal, storage bag, manual air pump, and an ankle cuff safety leash. As such, there are no extra purchases you will have to make, saving you money and time.

Roc Paddle Boards are versatile; they can be used on the ocean, river or free-water lake. It is made of durable, high-quality material so that you can use year after year with no worries. Also, the board weighs only 17.5 pounds, making it one of the lightweight brands.

As for the dimensions, it measures 10 inches long by 32 inches wide, for better stability and balance. Therefore, the size is perfect for giving a wide range of people the stability they require when paddling.

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Better yet, the Roc Paddle Board package includes all the essential items you will require, saving you the hustle of making extra purchases. Its upgraded backpack, combined with the waterproof bag allows you to carry along your essential items conveniently. Given that the board quickly deflates making it easy to transport and store. A one year warranty is included on all purchases.

3.Atoll 11-Foot Paddle Board

Atoll is another high-end paddle board that you can consider purchasing. It’s designed for both beginners and pros, regardless of the weight or height. It is 11-foot-long, 6 inches thick and 32 inches wide, for the perfect all-round board.

Apart from that, it can hold weights up to 700lbs on water, thus can be enjoyed by everyone. You should have any safety concerns about your weight when using this stand up paddle board for beginners. Everything you will require is included.

Additionally, the double-layers inflatable Atoll Paddle Board is made from high-quality military PVC, for prolonged life. Its tri-fin design makes it easier for you to surf forward with minimal turning. You can remove the fins and replace them with universal fins, without using any tools. A two-year warranty is included.

FunWater Paddle Board is ideal for all skill levels and can be used for cruising, yoga or fishing. It measures 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″ and weighs 17.6lbs, lighter than most models on the market. The 33 inch combined with the tri-fin design greatly improves stability and balance.

The board has a maximum carrying capacity of 300lbs., meaning it can comfortably support a wide range of people. The overall build is also impressive, and it features premium-quality materials. It is constructed from durable, high-quality PVC for excellent prolonged service.

Furthermore, the board rails are strengthened with an extra layer of PVC, further boasting the board’s durability. All essential items are included in the package; thus, no additional purchases needed. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty.

Let your four-legged friend tag along on your surfing adventure. The durable non-slip top deck provides you and your friend maximum comfort and stability. When fully inflated, it measures 10′ x 30″x 6″ and has a weight capacity of 250lbs.

Besides, it boasts of a foldable design, which enhances its overall functionality. It can be folded into a compact item for convenient storage and transport. You also get to enjoy a one year warranty, thus proving it’s a reliable and high-quality paddle board.

Items included during the purchase are the paddleboard, lightweight aluminium paddle, three nylon fins, air pump, carrying case and a cell phone case. All essential items are included, saving you time and money. The paddleboard is made of three layers of military PVC, extra strength and life.

iROCKER Paddle Boards are constructed using four layers of high-quality PVC, military-grade, offering you longer life and reduced flex while on water. The board is suitable for all skill level, so long as the person weighs less than 370lbs.

Besides, the overall build is sturdy and robust. The paddle is constructed from high-quality fibreglass, which is half the weight of an aluminium paddle. The edges are reinforced suing rubber, to prevent chipping.

It measures 10′ x 32″ x 6″ and weighs 24lbs, making it the perfect all-round board. Its manual pump is uniquely designed to make your pumping 50% easier and 100% faster. The comfortable backpack makes transport easy. A two-year warranty included.

SereneLife is here again with an exceptional quality stand up paddle board for beginners. With its size and design, the SereneLife Premium board is perfect for cruising, fishing, camping and fitness.

Also, the board features an extended width provides you with better balance and stability. The top deck is made of soft non-slip material, for maximum comfort and safety. It is constructed from high-quality PVC for durability.

The three removable panel fins at the bottom, make it easier to steer and manoeuver the board giving you more control while on water. This board comes complete with its ankle cuff leashes, aluminium paddle, and air pump and storage bag. Transport and storage are easy, and you just have to deflate the board.

The Explorer was designed for those always seeking adventure. It is fitted with a 6-point front and 4-point rear bungee system to hold your gear as you explore. You can embark on your exploration as soon as you receive your purchase, thanks to the fact that the bundle includes all essential items required.

Also, it comes with a non-slip top deck, which is soft for maximum comfort and stability. As such, you’ll have a comfortable paddle board that will enhance your overall experience.

The board is constructed from Military-grade PVC, the highest quality on the market, for durability. It is then put together using the unique Airtech Fusion Lite technique, for strong individual bonds that cannot be achieved through usual hand-glueing. Besides, you get to enjoy a one year warranty.

Here’s another versatile stand-up paddle board for beginners. This lightweight paddleboard can be used for surfing, fishing and yoga. It is 11-foot-long and 33 inches wide for extra stability and balance.

The board has a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs and is ideal for all skill levels. It is constructed from durable, high-quality PVC, and the rails strengthened using an extra layer of PVC. Its tri-fin design allows for better control of the board while onboard, giving you the best paddling experience.

Besides the paddleboard, there are other items included in the package such as an adjustable paddle, backpack, high-pressure pump, three fins, ankle cuff leash, repair tools and a phone case. One year warranty included.

Enjoy paddling through hard to reach lakes with the GILI Adventure board. It measures 11′ x 32′ x 6″, the perfect size for adventures. The good thing is your four-legged friend can tag along, so you don’t have to leave your pets at home.

The front and rear bungees combined with over 19 D-Rings provide maximum space to store all your gear. Also, the double-layered, fusion technology construction makes the board both durable and super light for a model its size.

Besides, for every board you purchase, the manufacturer donates to help save the seas and endangered aquatic creatures. All that you require for your paddling adventure is included in the package plus a two-year warranty.


Paddle boarding continues to gain popularity, so it makes sense to purchase quality paddle boards to enjoy the sport. As such, many brands have entered the market with the promise of delivering exceptional performance. However, you’re better off by sticking to renowned brands that have been proven to deliver quality products over the years.

There are several factors you should consider including the hull type, board length and width, materials and cost. Having put all these factors into consideration, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best models to purchase. With the above-listed stand up paddle board for beginners, you’re sure to get unmatched performance.