Which are the Best Treadmills with iFit?

If you want to experience going through trails from all around the world in your exercise machine, you need to find a treadmill with an iFit feature. The feeling is simulated physically by using the unit’s incline and decline adjustable levels so as to make the experience more realistic. You can even workout with famous American trainer Jillian Michaels, and interact and race with your Facebook friends.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Treadmill with iFit

When getting a unit with an iFit feature, it’s important to look at the type and size of console screen. This way, you will be able to appreciate the simulated motions when going through various trails all across the globe. Having an inclination feature is also important, as it can make your experience more realistic through the incline and decline motions incorporated in the design.

The maximum speed and capacity should also be considered especially when all the members of your family intend to use the exercise machine. And in order to make your workout routines safe and comfortable, you should also get a treadmill that has a cushioning system as well as a wide running surface.

2 Great Options for Treadmills with iFit

1. FreeMotion 770 Interactive Treadmill

This model of treadmill is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen display.  Its web browser is powered by Android, and you can conveniently check your emails and interact with your Facebook friends too. The iFit Live feature allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly and you can go through different trails all over the world through Google Maps.

With adjustable inclination levels of up to 15 percent and a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour, you can customize the settings on this device to meet your specific needs. And its modern cushioning system and wide running surface (20 x 60 inches) will make working out extremely safe and comfortable.

2. Proform Power 995 Treadmill

As for exercise equipment that’s incorporated with the iFit Technology, the Proform Power 995 uses a multi-window LED console to allow you to download exercise programs from the internet. You can use Google Maps when traveling around the world through online simulation, and you can do this on your own or with friends on Facebook. You can even join fitness trainer Jillian Michaels to make your exercise routines more efficient and fruitful.

The unit’s inclination level can reach up to a maximum of 15 percent and it can speed up to 12 MPH. The running/ walking area measures 20 x 60 inches and it has a patented cushioning system to make routine exercises comfy.

Which Treadmill with iFit to Go For? And Why?

We are recommending the Proform treadmill over the FreeMotion model because it carries the same features as the FreeMotion treadmill but is almost half the price. Its iFit Live feature also provides for an online journal for one’s diet and activities, so as to make training and exercising more productive.

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