Best Twist Stepper


The concept of twist mini stepper was developed from the original mini stepper. The main difference with the twist stepper is the twisting motion which enables the user to move both up and down and side to side, thus more parts of the body are getting exercised. Plus the resistance bands, twist mini stepper virtually exercises every part of the body, from arms, chest, abs down to hips, thighs and legs. Twist stepper also comes with a resistance control knob by which the user can adjust the resistance level to fit their own fitness level.

Buying Tips for Twist Stepper

Stepper is popular equipment for regular exercise. However, the new models of steppers come with new features. Twist Stepper is one such newly available variant of steppers.

However, before making decision of buying a Twist Stepper you should ask yourself certain important questions. One of the most critical questions is to assess which parts of the body need to be exercised more frequently than others. For instance, if you are in field of agriculture working on a farm, your body may not need additional exercise or artificial calorie burning. On the other hand, if your job involves little physical movement as is happening with most of us, your legs will definitely need to be exercised and you are a perfect customer of Twist Stepper. Buying it would help you exercise your lower half of body and keep it fit. Like any other steppers, Twist Stepper is used by many for toning their hips and legs.

A second important criterion is the place of exercise. If you can on a daily basis go to a beach or park or can exercise in your backyard, then it’s the ideal scenario. Almost all will agree that exercising in outdoors breathing fresh natural air is better than working out indoors. However most don’t have that luxury and prefer to work out at home. For them owning a Twist Stepper makes perfect sense.

With home affordability becoming difficult by every passing day, buying a Twist Stepper which is easy to store is a very wise decision. A Twist Stepper should be easy to handle, easy to move around and be compact enough to be stored in a closet or under the bed.

Twist Stepper manufacturers have launched many variants. However one should be careful in selection. A wise choice can help everyone in the family stay in perfect shape everyday.

How to stay fit with Twist Stepper?

World is becoming a small village. Universe is ever expanding but our worlds are shrinking. Average size of houses is decreasing. People are living the palatial houses of villages and opting for small match box size apartments in big cities. The increase in stress at work is making more and more people buy fancy exercising equipments. Twist Stepper is exercising equipment ideal for those who want to do a quick workout.

Twist Stepper, as the name suggests, is a stepper with additional twisting action. If you have used the old stepper, you will have noticed that it is great to tone legs, especially calves and thighs. However, if you want to also exercise the upper part of body with a plain vanilla Stepper, it is not possible .Twist Stepper removes this limitation. You can now also exercise your abdomen and chest while exercising your hips and legs.

Twist Steppers are also now easy to buy. You can buy them online from all leading websites such as Amazon, Yahoo, Overstock, etc. One can also do online comparison between various models and find the best suited one. You can also find pre-owned Steppers on online auction websites.

Many varieties of Twist Stepper are available. You can buy one with arm bands. These bands help tone your arms along with the regularly exercised legs. Handle bars is another accessory which you should not miss. It helps you keep balance as you climb up and down on the pedals. Also the LCD helps you record your progress. You can keep records of calories burnt in every session on the Stepper.

Various online guides are available to learn how to use a Twist Stepper. They should be carefully read. Once you get comfortable with the equipment, you can start using it regularly. If regularly used, Twist Stepper will always help you remain energetic and stay stress free.

Twist Stepper Guide

It’s a globally accepted fact that exercises help live a long and healthy life. We either try to workout in health clubs or at home. Some offices too have their own gymnasiums for employees to relieve the stress of working there. Of the many exercising machines, twist stepper is commonly found equipment at home and office gymnasiums. Since it can be used by almost any adult, many prefer to buy it.

Before buying or using a twist stepper, one should keep certain things in mind. Firstly, before buying do try out the equipment. Ensure that you feel comfortable exercising on it. Once you bring it home, if you feel uncomfortable, contact the dealer. Twist steppers have many settings which can be used to make you feel fully comfortable.

Children should be kept away from twist stepper. The machine is capable of causing serious injuries and hence the kids of the house should be strictly warned against using it. For yourself too, see that your heart beats don’t change erratically when you exercise. Check for feeling of giddiness or excessive sweating. Under all these cases, immediately ask for help from the instructor or your physician. In fact, experts suggest that consult doctor even before buying a twist stepper. For those having chest related problems, it would be wise to use it under some guidance.

Twist stepper should be placed on a solid ground. Weak floors made of ceramic or marble can crack. While moving it, one can easily scratch the floor and cause dents on wall. Hence, move it with care. Also try to place it on a rubber mat to avoid direct contact with the floor.

If used in incorrect manner, a twist stepper can cause adverse affect on your health and even your home. Hence, understanding above points is important to get utmost value from money spent on twist stepper.

Basics of a twist stepper

Plethora of choice is available in exercise equipment market. Twist Stepper is one such new generation choice. It can help one exercise almost all the major areas of a human body. If operated correctly, one can exercise hips, abdomen, buttocks and legs and help these parts get relieved of stress or excess fat.

A twist stepper is born out of the age old stepper. It has foot holds like in any ordinary stepper. The foot hold or pedals are made of hard metal with a rubber cushion on top. The cushion helps keeping your feet skin soft rather than getting hardened, as it usually happens while exercising. It also helps keep a firm grip. Further a twist stepper has handle bars which helps keep body in balance while exercising. Remember a fall from a stepper while exercising can hurt badly. One can adjust the resistance level with a knob.

Twist steppers nowadays have LCD screens. One can keep records of exercising using the various functions on this screen. You can keep records of total time spent on exercising on the stepper and keep count of total number of steps. Like for any other modern exercising machine, twist stepper can compute the calories spent by an individual. It can also hold historical records up to certain time period and with some limitation.

Stainless steel is the main raw material used to make a twist stepper. Any good twist stepper will have high grade steel which can sustain high wear and tear and daily usage. The foot and hand grips are made of rubber. Manufacturers choose rubber which usually feels soft and is also hard so as to not slip off while exercising. LCD displays too have a hard glass with coatings so as to avoid any cracks or scratch.

A twist stepper is handy equipment which can be put to use in various ways. However, it also helps to have a controlled diet. Prevention is always better than cures.