When working out, it is critical that you wear the appropriate clothes that support your body and allow for ease of movement. Plenty of high-tech workout clothes offer moisture wicking, heat trapping, quick drying and special fabrics to reduce friction. What you need depends on your physical activity and how much you want to invest. The best workout clothes will always be the ones that fit you properly and don’t leave behind rashes or chaffing. Here are some options to get you started.

Top 6 Best Workout Clothes to Consider

1. Best Bottoms: Nike Dri-Fit

Nike makes durable and easily recognized athletic gear in all sizes. They carry plus sizes, but their regular sizes are quite flexible as well. The flared yoga pants are one of their most incredible pieces of workout clothes that can easily go from gym to dinner if you change your top and shoes. They’re incredibly flattering and supportive, and you won’t want to wear any other bottoms once you try these

2. Best for Weather Extremes: Under Armour

Under Armour makes everything you could imagine for athletic and workout clothes, and they also offer tons of gear options. The real standout of their line is that they have cold and hot-weather gear to get you through the seasons comfortably and safely.

You can choose layers or primary pieces that you need based on the climate where you live. This is especially beneficial if you do marathon training in the winter for those big races in the spring, but they’re great if you’re on-the-go from fitness classes to errands too

3. Best for a Bargain: Old Navy

Old Navy stocks all of the basics that you need for a workout session. They have varying lengths of athletic pants, supportive sports bras, socks, tops of all kinds and even occasional pieces of gear. While this big-box chain is known for low prices, their workout clothes are comfortable and durable. The size variation is also a bonus, but petite women might find that their pieces are too long in some cases

4. Best Shoes for Working Out: Merrell

POPFLEX Active is the brilliant line of workout clothes designed by Cassie Ho of Blogilates and POP Pilates. She started off with a humble YouTube channel with inspiring workout routines and tips about getting fit. She has since expanded into creating gorgeous activewear that is affordable and super stylish.

Fun and eye-catching prints are what her line is about, but she also strives to create garments that are for every shape and size because working out isn’t just for a size small. The POPFLEX Active Blog also teaches you how to style activewear outside of the gym. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to workout clothes that are cute, functional, flexible and designed for your body and physical demands.

5. Best in Stylish Prints and Cuts: POPFLEX Active

It would be easy to list specific styles, but Merrell truly makes effective, durable and stylish shoes for all kinds of physical activity. Shoes are one of the most important things you should look for when you are starting a gym routine or an outdoor routine.

Supportive shoes will balance your ankles, protect your feet, stabilize your core and reduce injuries that will keep you from working out for weeks. Merrell shoes are often underrated, but they are some of the most rugged shoes you can buy. Whether you need hiking boots or trail runners, they can deliver. There are endless possibilities that offer a solid fit in varying widths as well.

6. The Best in Sports Bras: Title Nine

Sports bras don’t get a lot of mention when it comes to workout clothes. They’re often thought of as something you just throw on and go. This may be true if you have a small bust. However, sports bras do so much more than a regular bra, and there are people who actually wear regular bras to workout in.

This is problematic for a number of reasons, but you are destroying your everyday bras by working out in them. A sports bra that fits correctly will make all of the difference in your comfort and performance. Title Nine offers a massive selection of the best sports bras as well as fit guides to help you choose the exact bra you need.


Once you acquire comfortable and supportive workout clothes, you will be ready to take on any physical activity. Also, you will feel more empowered and strong doing it. If you are thinking of purchasing some new workout clothes, you should definitely consider the ones described above.