Practicing yoga is great for your mind, and your body – and yoga’s popularity only seems to be rising nowadays. You could go to a yoga studio or practice at home – it’s very convenient, and there isn’t much equipment you need, either.

The only essential thing you’ll need is the yoga mat – but the standard yoga mat only works on hardwood floors or tile.

So, the issue is, you have carpets all over your apartment – and the yoga mat doesn’t seem to stick. How do you choose the best yoga mat for a carpeted floor?

Luckily, we have the answer – we present to you an in-depth round-up of the best yoga mats for carpeted floors in 2022!

Continue reading and see our top choices for this year!

Best Yoga Mats For Carpeted Floors In 2022 Reviewed

1. Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Mat – Editor’s Pick

Sometimes, you’re looking for the best, high-quality yoga mat that does the job on the carpet while staying in the middle price range. When we found the Heathyoga mat, we loved it instantly – and that’s why it became the Editor’s pick!

The Heathyoga mat is dual-layered and comes with a textured surface on top to prevent slipping. It comes with a tire tread on the back to give you the best traction when practicing on a carpet. The tire tread helps the yoga mat retain its original integrity, preventing stretching of it long-term.

The surface is textured, and it offers decent stickiness.

The issue is when you get sweaty, the surface doesn’t stick as good as it does when you’re dry.

That said, the texture is diamond-shaped, so it provides a massage-like feel to your hands and feet.

It’s environmentally friendly, feels far more expensive than it is, and has a cute design, too! Heathyoga mat comes in five color options – pink, green, gray, purple, and turquoise.

The Heathyoga mat is exceptionally comfortable, and thanks to its 6-millimeter thickness, it feels nice – even for achy knees and other joints. You’ll stay comfortable even in savasana and other resting positions.

What’s more, this mat is larger than your traditional one; it’s 72 inches long and 26 inches wide. It’s super easy and convenient to carry since it weighs only two pounds – and to make it even easier to carry, it features a carry strap with velcro. It’s a bit bulky when rolled up, though.



2. Ewedoos Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat – Runner-Up

Ewedoos made one of our favorite yoga mats out there. It provides everything a yoga mat needs to have – and on top of it, it’s eco-friendly!

Given that it’s made out of thermoplastics, this yoga mat is completely recyclable – making it a far better choice than foam or PVC yoga mats.

TPE offers excellent durability, meaning this mat should last you a long, long time before it finally has to be replaced.

As for the texture, we have plenty to say:

What truly makes Ewedoos stand out here is that it has a closed-cell surface, specifically designed to keep moisture and dust away from the mat – keeping it clean and functional for longer.

The only flaw of this mat is that it does get slippery when wet.

Otherwise, the surface is textured to give you the perfect grip and allow you to feel completely secure when practicing.

The mat itself is pretty thick thanks to high-density padding, so you’ll feel comfortable even when dealing with painful joints.

What we liked the most about this Ewedoos yoga mat is that it features body alignment lines. These lines are perfect for novices; they’ll guide you into the positions and help you practice without losing focus.

Of course, to maximize the convenience part, this yoga mat comes with a carry strap, making it easier for you to take your yoga mat to the studio.

Oh, and it comes in nine fantastic color options – blue, gray, light purple, light blue, purple, purple V2.0, jade, green, and black.



3. MRO Thick Yoga Mat – Premium Choice

What if you’re looking for a yoga mat for working out on the carpet, and you’re not afraid to spend more? Well, then, the MRO thick yoga mat has that high-end experience you want!

The most important thing about this mat is that it’s made out of natural rubber, making it a great, eco-friendly choice for you and any other users out there. This material makes these yoga mats super durable – enough to last for a long, long time.

This rubber mat is 9-millimeters thick, meaning this natural material will give you extreme comfort thanks to double-thick padding. It protects your knees more than any standard yoga mat out there.

It’s also relatively stable and shock-absorbing, so if you need to stay quiet, you will.

What’s more, this yoga mat is extra-large, giving you plenty of space for your hot yoga class – or any other type of yoga session.

Most importantly, it works amazingly on carpet or tile, thanks to the double-sided non-slip design.

The grip is unparalleled compared to standard yoga mats, thanks to honeycomb backing that ensures stability.

But what makes these rubber mats a premium pick? Well, you also get a microfiber towel to take with you when practicing – and a high-quality jumping rope.

The natural rubber is water and sweat-proof, so it will be easy to clean after hot yoga sessions. You can clean it with the provided towel or a damp microfiber cloth.

The only real flaw of this otherwise great natural rubber mat is that the sides can roll up after an intense workout.



4. WWWW Non-Slip Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat – Budget-Friendly Option

Like some people looking for a high-end experience, some are looking for excellent cushioning without breaking the bank. That’s why we’re presenting the WWWW Non-Slip design as our budget-friendly option!

Despite the relatively affordable price, this is not a PVC mat. It’s made without any harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process to give you the perfect eco-friendly feel with the natural rubber, latex-free.

It does not deform thanks to the closed-cell construction – and you won’t need any baking soda to get rid of the smell. What this good mat offers – unlike other mats – is the unique design:

It will help you express yourself with 18 different designs.

These sweat-resistant mats offer excellent traction along with a double-layer structure to give you the needed grip and comfort. Moreover, the durable material is excellent at absorbing sweat, and keeping the mat clean is pretty simple, too.

The mats are extremely large – 72 inches long and 26 inches wide. The yoga mat falls into the category of travel mats because it’s 3-millimeters thick, yet it provides perfect cushioning with just the right amount of an eco-friendly feel.

Speaking of travel, it comes with a strap for a more convenient way to carry it to yoga practice. You can practice that downward-facing dog on the go.

Despite being thin, it still provides the user with an excellent grip and inner peace of mind – because it’s perfectly stable even on a carpet.

The mat may absorb sweat to ensure an excellent grip, but it absorbs a lot more – dirt included – too. So, don’t be too shocked to find that it gets dirty pretty quickly.



5. Gaiam Marrakesh Yoga Mat – Best Design

Yes, your yoga mat should be made out of eco-friendly material like TPE material – but it’s also essential for it to have a great design. The Gaiam Marrakesh mat comes with so much more than extra padding and other features seen in most yoga mats, boasting a beautiful design, too!

There are 14 yoga designs to make you truly stand out at your yoga studio or the gym. It works on harder surfaces like hard floors, but it works perfectly on the carpet, as well.

This yoga mat is non-toxic, latex-free, and might just be what you need. It’s a healthy choice for you and the planet, and it looks so good in any studio – but we advise you to unroll it and air it out for two days before starting use.

The Marrakesh mat has a textured sticky surface to give you the ideal grip for your yoga sessions. These yoga mats work well, and they are relatively lightweight, making carrying easy and comfortable.

And with every mat you buy, you get a downloadable yoga session plan to help you get started. What’s even better, this Gaiam yoga mat comes with a lifetime guarantee, too.

It provides you with the extra padding to keep your joints comfortable and pain-free. The size is standard – 68 inches long, with a thickness of 6 millimeters.

The mat has excellent sweat absorption and a good grip. Moreover, the TPE material sticks perfectly to the carpet or hard surface, ensuring excellent traction.

However, do keep in mind that the mat could slip when wet.



6. Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat – Best For Traveling

Manduka PROlite yoga mat is one of those ideal fitness products to take traveling. Think about it:

When traveling, you need extra thickness for various surfaces – without piling on extra weight.

This fantastic mat offers so much more than other materials out there – proving that one yoga mat can do so much for you. It comes in 6 dark color options so that you can match it with your outfit.

The mat is made out of a natural material like all Manduka mats, meaning latex-free and non-toxic. It’s 5 millimeters thick to give you the extra thick feel and stability when working out – even as a newbie yogi.

The closed-cell construction keeps the moisture and sweat out, keeping the yoga mat clean even after extensive and sweaty workouts.

The materials are non-toxic, durable, and designed to last you the entire lifetime – if maintained well, of course. The manufacturer’s instruction for keeping the mat looking fresh is to use the Manduka Yoga Mat Wash Cleaner.

With 71 inches of length, it’s a bit longer than the standard yoga mat for carpet, but it might be too little for rather tall people. And that’s why you have the 79-inch version, too.

Furthermore, this ultimate travel mat is certified and recommended by many yoga instructors all over the world.

The cushioning is relatively thick to give you a stable feel in complicated positions, along with joint protection.

The only flaw of the otherwise great eco-friendly travel mat made from rubber trees is that it comes with a protective layer that can be slippery until removed.



How To Pick The Best Yoga Mat For Carpet?

Picking out a yoga mat seems like the simplest aspect of your yoga sessions, right?

Well, that isn’t always the truth – many yoga masters will buy at least a few before they finally find the exact yoga mat that suits their needs best. There are far too many yoga mats out there; finding the one that fits your yoga needs best can take some trial and error.

What’s more, if you wish to practice yoga on a carpeted floor, you’ll need a special yoga mat that still does the job despite the carpet.

So, what do you need to keep in mind to find the right carpet yoga mat for yourself? What are some features that make the best yoga mat – the best?

Pay close attention to the following section; we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

Thickness Of The Mat

If your only option for practicing yoga is on the hard floor, you do require something thicker, so you’re still comfortable while you’re at it. You can use these thicker mats – 5 to 9 millimeters thick – for practicing on a carpet, as well, but there’s no need for it.

Moreover, thicker yoga mats are heavier because of that extra cushioning, so they aren’t that convenient to take with you when traveling or going to the studio for yoga sessions. Then again, the thicker mats usually last much longer, though.

We advise you to stick to the thinner mats for carpets – preferably those with a thickness under 5 millimeters. When on a carpet, it’ll be easier for you to feel connected to the floor when you’re on a thinner mat.

Here’s the thing:

Thinner mats are best for taking to the studio a few times per week and will fit into every travel bag – but will still provide you with enough cushioning to make you comfy practicing yoga.

The super-thin, 2-millimeter yoga mats are usually advised against for someone with injured or achy knees, though.

To be fair, even if you’re dealing with something like this, it’s a non-issue when you’re on a carpet. The carpet itself will provide you with enough cushioning, so you can easily practice on a 2-millimeter yoga mat without any issues.

The thicker ones might not provide you with the stability and the traction you’re looking for when on a carpet. We’re always for a thinner mat – plus, they’re more convenient in general.

Non-Slip Surface

The yoga mats will commonly come with a non-slip surface to give the yoga master a better grip on the mat. The sticky mat surface prevents you from sliding all over and potentially injuring yourself.

However, the best non-slip surfaces will remain “sticky” even when you get sweaty during those high-intensity yoga workouts – think hot yoga, for example.

And since you’ll primarily be practicing on the carpet, it’s essential to get a mat with a non-slip surface.

On that note, textured surfaces work better than flat ones. The bumps, ridges, or lines will do a better job of preventing sliding than a flat-surfaced mat.

Also, the non-slip surface should be on both sides if you need your yoga mat to be stable on a carpet. Look for a “gripper” type of backing to make sure your mat doesn’t move on the carpet.

Gripper backing should do a good job as long as the carpet isn’t too thick. For thick carpets, though, you’ll need to consider using an underlay to stop the moving and creeping.


Regarding the size, there are a few determining factors – with number one being your height. The best rule of thumb for the size is to check if you can lie on the mat without your feet falling off the edge.

The standard size for a yoga mat is 68 inches – but you can find many great options that are larger than that. At the very least, find a yoga mat that’s 6 inches longer than your height.

Another great reason to have a larger mat is if you have particularly broad shoulders – or just prefer some extra space when you’re practicing.


Nowadays, you can find plenty of different materials for yoga mats. Usually, the yoga mat is made out of foam or TPE, which is pretty inexpensive and long-lasting.

Foam mats are very durable and aren’t too heavy – they commonly don’t weigh over 4 pounds. They’re also very affordable, so they are perfect for the yoga novice. This material isn’t so great for the environment, though.

TPE, or thermoplastics, is a rubber-like material, and it’s elastic, very durable, and provides the user with good cushioning. They’re also recyclable – so they’re a better choice than foam.

Cotton mats are also becoming very common, and they provide a different experience for the user. The cotton mats are great for yin yoga, restorative yoga, and meditative sessions because they have a cotton blanket feel to them.

However, the best option out there is the all-natural rubber yoga mat. Natural rubber provides the best non-slip surface, and it won’t budge on the carpet whatever you do. It will stay put – on the carpet and under your feet – at all times, keeping you feeling stable and secure.

They are also very durable and will withstand constant use with no issues. The cushioning is fantastic, and it’s 100% biodegradable, so that’s another plus.

Alignment Lines

Some yoga mats come with alignment lines that help yoga newbies get into positions easier. Not all yoga mats have them – but they could help you get better at yoga quicker since everything is drawn-on to guide you.


If your carpet is too thick, you could use an underlay layer to prevent slipping and provide you a better grip on your mat. Underlays should be cut into dimensions a few inches longer than your mat to avoid rolling of the mat and potential tripping.

Best Yoga Mats For Carpeted Floors In 2022 – Bottom Line

Lastly, having the right yoga mat is essential for your yoga class, at home or in the studio. Finding the right fit for yoga sessions on a carpeted floor hasn’t been easy – but we managed to do it.

We’ve found some great options – but only one is the best.

Our favorite choice is the non-slip yoga mat from Heathyoga. It does the job well, and it’s eco-friendly, in the medium price range – and comes in a variety of colors. It’s simply incredible!

What is your favorite yoga mat to use on carpeted floors? Let us know in the comment section!

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