Looking at the Body Sculpture BC4620 Studio Exercise Bike as it emerged from the shipping box, I wondered if I had made the right choice. After all, this was a very high tech looking stationary cycle that had promised to give me a professional ride. Having read about the benefits of “Spinning” in many blogs and websites, but still hoping to enjoy the same challenges as regular road cycling, I began hunting around for a workable stationary cycle. I found this particular model and felt it would be a good choice for me, and my skill level.

It took me and a friend only a few short minutes to totally assemble the unit (though it arrives almost entirely assembled anyway), and then a few seconds more to adjust the seat. I appreciated that it is a battery powered cycle and that I could position it anywhere in my home. Relocating it is not a problem either thanks to the cleverly positioned transport wheels at the front of the bike.

Comfort and the Body Sculpture BC4620 Exercise Bike

This is a spinning bike that has been designed to mimic the feel of a regular road cycle, and so I was glad to experience such a comfortable saddle that felt just as good after a full hour as it had after ten minutes. What this means for other riders is simple – if you intend to use the cycle for an hour or two at a time, you can be sure the saddle and the ride are very comfortable.

I appreciated that the seat and the handlebars are totally adjustable, and that multiple controls allowed me to customize the ride. This was unexpected in such an affordable cycle, and it made a huge difference for me because of some ongoing sciatica problems that were not an issue here – thanks to the adjustable seating.

The Features of the Body Sculpture BC4620 Studio Exercise Bike

Apart from the comfort and the easy assembly, the Body Sculpture BC4620 Exercise Bike features an excellent LCD display that gives instant feedback. I could track my time, speed, distance, and even the calories burned per workout. The weighted flywheel, manually adjustable tension, and the brake-block resistance guaranteed that I could challenge myself and immediately see the effects on performance.

The levelling cap stability system and the non-slip pedals ensured that I remained stable and safe on the cycle, and the water bottle that attached to the frame was a very nice touch.

Though I would have liked some pre-programmed workouts to help me copy my regular road rides, this cycle will really suit your needs if you want a solid, compact, and full function alternative to a complex Spin cycle.

Whether you are just getting into stationary cycling or a long time expert, this is a very good ride. The Body Sculpture BC4620 Studio Exercise Bike comes as a highly recommended option thanks to its ease of use, many fine features, compact size, and fully customizable and adjustable features.

Product Features

  • adjustable manual tension dial for varied workout resistance
  • fully adjustable saddle (both horizontally and vertically)
  • computer monitors time, speed, scan, distance and calories used
  • wrap around pedals
  • dimensions: L121.5 x W66 x H118cm
  • Max user weight: 100kg