Bowflex Weight Bench Series
  • Easy button, click, lift and go process to stow bench and save space when not in use
  • Easy section knob offers 4 adjustable angles (-20°, 0°, 45° and 90°)
  • Removable leg hold-down brace

Weight bench use is an increasingly popular way of bringing the versatility of the gym to your home. Journey times are reduced to zero, the physical effort of attending the gym can instead be applied to the actual exercises… and (the best bit) you don’t have to pay any subscription fees!

This Bowflex SelectTech adjustable bench is an extremely sturdy, solid weight bench that allows a number of different incline positions as well as coming with the ability to move the unit around on in-built wheels. The bench’s price means that it’s good value for money and its features render it perfect for either dumbbell or barbell use. The bench also has an incline making it suitable for other uses.

Some of the awesome design features of the Bowflex Select Tech

This Bowflex weight bench is (as the designers state) built with posture-correction in mind. This is especially useful for home gym users who would otherwise not have the correct instruction from a professional with regards to safe usage of equipment. The Bowflex SelectTech adjustable weight bench design also means that it stabilizes your positioning for a safe and enjoyable free-weight workout.

The Bowflex SelectTech adjustable bench also includes a leg hold-down brace, meaning that whilst this is primarily a weight bench, it can also double-up as a sit-up bench if you’re looking to undertake stamina-based exercise. The leg brace also offers support for when using the bench on one of its many degrees of decline.

This weight bench has six different positions of adjustment, ranging from a 17 degree decline to a 90 degree incline. This means that you can get to grips with bench-pressing at all desired angles, giving maximum coverage and therefore optimum muscle workout capability.

The  bench is specifically designed with free-weight use in mind, and its heavy-duty steel construction means that it is an excellent option for your shopping list. The bench is 56-inches long, 26-inches wide and 20-inches high, making it an excellent and yet compact weight bench. The built-in wheels also make it incredibly easy to pack away and store.

What are customers saying about the Bowflex SelectTech?

Lots of reviews cite the bench’s sturdy construction as being a very positive aspect, making it fit-for-purpose and comfortable for free-weight usage. The Bowflex SelectTech adjustable bench is quick and easy to put together and its detachable leg support means that it is suitable for crunches and sit-ups without any issue.

Other users talk about its ease of use, with the bench very easily transitioning between its various incline positions. The bench’s numerous options for positioning (and therefore its high level of customization) really make it very appealing, with many arguing that its numerous degrees make it suitable for a number of different exercises.

Others also speak about the bench’s firm support on all bases, meaning that the natural ‘swaying’ of some free-weights exercises is not an issue.

G. Surla: “this bench reminds me of the higher quality equipment I’ve used at health clubs but this is actually better due to the detachable leg support.”
Patrick D. Goonan: “This is a very nice bench by any standards and as other reviews mention, it is very easy to put together. The instructions are well-written, the diagrams clear and the whole thing is well-engineered and heavy duty construction”

Bang for your buck?

The bench, in summary, is relatively low-cost but a completely solid and sturdy product. This weight bench offers all of the convenience of the gymnasium, but within the comfort of your own home, at a good value-for-money price. We recommend!

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