Congratulations! You’ve come to the right conclusion for the most positive reason for using home gym equipment: it’s a one off payment! And once you’ve read about (and purchased) this awesome piece of equipment, the Competitor CB 729 Olympic Weight bench, you’ll be mighty thankful for that missing subscription fee!

This Competitor CB 729 Olympic Weight bench is a feature-laden bench, perfect for the serious home-gym user. Built with a very solid, quality construction, this weight bench guarantees stability along with good value for money and an ergonomic design. The bench has various inclinations and is powder-coated for extra grip.

Some of the Competitor CB729 design features

The 2.5-by-2.5-inch steel frame of this weight bench makes it perfect for serious free-weights users. The frame accepts Olympic size weight plates, meaning that it conforms to the most stringent of independent recommended weights dimensions. Its capacity of 600 pounds make it a good product for varied weights usage (as well as varied user weights), meaning that if you’re working towards muscle bulk or stamina alike, this bench is suitable.

The bench comes complete with a two year manufacturer’s warranty, which makes it a perfect long-term investment (and shows that the manufacturer believes this too). A built-in leg developer also means that users aren’t just limited to using this product for dumbbells or barbells, but stamina-based exercise too. The leg developer is fully padded, meaning safe, comfortable use is paramount.

The Competitor CB 729 Olympic Weight bench comes complete with instructions, meaning that assembly is quick and painless. The five back-pad positions allow users to target specific muscle groups in isolation, meaning that (unlike with other benches) no area of muscle is left neglected.

The adjustable height-bar catches mean that users have a customized yet safe workout experience, whilst its general build is robust and secure, meaning that this product should offer years of enjoyment.

What are customers saying about the Competitor CB729?

Reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, with users citing its value for money as being a big factor. Construction, most note, is a painless process, with the Competitor CB 729 Olympic Weight bench coming out as a sturdy and versatile device.

Users talk about the bench’s good fitness for purpose as an all-round home gym device, allowing use of barbells and dumbbells. They praise its sturdy construction and compact nature, along with its different degrees of inclination making it highly customizable.

Many speak of the Competitor CB 729 Olympic Weight bench’s suitability for all levels of weight users, with particular focus on sturdiness. Users are also keen to praise the bench’s list of features, with many expressing surprise that a bench of this price contains so many different pieces of functionality.

In general, this product is a low-cost yet wholesome purchase, offering extremely good value for money, bringing the convenience of the gym to one’s own home.

Here are two happy customers:

Motown: “Purchased this bench for my teenage son and he loves it. Very sturdy and easy to assemble. Extremely pleased with this purchase.”

Mother of Pearl:“cheap heavy duty bench will save you money over going to the gym – many different workouts you can do on this”

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