Whether or not you are simply starting rowing and have already been in this for a few times in the fitness center and wish a trusted rowing machine for home utilize, the particular Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Unit having PM5 Monitor offers everything you require for the soft and effective complete body exercise session. Its flywheel style and design guarantees the silent row, at the same time its frame is constructed in such a technique that gives you to divide in 2 pieces for simple storage. Concept 2 Model D design and style suits a wide range of home atmosphere and enables the consumer to choose from a number of exercise courses. Its ergonomic style and design enables for comfort and ease, while the standard framework is manufactured to promote an organic hand and arm position at the same time of rowing.

Originating from a brand name reputed for the sturdiness and strong structure of the fitness equipment, the Concept 2 Model D is manufactured in the past and tends to make an excellent health and fitness investment. The truth is, you will discover this particular model inside CrossFit Boxes throughout the globe due to the fact that it is durable and even ergonomic structure.

Resistance Type

Concept 2 Model D is definitely air resistance equipment. Excellent soft activity and carefully reproduces the sense of rowing on the water. All of the resistance originates from the rotating flywheel that is connected to the fan blades. Whenever rowing handle is drawn, the fan blades and the flywheel spin making wind resistance. However, the faster/harder you row, the greater resistance you sense this means you fixed the level of resistance depending on the strength of rowing.

Control Panel/Console

Concept 2 Model D is included with Performance Monitor 5 (the PM5) installed as standard and even beyond almost all the features that the rower includes, it is the PM5 that people (and standard customers) enjoyed probably the most.

This is User-friendly and uncomplicated however filled with functions; the people at Concept 2 name this “your training companion”. This keeps track of time, pace, distance, watts, and calories burned. The one and only point are that this does not appear to carry out is screaming toward you from sidelines, letting you know to keep pressing!

Specification of Concept 2 Model D

  • It comes with latest Performance Monitor PM5 for precise and resettles in-depth training feedback
  • It has spiral Damper and Flywheel for flexible resistance
  • It has aluminum rail capped with steel track for soft seat motion.
  • It has ergonomic handle
  • It has fan designed to lessen noises
  • It includes fast-release framework lock
  • It comes with caster wheels for the purpose of transportation
  • It features adjustable monitor
  • It divides into 2 pieces for effortless storage
  • Industry commander – Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing is one of the looked for brand names in the business of rowing.
  • Sturdiness – Concept 2 Model D is manufactured to last longer than other that is why you notice them in health and fitness and fitness centers worldwide.
  • Effortless set up – The assembly is composed of simply eight screws and requires fewer than 5 to 10 minutes to put together.
  • Soft motion – The rowing movement is extremely soft and customers of most sizes and shapes (approximately 500lb, short or long legs) may use the equipment with no problems.
  • PM5 monitor – It is just what all of us enjoyed the majority of concerning the Concept 2. Almost all the exercise data, pre-sets, configurations with the particular connectivity make the Performance Monitor the most effective one that we have made use of.
  • Support – Many of us discovered the customer services division to become pleasant and useful. Additionally, they have a devoted discussion board for customers of the Model D and even they are busy in motivating customers to create goals and even reach milestones by providing awards. The particularly transferable warranty is additionally excellent.
  • Dimension – You will require 9′ x 4′ space to exercise easily on the particular Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing. This is not a little device!
  • Noise– Since it is definitely an air resistance device a few people do not like the sound. This is not noisy an excellent you choose to watch television while you are rowing, you will like something more silent such as a hydraulic or even magnetic resistance rowing machine.
  • Hard seat – This is often unpleasant for a few customers and even customers have claimed that this becomes harder as soon as it becomes older.
  • Hard handle -Although it is often ergonomically engineered, you may encounter callouses and blisters on the fingers in case, you do not put on gloves. In case, you frequently train with weight loads, this particular should not become a problem as the fingers are going to be utilized to punishment.
  • Issues when un-boxing – An extremely little number of customers complained of minor problems while they un-boxed their particular equipment. With that in mind, these were little problems and effortlessly repairable.

Customer score

The mind-boggling Concept 2 Model D ratings are 5 stars out of 5 stars coming from standard customers. This arrives in the outstanding constructed quality, realistic and smooth rowing movement, and the characteristics of the particular Performance Monitor PM5 with numerous other activities.

Bottom line

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine is one of the most advanced and trustworthy items of equipment available in the marketplace. The only real rowing exercise machines in this specific range that are of equivalent high quality are LifeCore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine and WaterRower rowing machine.


Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing is constructed in a manner that dictates a safe and natural exercise session that does not overstrain particular muscle tissues or even result in injuries. Promoting the natural motions, this particular rower’s structure trains almost all muscle tissues at the same time and may offer you having an extreme exercise program that may have your own muscles screaming in five minutes incredibly. As all the Concept2 models, this is outstanding for cardio exercise and even weight training, mixing comfort and ease and even sturdiness in a single neat package. The spiral damper and also flywheel permit the consumer to change the level of resistance and pressure effortlessly and merely at any time throughout the exercise session, while the seat motion is soft and does not generate noises.