Have you finally decided to go shopping for a whisper-quiet, space-saving, high-quality yet super affordable exercise bike?

The Crane Foldable Exercise Bike is one of the cheapest home bikes on the market. They’re usually just under $100 and compact – which makes them the ideal choice if you live in an apartment or a tiny house.

The Crane Foldable Exercise Bike is a simple piece of equipment. It features a cushioned seat, a simple dashboard with an LCD screen, and eight resistance levels.

One great thing – well, one of – about the bike is that it’s not required to be plugged in; you simply climb on and cycle till you can’t go anymore.

Let’s be honest, the cost-effectiveness of this bike is its most appealing feature. It’s undeniably one of the most inexpensive workout bikes out there.

That’s because it doesn’t come with a lot of accessories that would skyrocket the price.

The main purpose of the Crane Foldable Exercise Bike is to give you good exercise – and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Key Features


The seat is cushioned and spacious. It’s also adaptable, allowing people of various heights to reach the pedals with ease.


The Crane Foldable Exercise Bike features basic pedals. Each pedal has a strap, and, according to the manual, the shoes are required for using the bike. So, you might have to move the foot straps to their loosest setting.

Longer feet won’t be an issue because the straps generally slip into the front portion of the shoe. However, those with particularly broad feet may have issues with the fit.


Heart rate sensors are integrated in the handlebars on each side of the dashboard. If your hands are not placed on the handles and there is no heart rate monitor reading, the letter “P” will appear on the display instead of a number.


The essential metrics are displayed on the console. There are also three buttons on the LCD display: Mode, Set, and Reset.

The Mode button allows users to cycle between the data points. The Set button lets you set the value of time, calories, and heart rate. You can use the Reset button to reset the data if you want to start another workout right away.


The warranty on this bike covers you for two years. Don’t count on it after that, though.


Maximum User Weight: 286 pounds

Equipment Dimensions: 33.07 x 18.11 x 44.09 inches (84 x 46 x 112 cm)

Equipment Weight: 34.8 pounds

How To Assemble The Crane Foldable Exercise Bike?

Here’s what you get included in the box:

Putting the bike together isn’t too difficult.

From the time you start sorting pieces to the time you have to unscrew one part and shift it in the end, it takes approximately 40-45 minutes to put everything together.

It could be helpful to sort all of the components out before starting because the manual contains both step-by-step instructions and a schematic later on that displays all of the parts.

The only tools you’ll need to assemble the bike are a wrench and an Allen key (Allen wrench) that come included in the box, though you can use your own if you want. A ratchet and ratcheting screwdriver are helpful if you have them.

The step-by-step directions are very straightforward and contain useful data, but it’s worth double-checking that you have the correct bolts, screws, and washers for each step since there are many versions of each in the box. There are a few varieties of washers, for example, that must be installed in a certain order.


  1. Have two people do a few steps, such as attaching the feet and connecting the LCD display to the cable that runs down to the wheel.
  2. Pay great attention to where you put the two feet; one of them has wheels that won’t work correctly if they’re not in the appropriate spot and at the right angle. If you put them on wrongly, you will have to unscrew and reposition them later.

How To Use The Crane Foldable Exercise Bike?

Most people agree that the Crane Foldable Exercise Bike is simple to use.

To unfold the exercise bike, just take out a pin, unfold the bike, then reinsert the pin, and start pedaling.

A club knob can be used to raise or lower the seat, adjust the foot straps, and modify the bike’s resistance using an easy-to-reach tension knob beneath the LCD display.

Because it is such an important element of the bike, the LCD screen requires special attention. Two AAA batteries, which we discovered attached to some of the Styrofoam packing, power the screen. When you begin pedaling, the LCD panel turns on, displays time and other data – and remains lit until the bike is idle for four minutes.

Several data points are tracked on the screen, including:


Crone Foldable Exercise Bike Is For You If:

You could benefit from the extra space.

The Crane Foldable Exercise Bike folds up for convenience – as the name implies. That lets you move it around your house fairly easily and store it when it’s not in use. If you’re looking for a space-saving bike to purchase, this one is the answer.

You’re a wireless-over-cords type of person.

You don’t need to plug this bike in to ride it. The console requires two AAA batteries to operate – that’s it.

You’re looking for something compact.

This bike doesn’t take up a lot of room – even when it’s not folded. It’s ideal for all types of houses, including small flats. If this sounds familiar, you won’t be sorry you purchased this foldable yet solid bike.

Crone Foldable Exercise Bike Is NOT For You If:

You require a seat with a back.

Although the seat is cushioned, there’s no backrest to provide lumbar support on this bike. Be aware of this, as it may not be a good match if you already have back problems.

You’re looking for something more advanced.

While this bike is ideal for exercise, it lacks the bells and whistles that are commonly seen on modern bikes. There are no Bluetooth or USB ports; if you need those, you ought to look elsewhere.

You’d want your heart rate monitors to be more responsive.

The heart rate sensors in the handlebars aren’t 100% accurate, according to several consumers. You could be out of luck if you need to know exactly what your heart rate is.

User Reviews

We spent hours digging for customer reviews about the Crane Foldable Exercise bike and came to one conclusion:

The Crane Foldable Exercise Bike has received a lot of positive feedback!

Overall, people have had a pleasant experience. And when compared to their closest competitors, Crane Foldable Exercise Bike scored better on average. However, it’s not without its flaws.

What People Like About It:

✔ The quality of these exercise bikes

✔ Easy to assemble

✔ Easily moves around

✔ Large seat for comfortable riding

✔ Adjustable seat great for tall folks

✔ Heart monitor handlebars move back and forward easily

✔ Bike seat slides out allowing room for longer legs and a smooth ride

What People DON’T Like About It:

✖ Display is a bit buggy

✖ LCD screen is not back-lit

✖ Pulse-reading handles not very responsive

✖ You have to change batteries frequently

Reasons To Buy Crane Foldable Exercise Bike

You’re on a budget.

We were impressed by the price of this high-quality, solid-built, easily-adjusted exercise machine.

The Crane Foldable Exercise bike is extremely cost-effective due to its compact size and lack of accessories. That makes it a great bike for those who want to keep in shape – but don’t have the funds to invest in the most up-to-date technology.

You want to read a book or have your phone with you.

The console includes a built-in device shelf, allowing you to keep yourself entertained while exercising. You can bring your smartphone or tablet and watch TV – or bring a book with you. You could even catch up on work-related stuff while pedaling in a quiet corner of the house.

You live alone in a small apartment.

Not only is the Crane Foldable Exercise bike a great space-saver, but it’s also super easy to assemble and fold/unfold whenever you need. It’s also light enough for everyone to move it around with ease.

Reasons NOT to buy Crane Foldable Exercise Bike

You’re heavier.

Although the Crane Foldable Exercise bike can support 285 pounds, that’s still less than other exercise bikes can. Many machines can hold weights of up to 300 pounds – and some can even go much higher. So, whether this one is for you or not depends on your needs.

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