Everybody wants a set of 6 packs. It’s the perfect image of bodybuilding fitness. In fact, even non bodybuilding nuts want a six pack abs fast.

The problem is that nobody really wants to work for them. They want to have things in life handed to them without putting in the hard work and dedication necessary to achieve results.

If the whole world worked like this everybody would be millionaires but nobody would be producing anything that’s valuable. In order to get results you have to show consistency, hard work, sweat, dedication, drive, discipline, motivation and an intense passion to achieve your goals.

Do you have these traits? If not, either start working on developing these mental and physical habits, or give up now before you start because it’s going to be a waste of your time going into this with a half hearted approach.

There’s nothing sexier than a flat midsection. So if you want to have six packs abs fast, all you got to do is perform a lot of sit-ups or any abdominal exercises. Right?


This is a mistake anybody can make. Just do exercises and you’ll get there. There’s something called the myth of “spot reduction” which means it’s impossible to lose fat just in one place on the body by doing exercises that target that specific area, like your stomach.

In this six packs abs fast video, Sean Nalewanyj of the Body Transformation Blueprint Program talks about the importance of knowing the body fat percentage when trying to achieve a tight, flat and defined midsection. Go ahead and at least watch this video and you’ll learn a thing or two about human physiology and losing weight in a unique way.

Before you pursue this adventure you have to really dig down deep to determine what is your ulterior motive?

Why do you want to lose those 20 or 30 pounds? To look better at the beach? To impress a girl or guy of the opposite sex? Keep asking yourself “Why” because the six pack abs workout by itself is absolutely useless.

This “why” question will help you have a deeper level of motivation for those days that you’re just not interested in lifting weights or going to the gym.

If you’re just trying to buy pride, respect, sex, power, health, self achievement, self accomplishments or any other motivations, you better re-evaluate your goals.

I’m serious about this. It’s time to take stock as to why you want these things.

So until you can define that emotional “Why” you’re going to have a difficult time staying motivated. This is the No.1 reason people aren’t dedicated to the six pack abs workout. They need a deeper reason to achieve these goals than just looking good or dropping a few pounds so they can fit into their bikinis or board shorts this summer.

But Vince Delmonte insists that if you sit down and ask yourself “Why”, you’re going to discover a very emotional reason. However, it most likely won’t be a logical reason, like decreasing your blood pressure, wanting to be healthier or wanting your clothes to fit better. It’s probably going to be something superficial like identifying with form. I’m telling you, the more we can realize that we are not our bodies, the more free we become.

Even though I realize I am not my body, this isn’t an excuse to be lazy and eat fried foods. It’s more of a motivation because I want to take care of the body I was given and teach others to do the same.

Those aren’t deep rooted emotional reasons that will wake you up early in the morning, that are going to keep you focused when the temptations set in, or that are going to keep you consistent. You need to find that deep burning emotional “Why”.

A lady came into Vince’s office and told him the reason she wanted to trim down was for her upcoming wedding. She wanted to fit into her mother’s wedding dress. Which was also her grandmother’s dress. And her great-grandmother’s dress. Pretty amazing story. I can’t imagine that wedding dress was looking that great anyway! 😉

But after several answers as to why that was important, the lady confessed that the real reason she wanted to lose fat was that she didn’t want to disgrace her family name.

She had emotional issues going on just fitting into that dress. It was a deep pain that was there.

So until the truth was uncovered, there wasn’t enough information to get her truly motivated. Now when the real reason was uncovered, she’ll be able to push through the tough times and get to her goal. You see how knowing the why can be a big help in terms of long term motivation?

Vince Delmonte urges his clients to do exactly the same thing. He says that until you discover the emotional “Why”, you’re going to have a difficult time reaching the finish line.

I totally agree with him on that.

So if you’re looking for a successful six pack abs workout, you’ve got to spend some serious time finding the truthful, deep rooted, emotional reason. That discovery will make the program truly worthwhile.