NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 – 2021 Review

Thinking about purchasing the NordicTrack AudioStrider 990? You’re in the right place. It’s more than understandable that you have your eyes on this piece of equipment. This Nordictrack machine offers many great features at a fraction of the price of a similar, newer model. Let’s dive into this product review and see what the fuss […]

ANCHEER Mini 2-in-1 Elliptical Trainer review

ANCHEER Mini 2-in-1 Elliptical Trainer

Content 2020 release latest upgraded ANCHEER Mini Elliptical is a compact, 2-in-1 under-desk and stand-up fitness machine with a V-belt drive and a 12 lb. flywheel for a regular total body low-impact aerobic workout at home, in the office or wherever you see suitable. It is available for purchase in two color options of dull […]

Schwinn 411 elleiptical review

Schwinn 411 elliptical

Content The Schwinn 411 is a curved coach offering a scope of highlights between the Scwhinn 430 and Schwinn A40 models. It’s a machine intended for home use, highlighting a space-sparing plan with a vertical arrangement for the inner components. Additionally, regardless of its little impression, it despite everything offers a genuinely not too bad […]

Doufit Portable Elliptical Trainer with Magnetic Resistance, EM-01 and EM-02 Review

Doufit Portable Elliptical Trainer

Content Doufit EM-02 is a modern 2019 release portable elliptical fitness machine for cardiovascular- aerobic workout at home. It has the adjustable magnetic resistance, dual action arms for an upper body workout and an LCD display with the usual indicators including pulse rate. You have the option to purchase the same elliptical trainer without seat […]

GoElliptical V-450X Elliptical Review

GoElliptical V-450X Elliptical

Content GoElliptical V-450X 18″ Stride Elliptical Cross Trainer GoElliptical V-450X Standard Stride is a no impact elliptical cross trainer with the HRC Control Program, an adjustable 18-inch stride, quiet magnetic resistance, belt drive mechanism, the adjustable pedals and arms for cardiovascular and strength training in the comfort of your home or gym. The GoElliptical V-450X […]

Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer Review

Sole E35 Elliptical

Content Sole E35 Review If you are looking for a health club workout in the privacy of your own home, then the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer can give your body the type of workout that you desire. Despite being a consumer model designed for home use, this machine has features comparable to the more expensive […]

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review

Schwinn 470 Elliptical

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer Review As an exercise equipment that can provide for smooth and challenging workout routines, the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer is one of the most popular home fitness machines today. This unit is said to be less challenging than a treadmill, and yet it can give its user enough challenges to tone several muscle […]

Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer Review

Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer

Content Equipped with a  modern technology called V-Stride, the Schwinn 460 Variable Stride elliptical trainer can provide for an efficient workout routine at home. This enables the unit to change its stride lengths through simple programming, without having to resort to machine modifications. This model of elliptical machine supports both upper and lower body workouts. You can work […]

Spirit Esprit EL-5 Elliptical Trainer Review

Spirit Esprit EL-5 Elliptical Trainer

Content As a standard-sized machine suited for home use, the Spirit Esprit EL-5 elliptical trainer is engineered in such a way that it provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that will not cause injury on the back, hips, or knees. The unit is designed to stand in an upright position wherein the user performs exercise routines by holding […]