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Save yourself the transition to the gym and be athletic at home. Our excellent team of experts has analyzed the various tests on the Internet to make a comprehensive comparison of the available exercise bikes. Use our comparison table to find the right device for you

What is an Exercise Bike?

For recreational athletes there are countless excuses not to become active. On one day the weather is too bad to go jogging in the park or to go for a bike ride. On another day, you just can not make it to the gym for time reasons. These and other excuses lose their validity when you have a home trainer. But what is that?

This article on the exercise bike test also explains how an exercise bike actually works. It explains exactly what happens when you pedal. The different types of home exercise bike are presented in comparison tables. This makes it much easier to compare and choose the type that suits your sporting needs.

It also explains what a modern exercise bike needs to be, so that it can be used for regular, completely weather-independent training. That a training device does not have to be so expensive will be revealed in another section. It will tell you how much you need to invest for a better exercise bike.

Different sports equipment produced by different manufacturers provide a test result through various detailed product tests. These are often very cheap models, which can usually even be used by experienced athletes.

These exercise bikes are tested and put to the test through a variety of in-depth field tests. All the criteria underlying these product tests are covered in this article. So you can convince yourself that the sports equipment have been objectively examined by various controls.

Incidentally, you will find the exact test results of the examinations in the product reports in a comparison table, which will be published for you on this website. So they have an evaluation with test grades and comparative winners. The exercise bike test should be a modest help to discover exactly the training device, with which you can train your body gently and effectively in the future.

TOP 10 Exercise Bikes in our opinion

How does an exercise bike work?

An exercise bike is basically a sports equipment that is used in a home environment . In most cases, such devices are constructions that are reminiscent of a bicycle. These exercise bikes have pedals that are moved through them. Sometimes other fitness equipment, such as the crosstrainer or the stepper, are referred to as exercise bikes.

The big companies that produce sporting goods, but among other names especially the domestic wheels, which are operated in different ways. In most cases, the pedal is used to move a band . The difficulty of pedaling can be made easier or more difficult by a brake acting on the band. In the better exercise bikes often works a longitudinal ribbing belt, which can handle large loads.

The exercise bike belt is braked more or less significantly by the braking systems that almost all exercise bikes have. The brakes often consist of magnetic elements that act on the belt. Depending on the degree of adjustment, the magnetic components brake stronger or weaker.

Each exercise bike has a flywheel . The weight of this flywheel can be different. It is so that the smoothness is always better with a higher weight than with a low weight. By pedaling the flywheel is moved. The weight of the flywheel offers a resistance that makes pedaling difficult. To increase this resistance, the exercise bike has a braking system . This brakes the flywheel, so that the force required to pedal the pedals must be increased. This requires more, consumes more calories and promotes muscle growth.

The resistance can be adjusted individually with each exercise bike . In simple models, the resistance can be set manually using a rotary knob . For more modern and higher quality devices, the setting is done by pressing a button on the integrated training computer .

These training computers usually also contain a number of pre-set training profiles that can be selected. If one of these preset training profiles is used, then the resistances change automatically during a limited training session. It simulates route profiles that alternate uphill and straight ahead.

So the difficulty level can be varied well. With the better models, you can also adjust the height of the saddle and the handles to your own size . These are also found in numerous exercise bike tests.

Exercise bike in practice test

The YouTube channel Fitzuhause tested and compared several exercise bikes and ergometers in 2018. 2019 were also tests of cheap Crosstrainern added (see video).

The two testers of Fitzuhause tested the following exercise bikes :

The home trainer Intey could not convince in the test. The exercise bike does not have a secure footing, but wobbles after the construction. Also, the seat with the too short backrest is not very comfortable and then there are also two completely malformed bands for arm training . These are in fact guided so that the bands hit against the pedals. So it is impossible to cycle on the bike at the same time and to use the tapes.

In addition, there is no pulse measurement, so failed this cheap model equal in all test categories and is therefore not recommended. He could only score with an extra: the extra table, for example, to put a laptop on it. Although this was really practical, could not change the test result but because of the other shortcomings.

The exercise bike Kellter Axos Cycle M was a little better. It is stable and has hand pulse sensors. But it is more than twice as expensive as the exercise bike test winner : the exercise bike Ultrasport F-Bike .

The exercise bike Ultrasport is very stable, is cheap, run around and offer an acceptable resistance.

The test result also coincides with the customer reviews on Amazon . The Ultrasport F-Bike has already 1,677 ratings and 4.3 stars, while the other two exercise bikes have been rated much less and have fewer stars, or is the home instructor Intey currently no longer available on Amazon .

Exercise bike too easy for trained

In all three home gyms tested compared to bicycle ergometers showed that the resistance for trained athletes is not sufficient. This is also confirmed by many Amazon buyers in their reviews (including the F-bike).

Ultrasport F-Bike vs. Exercise bike AsViva H14

After comparing the 3 exercise bikes, the test winner was compared with the exercise bike AsViva H14 in another practical test by Fitzuhause .

The exercise bike AsViva has 5 kg of inertia and does not run as round as the ultrasport F-bike , but have a much stronger resistance . Thus, even smaller sprints are possible here. Also, the seat was much more comfortable. The quality, the training computer and the pulse sensors, there are no major differences: everything is quite simple, but well done for the price range.

Conclusion: If a good driving feeling is the most important thing, should resort to the F-bike , but who wants to increase his training, ie also wants a stronger resistance and long- lasting comfort , which is better served with the exercise bike AsViva H14 .

For the exercise bike AsViva H14 has now appeared a successor model, the exercise bike AsViva H22 Pro.

Chrosstrainer test

For all, who are also interested in a cheap crosstrainer (up to 200 Euro) as a home trainer, here is the video for the crosstrainer test. The were tested

Exercise bikes foldable – not all models are practical

An exercise bike folding is usually bought for two reasons:

But this does not apply to all devices . If it is important that the exercise bike can be stowed in the storage room after training, of course, would like to do this with a simple touch, such as a clothes horse. When crosstrainer Christopeit Walker but z. For example, screws must first be loosened to fold the crosstrainer together – and then the crosstrainer can not work independently. Therefore he cut in the exercise bike test of Stiftung Warentestalso bad. For the low price of crosstrainer Christopeit Walker (about 125 euros) you get much less training resistance than in a stand crosstrainer offered, as this crosstrainer foldable has no resistance element. The pulse is not measured and the display is kept quite simple.

Exercise bikes foldable – the best models

With the bicycle ergometer folding there are some models that are foldable and good, as you can also see in the expert test comparison table.

skandika Foldaway X-1000 foldable

In the Amazon customer reviews, many customers comment positively on the lightweight folding mechanism so that the exercise bike foldable actually easily stowed and can be brought out again. The pulse measurementand the display work well and many customers are pleased that the scandika Foldaway home exercise bike isso quiet that it can easily be set up in front of the TV and hears well. As a disadvantage , some see that the exercise bike foldable only up to a height of max. 1.85 meters is suitable.

SportPlus exercise bike foldable

Even with the SportPlus exercise bike , the Amazon customers are satisfied with the folding mechanism. “Le Isabelle” writes: ” Two handles, and the device is folded , stable and stowed!”. On this device many also appreciate that he has a backrest (also hinged), which makes the training sometimes more pleasant.

Like the Skandika Foldaway which can be SportPlus exercise bike with a smartphone app to connect.

Sportstech F-Bike 4 in 1 exercise bike foldable

The company Sportstech has tried with their F-bike, four fitness equipment in one to combine and this hinged and for about 200 euros, as an optimal exercise bike foldable for home market. The four units consist of an ergometer that can be folded in two positions, so that it can be used once as a bicycle ergometer and once as a recumbent bike . In addition, it offers two sets of integrated drawstrings, Once at the front for the arms (during the exercise bike training) and once at the back for the legs (these can be used when standing behind the exercise bike). Since the training with regard to the muscle groups and calorie consumption in the bicycle ergometer and the recumbent ergometer does not really differ, it is from a sporting perspective, no special plus that you can switch between the two devices. But especially people, to whom a bicycle ergometer seems too boring as a home trainer foldable, can feel addressed by the Sportstech F-bike, as it offers more options .

What’s in an ergometer?

When it comes to ergometers , many people are at first puzzled: the treadmill is known, the bike as a home trainer also, but what good is an ergometer ? A measuring device ? Far from it: ergometer is actually the collective term for all types of training device for the sport at home.

Therefore, an Internet search with the term ergometer will always promote very different training devices. What an ergometer does will depend mainly on what device it is.

Although this is primarily about the hand ergometer , for the sake of completeness, the other types must be mentioned.

The treadmill trains legs and torso

If you have a treadmill as an ergometer in the living room, you do not necessarily train for the next marathon.

The treadmill provides gentle movement and is therefore suitable for all those who want to run smoothly in the rehabilitation phase after an accident or after an operation, without being exposed to the dangers of road traffic.

When running – and this is what is meant here in each of its manifestations – actually the entire body is trained, as various tests prove. The legs carry the weight and thus the brunt. But also the control of the body is important, because the entire trunk moves along and even swinging the arms.

Running training is always full-body training, from speeding to slow jogging to the right race. And it’s endurance training: regular running strengthens the heart and circulation.

Bicycle ergometers train the legs

Depending on how exactly the ergometer is constructed, the movement is more or less the same as cycling. From a physiotherapeutic point of view, there are stationary ergometers that allow back-friendly driving while lying down or driving with a backward rotating pedal movement .

How exactly the pedals are positioned before, under or almost behind the seat with which distance, also depends on the model. At the heart of the bicycle ergometer is clearly the work with the legs.

The bicycle ergometer can significantly improve the mobility, muscle strength and endurance after accidents and operations . But he also serves the training, for example for cyclists.

To collect data full are bicycle ergometer usually equipped with a small computer that of simply allow the setting of different programs (level or low pedal resistance, short time) to extremely difficult (slope, or high pedal resistance and longer time).

Simple time trial with a view to the speed is also possible. Also shown are often the calorie consumption during cycling and the heart rate. In the exercise bike test all functions are closely checked by external experts.

Simple devices are much cheaper and have no on-board computer, but only a simple thumbwheel. So no collection of training data is possible. Via a belt and a flywheel or via magnets, the resistance of the pedals is adjusted. Maybe the device still measures the pulse, more is usually not in it.

And the simplest devices consist of the pedals, which are mounted on a low frame. They are operated sitting on the chair, are suitable for rehabilitation patients with severe movement restrictions and not only train the legs. Because they can be put on the table and used as a hand ergometer.

Hand ergometers train hands, arms and shoulders

Most hand ergometers are, so have various tests revealed, not described as such but run under the name ergometer . They are referred to as exercise trainers, mini trainers or desk cycles. And that is already clear: These devices are stable and may not be used exclusively for the training of hands and arms.

In construction, they resemble a bicycle ergometer , only seat and handlebar are missing. They can be equipped with a computer, heart rate monitor, calorie counter and other technical bells and whistles, but most of the time they are rather simple and thus get an evaluation.

If you want to use this small ergometer instead of a bicycle ergometer , you should place it in front of the chair so that you can reach the pedals with your feet.

The mini ergometer should not be operated under the table in the home fitness, otherwise you may bump your knees on the table top.

In various tests , the devices sold as hand ergometers were also stable enough for operation with the feet and received good test scores.

But actually, the devices are designed to perform with the arms and hands the movement that make the feet and legs while cycling. This takes a bit of getting used to, because that does not correspond to any natural movement that you do in everyday life and in sports. The movement may still be a bit like rowing .

Nevertheless, this rotating movement is very gentle, so that the hand ergometer can also be used well by physically handicapped people. This is extensively tested in external tests and studies. [

A special benefit of the hand ergometer in everyday office life : deskchildren often suffer from tension in the shoulder and neck area. Experiments have shown that a ten-minute exercise on the ergometer can solve the pain and improve the attitude in everyday life. Because relaxed shoulders ensure healthier sitting, which in turn generates less tension.

Depending on the movement, the whole hull is used

The term hand ergometer is even misleading : not the hands are trained. The hands rest on the pedals, but it works with the rotation movement but the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Depending on how hardyou go, the hand ergometer was able to train the entire neck, back and chest muscles in various tests .

The reason is simple: If the various muscle groups in the arms are too weak to fully participate in the movements, the rest of the body will jump in and help. When using the hand-held ergometer , you notice that the shoulders move slightly forward and backward, and that the weight shifts from one buttock to the other as you sit.

Concretely: That’s where the hand ergometer comes in!

The hand ergometer is best used after hip surgery. In this case, the leg muscles are first exercised. Because if you can not walk for a long time as usual, maybe even just sit and lie, you will lack the power to walk after a while.

This is quite natural: Musculature is energetic in the maintenance. If the body realizes that the built-up musculature is no longer needed, it degrades it very quickly for reasons of efficiency. The daily training with the hand ergometer can therefore, especially if it does not work with the running, ensure that the leg muscles are gently stimulated. That promotes muscle breakdown.

As a training device for hands and arms , the ergometer can actually always be used. Training sessions lasting at least ten minutes daily support healing processes throughout the body, strengthen the immune system and stimulate the circulation. This resulted in several investigations. Specifically, the muscles in the forearms, upper arms and shoulders are also further stimulated and built. For a targeted and strong muscle building should be trained for more than half an hour daily, as various tests showed.

If you go for the rehabilitation on the advice of the treating physiotherapist or a hand ergometer , you should pay attention to a high quality of the device and make various hand ergometers a test run. Because then the device can still be used after the rehabilitation phase for fitness training .

If you want to specifically build muscle and improve your condition, you should pay attention to the quality of the hand ergometer. In various practical tests, especially the devices proved to be efficient, which brought eight or more different resistance levels. This is particularly interesting as a wheelchair training: Strong arms and shoulders guarantee mobility.

Construction of an ergometer

The simplest ergometers consist of a more or less stable frame with two pedals and a screw for adjusting the resistance. These devices are already available for less than 50 euros and are enough if you just want to move something.

But you can not expect professional training and sophisticated exercises for demanding rehabilitation :

The pedals are spinning, that’s all. In most cases, the screw for adjusting the resistance is not even very sensitive. But in principle this is the structure of such a device.

Many tests do not recommend this type of simple hand ergometer because it is not so finely tuned and has no screen. This can be felt as a disadvantage.

But you can also see the advantage of these devices: These exercise bikes are unbeatably lightweight, easy to use, require no batteries or power connection and are inexpensive in comparison.

The exercise bike test also lists devices for rehabilitation. If you are looking for a simple device that will get you moving, and you do not have a big budget, you will surely find something here.

In addition, the extremely simple design is less susceptible to error than the more complex digital devices, which are not adjusted via a bearing, but via a magnetic resistance. If something really breaks, you can quickly replace a simple exercise bike or even repair it yourself.

And another point speaks for the simple hand ergometer: they are quiet. It does not purr any digital device, there are no other sounds. If the pedals squeak, a drop of oil is enough. This makes the devices perfect for the office or other places.

Luxury version: Pedals for the feet and pedals for the hands

The hand ergometer is a bit more comfortable when there are two different pedal pairs.

Because , hands are known to be constructed slightly differently than feet. Accordingly, the pedal , on which the hand finds a pleasant grip, may look slightly different.

Hand pedals are usually a bit narrower, but maybe longer. And they usually have a loop that runs over the back of the hand and provides additional support.

Foot pedals are slightly wider, shorter, and not always with a loop.

With the mini-ergometer they are designed so that the feet can be found on the pedal in thick socks as well as in shoes.

This is even more important with the mini- ergometer than with the large bicycle ergometer:

The mini-ergometer is lighter.

As a result, the device has less grip.

If the person sitting on a chair sits down and puts a lot of power into the pedals, a somewhat sturdy device can slip.

If the pedals then stop, you may fall off the chair. It goes without saying that this is undesirable especially for rehabilitation patients and patients.

Between training sessions for the arms and legs, it may be necessary to change the pedals to make each workout fit and comfortable. But that was done with the devices in the exercise bike Test 2019 with a few simple steps.

Models only for physiotherapy

There is on the one hand the large hand ergometer with its own seat, which is used in physiotherapeutic practices and is simply too bulky in the juxtaposition for home use. These devices are also referred to as Handbike and work specifically to make wheelchair users mobile.

The hand bike outside the physiotherapy practice can be attached to the wheelchair as an adaptive front wheel with drive or acts as a separate vehicle, which is somewhat reminiscent of a recumbent bicycle or trike.

Instead of the handlebars are optimized for a comfortable use pedals front of the handlebar. They are connected to the front wheel via a chain drive, so the hand bike is not driven via the rear wheel like a bicycle.

As with a real bike , gearshifts and electric drive can be optional. Steering is also like the right bike, the pedal construction on the handlebar is designed accordingly.

Depending on whether it is an adaptive model or a standalone vehicle, the handbike may have a hitch or just a seat and two rear wheels. Overall, the complete wheels are kept rather light, in order to facilitate mobility in their mobility largely.

The digital hand ergometer is ideal for home use

Digital handheld gauges are small and handy, making them ideal for home use in a variety of tests . They have a small screen that displays various training data. A seat is not available here, the heart rate monitoris also missing. But it can be used separately for little money and with little effort, for example via a fitness bracelet and the corresponding app for the smartphone. Some tested devices (not all) run extremely quietlyand are good for the office.

Tip: If the device is reasonably handy, it can also be operated as a bicycle ergometer under the desk and thus ensures even more balanced training, which can be easily integrated into everyday life.

With a tight rehabilitation program that has to be integrated into the stressful daily work routine, a hand ergometer is therefore a good alternative. If the small digital device is not needed, you can store it on a shelf or in the closet and it takes up little space.

Construction and equipment important: What exactly is the ergometer needed for?

Before buying the hand ergometer , you should have a little bit of experience with the setup and technique of the exercise machine. After all, how exactly the hand ergometer is used, whether it is suitable for the intended purposes depends not least on the structure. The Exercise Bike Test 2019 will help you.

As noted in various tests, a good hand ergometer also releases tension in the shoulder and neck muscles. However, no digital device is needed for this balance in everyday office life, the simple versions fulfill this purpose quite wonderfully. However, to rebuild the muscles in the arms after an injury or surgery, in addition to physical therapy at home, digital devices with a screen are helpful. So it can be trained daily and above all with a certain, well-defined resistance.

With these devices, a lot of things can be set very difficult, as well as the revolutions per minute (ie the speed) are displayed. However, it depends very much on the orientation of the physiotherapeutic treatment, if you really need to use all these parameters. A test run with different devices is therefore recommended.

If you want to focus on quality, you should pay less attention to the equipment than to the brand awareness. Renowned brands are often a bit more expensive but offer high standards of security. This is also important in sports equipment, as various tests show.

Cost of a good ergometer

Hand ergometers are available in very different designs, from very simple, purely mechanical devices to digital hand ergometers to professional hand bikes. The costs vary accordingly also extremely strong.

From less than 50 euros to several hundred euros anything is possible. In juxtaposition, a high price does not necessarily mean that the device is good and meets the high quality standards. Because,  the price depends among other things on the equipment and the exact nature of the hand ergometer.

First point: the type of ergometer

In terms of price, it makes a huge difference whether you buy a simple, mechanical hand ergometer, a digital device with a screen or a handbike. The latter in home use is rather not to be found. They are by far the most expensive devices, and they are usually too bulky for your own home. Because these ergometers , also known as hand bikes, have their own seat, they look like a recumbent bicycle and prepare for the use of a hand bike.

They are interesting only for wheelchair users who want to treat themselves with the hand bike a bit more mobility. The handbike is also similar to a bicycle. The only difference is that it is powered by hands instead of feet.

Mechanical hand ergometers are available for many 30 euros, according to many exercise bikes

Mechanical devices are available from as little as thirty euros to buy. The price in this case depends on the manufacturer, size and accessories of the exercise bike. With or without additional pedals for the feet, for example. Which model you choose depends on what the ergometer should be used for. Pedals for the feet are useful if the device is simply to create a sporty balance to the desk job. In the experiment, most of the devices are sturdy enough to be used as a bicycle ergometer.

In consideration, it actually makes sense to use a single device for the training of arms and legs . The devices relax the neck and shoulder muscles after a long day at the desk and in acute tension due to incorrect loading. In addition, with a little exercise on the legs, they can increase calorie expenditure and exercise the cardiovascular system.

Digital hand ergometers cost more, but can do more

If you have clear instructions from physiotherapy , with what resistance and at what speed and how long should be trained exactly daily, you will be grateful for a digital hand ergometer . This has also shown various tests.

The device not only allows numerous settings, but also displays various parameters on a small screen .

From 40 euros, for example, there is the hand ergometer with display . However, you need to pay more for quiet operation, many settings and magnetic resistance. The lower limit is here still feasible 80 euros. Of course, there are no limits to the top. If possible, also put the exercise bike to the test during an experiment.

Handbike for professional use

In comparison, these are really expensive devices. An adaptive handbike, so without a seat unit, for attaching in front of the wheelchair, is available in usable quality for about 2,000 euros. If the sitting or lying unit is to be there, you must expect a minimum of 3,000 euros.

A really good outdoor-suitable recumbent, seat or knee bike (as the special name for the hand bike with differently shaped seats) but then costs around 7,000 euros.

The stationary devices that are used for training in physiotherapy practice are not normally available commercially. Therefore, no indication can be given for the price here.

Other influences on the price

The manufacturer also plays a role in the price. Renowned brands naturally take more money for their hand-held ergometer than no-name manufacturers. This does not mean that a costly hand ergometer is also better and better test winner.

However, various tests have shown that ergometers offered by known and known for their area as high quality manufacturers in principle, a higher level of security

The devices were better processed, they stood up tighter. The danger of slipping and injuring was not so great in the field test.

The tests leave no doubt. Hand ergometers from well-known manufacturers especially in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy are simply the best choice.

But even within the individual brands in the goods test, there were still differences in price. Some ergometerswithout accessories are also more cost effective than models with accessories due to external inspection. Hand ergometers with an additional set of pedals, a mat to underlay, gauges or other accessories cost more.

For home use outside a physiotherapeutic treatment (and thus without the valuable advice of experienced trainers for the use of the device), a training book has been proven.

Of course, if the manufacturer equips the hand ergometer with a booklet that clearly explains various possible exercises and the most favorable sitting posture when using the training device, this of course increases the usefulness of the device.

The size and weight of the ergometer were reflected in various tests on the costs. Particularly light and handy devices were cheaper, slip in use but also easier away. The slightly heavier devices in the product test, which are less manageable, need more space and have a secure footing, are more costly.

But whether they are therefore better suited for relaxation of the shoulders in the office remains to be discussed: The noise level when using the exercise bike Test 2019 again another criterion. When buying, you should also pay attention to such, for the first time seemingly unimportant factors.

Important functions for a home trainer

The good exercise bikes analyze your performance permanently. Almost all exercise bikes have a computerthat records, among other things, the duration of training and visualized on a screen.

The cheaper devices have only small computers that provide only rudimentary information to the usually very narrow screen. In addition to the time, the number of kilometers covered, the estimated consumption of calories and the pulse are usually analyzed. The better exercise bikes provide more information that will help you better assess your own athletic performance. The respective winners also have such a display.

Better exercise bikes also have larger screens that provide plenty of information at the same time. This was very helpful in various tests.

Modern exercise bikes measure the pulse because they have sensors that monitor this relevant value. In most cases, these elements are in the handles of the devices. Thus, there is no danger that the pulse gets into dangerous areas even with sports exhaustions.

With the better home trainers can not only be trained very safe. After all, these models even have programs that allow for a variety of training.

The programs simulate, for example, exciting uphill and downhill rides, where steep climbs and relaxing descents can be experienced.

The better computers can also store different usage profiles. Ideal for home fitness several family members who want to pedal on the sports equipment.

A good exercise bike is characterized not only by its state-of-the-art computer, but also by other features. In some experiments, the quality of the brakes was relevant. These components create a more difficult kick during training.

The quality of the brakes can be recognized by a value. The maximum possible flywheel defines the weight that ultimately acts on the pedals.

Experienced athletes should make sure that they buy at least one exercise bike with a mass of eight kilograms.

Different types of home exercise bike

Because the term exercise bike includes various sports equipment that is used in the domestic walls, there are various devices that differ significantly. Some manufacturers even sell treadmills as exercise bikes. However, many companies in this segment of the range only offer the wheels that have emerged from the classic trim device .

Many devices are in the tradition of this classic home exercise bike. However, they have modern technology. Thus, the mostly very compact devices, which optically remind mostly of a sporty bicycle, analyze the current training. Numerous sporting challenges can be realized through additional training programs.

The exercise bike ergometers that are also available not only analyze the performance you are performing, they also record that data. This makes it easy to compare different training sessions. With the data, you can find out exactly what percentage of your performance has increased .

If you have limited space, you can use an exercise bike that can be easily stowed away after use. Different manufacturers offer especially practical fitness bikes.

The folding devices consume little space . They are very easy to stow after use. Due to the small dimensions, these exercise bikes can even be stored in the storage room. For the compact fitness equipment have only a slimmed-down functionality. So you should compare well, whether a folding device for you in question.

If you want to exercise comfortably, you can access all available exercise bikes. However, classic models are often the most comfortable . These devices also often offer exciting programs that simulate exciting bike rides.

And if you need a very accurate analysis of your data, you should take a seat on a sporty bicycle ergometer. In cramped living conditions, use the folding version instead.

Thus, the manufacturers offer with their exercise bikes very different variants of the sports equipment, with which various needs are addressed.

The biggest manufacturers of home trainers

Some of the listed manufacturers are included in the exercise bike test. The compact wheels for the house are produced by different manufacturers. They are no longer just about the small sports shops that are at home in every major city. The manufacturers also offer their products through supermarkets and electronics stores. Exercise bikes are also sold over the Internet. Here different companies compete for the favor of the customer.

A manufacturer of home trainers, who has made a name for themselves with high-quality sports products, is the German company Kettler. The company was founded in 1949. First, Kettler was known as a producer of garden and leisure items. In the 1970’s the company produced the world famous Kettcar . With the fire-red children’s vehicle, the company is known in many countries around the world.

From the Kettcar to the exercise bike

Today, Heinz Kettler GmbH & Co. KG , which is managed by a member of the Kettler family, operates branches on all continents. The branches are located in North America and Europe. In the German parent plant , which is located in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Kamen , not only by Stiftung Warentest checked products for children, but also sporting goods. In the meantime, the world-famous Kettler aluminum wheel has beenreplaced by various exercise bikes that comply with the state of the art. Among other things, the manufacturer produces the Axos Cycle P, which has undergone various tests. The model has a state-of-the-art computer that fully convinced us.

From football professional to sports producer

Other manufacturers also produce convincing sports equipment that enables weather-independent training. The traditional German manufacturer Christopeit, which was founded in the seventies of the last century, also produces exercise bikes.

After former professional footballer Horst Christopeit , who had played for VfL Bochum among others, finished his professional career, in 1976 he founded the eponymous manufacturer, which developed successfully in the coming decades.

The German company proved again and again as a producer of innovative home trainers. For example, the manufacturer Christopeit, now called Top Sport Gilles GmbH, offered the first exercise bike in the early 1990s, which measured the pulse with practical hand sensors . Christopeit proved to be not only with this sports equipment as a pioneer who was ahead of the competition in the development.

Today, the company offers numerous sports equipment . Apart from steppers and crosstrainer , the company also offers exercise bikes. Among them is the Christopeit exercise bike ergometer AL 2 , which is thoroughly tested in various tests and provides a test result.

Exercise bike from the Olympic manufacturer

From another manufacturer comes another exercise bike, which has also undergone various tests. The German company Hammer currently produces, among other things, the exercise bike 4850 Cardio T2 , which is also used by athletes.

At the beginning of the early 20th century, the company initially made a name for itself with tennis rackets and cart cars . Winter sports enthusiasts were able to race through the snow a few years later on the company’s high-quality skis.

These devices are used by professionals and also tested by Stiftung Warentest. So the German exceptional athlete Heidi Biebl won in 1960 on the skis of the manufacturer Olympic gold in the US.

Hammer’s sporting product range has been supplemented by numerous other articles over the decades. From 1987, the company also made exercise bikes and steppers to benefit from the resulting fitness interest. The successful products will henceforth be used in many German households.

Today, Hammer Sport AG , which has operated as a public limited company since 1999, produces around 600 different sporting goods . Among them are also various exercise bikes, which contribute to the continued success of the company. They are not only sold via the Internet, but also through the stores of Hammer, which operates the Group in ten major cities in the Federal Republic.

Other home trainers

Apart from these big and renowned producers, there are some smaller companies that also sell tested exercise bikes. Various sports equipment is offered by the German Summary Handels- und Dienstleistungs GmbH . The products are sold under the brand name Ultrasport . The huge assortment includes steppers, treadmills and elliptical machines . Of course, the services GmbH also offers exercise bikes. With its Racer 150 , the company offers such a sports equipment. From this thoroughly tested model, there is also a test result. In the next section, we reveal the hard test conditions under which the devices, which cost between one hundred and five hundred euros, are examined.

What do home exercise apps offer?

Most home exercise apps, once connected to the exercise bike, provide information about mileage and calories burned . Since you will already find this information on every exercise bike monitor, it is unnecessary to install an app for it, but if you cover the screen with the tablet, you need the information of course.

Furthermore, there are several games such. For example, ” Greedy Rabbit, ” the Vescape Fitness Training app . A hare is pursued by a hedgehog and his life depends on the athlete pedaling properly on his exercise bike. However, the graphics are more than simple and much like computer games were still in the 90s.

Many exercise bikes, stationary bikes, crosstrainer or treadmills are app-compatible and can be connected to your smartphone or tablet . This is especially interesting for people who can better motivate themselves through training programs and games and the exercise bike monitor alone is not enough. On some models, a tablet can be very easily and safely put on the exercise bike screen , in others, an extra holder isrecommended .

See the world with Exercise Apps and Streetview

Exercise Bike App Run On Earth

The exercise bike App Run On Earth is just a brilliant idea: in conjunction with Google Earth and Google Mapsyou can choose a route anywhere in the world that you want to run or cycle. In keeping with the speed of the home gym and Streetview , it’s like being there and so you can see some of the world as well as training.

As you can imagine, the technology is unfortunately not so far that it would work properly. Some users still give five stars for this free app in the app store because it does not bother downloading “under a minute” or it actually works to make a lake in New Zealand a full virtual round.

By the same principle that works exercise of Sport Plus , which is via Bluetooth app also Google Street Viewcan be connected.

The beginning is made and we look forward to the further development.

As with Sportplus , more and more manufacturers are offering their own app for home trainers. The Elitebrand offers a very comprehensive app with several fitness tests and over 1000 videos . The videos are also in Streetview mode , but because they’re finished videos, there’s no need to calculate data and there will be no delays or program crashes. The disadvantage is only that the speed does not adapt to the exercise bike. For example, if the video was shot by a fit cyclist whizzing through the mountains at over 50 km / h, it might not fit so well into a leisurely exercise bike workout. The choice is however large enough to find the right one.

Home Trainer Test 2019 – How are the exercise bikes tested?

There are different models from different manufacturers in the test. Beforehand, reports from other users of numerous platforms on the Internet (including Amazon) are researched. There were some weaknesses that could be checked in various tests. It also gathers information about where the products are available and prices .

Therefore, the exercise bikes are purchased through a well-known online store, which leads every standard device in the range. It also tests how long it took for the merchant to ship the parcel. So you could test how fast the device reached the consumer.

After delivery, the quality of the packaging, all the components that are in the enclosure, as well as the instructions are checked . The instructions that facilitate the use and layout with large graphics are better rated. The home gyms therefore performed better in this category of tests.

The usually necessary assembly of the delivered parts is also tested and carried out by various experts. So it was possible to check how easy the respective exercise bike can be mounted. In our product reports of the Exercise Bike Test 2018, you will therefore find time information that you can use to orient yourself. It also describes the difficulty level of the structure .

Afterwards the manufacturer’s technical data will check if the length / size information and the weight are correct. So the manufacturer’s promotional promise could be tested before the exercise bike is used for the first time.

The quality of the pedals, the handles and the saddle of the various exercise bikes are also tested by external experts.

Only the devices that are convenient to use are rated better. Tested by external testers, how well the exercise bike can be used.

The different levels of difficulty are tested with which to pedal. In addition, the computer functions are also evaluated.

All criteria will be included in the final judgment of the Home trainer Test 2019. Subsequently, the product reports were published, which will now be published on this page.

So you can form your own judgment. We hope that you will discover the exercise bike with which you will train your body in the future .

Internet against retailers – where the exercise bike is the cheapest

The compact sports equipment sold as exercise bikes can be purchased in different locations. Often, the smaller sports shops , which have their home in every city, some practical exercise bikes in the range. Often, however, only a limited selection is available here.

In most cases, the sports equipment when buying through the regional retailers in consideration also significantly more expensive because personnel and storage costs are added to the final price.

Some of the big electric discounters also offer the exercise bikes .Sometimes the sports equipment is even sold as promotional items. Then the devices can be found in the rows of shelves of discounters and department stores. However, these are often exercise bikes that are produced in Asia .

Although these often very cheap devices promise much, but the quality of the equipment makes the sport a torment. So the supposed bargain after inspection turns out to be expensive scrap, which is in the apartment.

If you want to buy a quality branded product, the exercise bike should be purchased elsewhere. The renowned online shops such as Amazon, the sports equipment also offer. Side-by-side comparisons in the price comparison show that the purchase via the Internet is usually the cheapest.

This eliminates many personnel costs, which make the devices more expensive. The large online shops have the devices delivered directly from the warehouse, eliminating the need for complicated transport routes. Since there is no day off, the exercise bike can be ordered around the clock.

The well-known shops that specialize in selling on the Internet, the exercise bikes can therefore offer very cheap. Big savings are possible here. Some home trainers can even save more than 50 percent compared to the manufacturer’s original recommendation .

What are exercise bikes from discounters?

Since an exercise bike is not a cheap purchase, many are considering whether you can not buy a home trainer from the discounter. Especially at the beginning of the year, when many people have once again decided to live the new year healthier or to get rid of the “winter bacon”, big discount chains like Aldi or Lidlattract with home trainers at reasonable prices.

For many products, discounter goods can compete with branded products and are often even better in independent tests such as Stiftung Warentest – but not in the case of home trainers.

As the exercise instructor Tobias Hatje of fitness magazine Fit-For-Fun said to the radio station SR1 , discounters save on home trainers not only by buying large quantities, but also on the equipment of the product itself. Especially in treadmills, consumers themselves realize that it does not have the same quality as a brand treadmill.

The features for a cheap treadmill are:

– weak engine power

-low top speed

– small tread

– no suspension

– no slope

The features of a cheap cycle exercise bike are:

– no adjustable handlebar

Saddle is only height adjustable and not horizontally adjustable


-rudimentary display

– little resistance

As you can see, the exercise bike usually lacks very important features that make a good and effective workout at home. For other fitness products, such as small dumbbells, you can also use a noname product from the discounter. One kilo is one kilo.

What types of home trainers are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these?

Sport is healthy, but often you do not come to the gym because of your work hours, family or other obstacles. But there is another effective way to do sports in your own home and stay lean and fit. An exercise bikehas the great advantage of being the best year-long training, regardless of the season, the weather and even the time.

An exercise bike is suitable for all ages and can be used independently of individual fitness. A bike exercise bike replaces the training on a normal bike and is the most common type of exercise equipment. Depending on the model, it not only has a training session, but also a state-of-the-art computer that provides information about kilometers driven, calories burned, and heart rate and heart rate.

In this way, you can specifically reach your personal physical stresslimits without exceeding them in harmful ways. Thus, such a device is suitable for both people who just want to do a bit of exercise and lose weight, as well as for professional athletes who want to maintain their physical fitness around the clock and with little effort.

The most famous version of a home trainer is a so-called bicycle exercise bike . You will find it in every gym because it gives you the best chance of effective training and virtually explains its operation on its own. It is based on the shape and structure of a conventional bicycle and offers the opportunity to simulate cycling. However, compared to a normal bike, you are not an inch away from the spot, no matter how hard you pedal.

Instead, you drive a flywheel that is fixed inside the device and has no contact with the ground, but provides through its construction for the necessary resistance. For example, strong resistance can simulate climbing a steep grade.

Such a exercise bike consumes very little space and can be placed in almost every apartment. To make the training a little more interesting, you can even watch TV, listen to your favorite music, or even read a book, as you do not have to concentrate on traffic and balance, because the training device is stuck on the floor due to its feet ,

Such devices are used for example in indoor cycling , in which case usually a larger flywheel is used, which requires much more power and thus achieves a higher training effect. This form of training is also referred to as spinning . Here, a coach dictates the cadence and also watches over the training resistance, which is alternately increased or decreased.

This is the best way to effectively combine a match between the stress phases and relaxation phases. The training program is then accompanied by driving music, so you can get going quickly without having to move from the spot. Since these special models do not have a freewheel, you have to keep moving all the time.

A special form of the bicycle exercise bike is a special role on which a normal bicycle with the rear wheel is put on. The roller trainer allows you to use and train your own bike in a closed room, regardless of the weather or the time of day. The fact that the rear wheel rests on a roller, so you can use their own bike as a home trainer. This is mainly used by professionals who want to use their expensive high-tech bicycles also in Indoor training.

Exercise bikes are also often used in the medical sector because they can train specific muscle groups in avery targeted manner and at the same time monitor your physical condition closely. Here, however, the normal model is adjusted so that even sick people can use it safely.

For back pain, you tend to assume a reclined position, if you need to build the muscles in your legs, use the sitting position. Here an aptitude test should be carried out. Also in the rehabilitation these devices are used. This is where the ergometer is used . Thanks to a high-performance computer, it enables accurate information on the heart rate, heart rate, oxygen content in the blood and lung volume. The lying position is extensively tested by various experts.

These values ​​are determined on the basis of various stress phases and provide the medical staff with valuable information on the state of health. If you train for a long time on such a device, it can be clearly recognized from the numbers, whether there is a training progress. If you can not make it to a bike- like device for health reasons, a so-called recumbent bike is interesting for you.

The construction is based on a recumbent bicycle , so you can play sports in a comfortable, semi- recumbent position . This is the best way to exercise your legs, especially in lumbar spine injuries, without straining your back with the forward leaning posture on a bicycle or exercise bike. Again, the use of an aptitude test should emerge.

In a broad sense, the treadmill and the elliptical machine can be counted among the home trainers, even if this term is often used only for those devices that resemble the structure and function of a bike. They also offer the opportunity to practice running , regardless of the weather, time or environment . The crosstrainer can not only simulate running, but depending on the model, even walking or skiing.

For this purpose, handholds are attached to some devices, with which you can support the foot movement and which are similar in handling to cross-country skiing or Nordic walking. As you stand upright on this device, not only the leg muscles, but in congruence, the entire musculature of the body is stressed and trained.

At the same time, this type of exercise is not as exhausting as jogging or treadmill training, so it’s great if you’re not quite fit yet.

Through various arrangements of the flywheel , the crosstrainer can be adapted to your step size, because the larger you are, the greater your step size.

If this is too short during training, the muscles are not sufficiently stressed and the training effect is not as high as it could be. If the exercise bikes previously presented are devices that are only driven by muscle power , the treadmill, by contrast, requires an electric motor that drives the belt.

Of course, the speed can be adjusted individually, and some tested models even offer the possibility of tilting the treadmill so that the situation of hill-climbing can be simulated. A treadmill can also be set up to save space, but produces a louder noise than a bicycle exercise bike.

For whom is an exercise bike suitable?

An exercise bike is suitable for a large number of people who place very different demands on such a training device. Basically, an exercise bike allows you to do sports in your own home, regardless of the weather and time. For example, if you have very long working hours and are late in doing sports, you can train very effectively with an exercise bike. Since you are no longer dependent on the opening hours of a gym.

If you enjoy sports and want to relax at the same time, you can also put the device in front of a TV or listen to your favorite music, which can be an additional incentive to exercise. So you are much more flexible in terms of many different aspects. Because often the time or the desire to go to a gym is missing.

In addition, compare the monthly contributions for such a studio So you can also buy a professional device for home that has paid off quickly after a short time and provides effective training for many years.

Even if you have suffered an injury or need to be very careful, you can work very effectively with an exercise bike . Because the well-arranged on-board computer, which has the most models, provides a good overview of the physical condition, so that you do not exceed their own performance limits and so from the exercise may be a problem. For example, if you are allowed to exercise only at a low heart rate, it is important to match the displayed data.

Even older people use exercise bikes to do sports in their own home and to stay fit for many years. Even if you are very exhausted at some point during exercise , you do not need to worry about going home , but you can fall into the chair without much detours after exercising.

If you have young children, you know how hard it is to reconcile family life and exercise . Here, too, a home trainer can serve well, because while the child sleeps a little, mom or dad can swing on the fitness machine and get rid of a few pounds. Especially in the aftermath of birth, such a device offers the great advantage of not having to do without sport, but at the same time be able to fulfill its duties in the family at any time.

Likewise, a home trainer is also a very useful device for a professional athlete , as it allows you to exercise at any time. So, even in the dead of winter, there is nothing to stand in the way of an extended training session and the training plan can easily be continued throughout the year.

Since you are at home, you can immediately mix the perfect protein shake for post-workout and explore your own performance limits perfectly using the computer.

In addition, you can watch their training successes much better , because there is no fluctuation in the external circumstances. In a table you can then record the type of training session, the duration, the set resistance, pulse rate, oxygen content in the blood and many other values ​​and thus to design an effective training over a long period of time. Some computers already offer the option of saving these values ​​and displaying them as a curve.

Advantages of a home trainer

The advantages of a home trainer are very varied and also depend on your particular claim. Basically, the biggest advantage is that you can exercise at any time . It no longer depends on the weather or the time of day, but can be comfortably designed in your own four walls. Especially in winter, it is very uncomfortable to train in the cold air. It is also better for the muscles, if they are not exposed to cold ambient air, but are used in a well-tempered room. This naturally also reduces the risk of injuring yourself.

By eliminating the need to travel to the gym , you do not consume fuel and at the same time you do not have to pay the monthly fee, which can be very high in some gyms. As you work out at home, you can also access the nutritional products you prefer and you do not have to buy those offered in the gym.

Because if you are honest, then tastes the self-made protein drink much better than those that are available in the machine in the studio. In order to avoid boredom during training, you can also place the exercise bike in front of the TV . With the favorite movie or the favorite series, it trains like on its own.

Of course, you can also put their favorite music in the hi-fi system and do not need to bother with the earplugs of a Mp3 player, which after some time due to the sweat no longer hold properly in the ears. Since both the television program and the music in the studio is usually not everyone’s taste, you can combine in this way the training with a pleasant conversation.

Of course, you can also read one or the other good book during training or look at the examination documents for the next exam, because you do not have to keep your balance and you do not have to fear any collisions on the road.

After some time you will not get past an exercise bike and that is literally meant. If you have such a device in the apartment , you will be reminded again and again that you want to do sports . So you may decide to add a round of training in the evening, as if you have to drive a few more kilometers to the gym and take a rest day.

Since the resistance of a bicycle home trainer can be adapted to the individual performance , it is also ideal for very inexperienced athletes, but still strive for effective endurance training. In addition, the training on a exercise bike has something meditative, because after some time you can drop all the stress and you do not have to focus on traffic, but you can just let your thoughts drift.

Physically, the ergometer also has the advantage that the entire leg muscles are stressed very evenly . Nevertheless, the joints and the knees are loaded very little, which is very important if you are sensitive or have an injury.

Which exercise bike fits my requirements?

The demands placed on an exercise bike depend on how intensively you want to do sports and in what price range the device should move. For beginners is already a very simple device, which should have mainly a good vibrating disk, which can be controlled stepless in the optimal case. This is also checked in the exercise bike test.

You do not necessarily need an expensive device that has digital displays and a heart rate monitor at the beginning, because the main thing is to be athletic.

This can also happen on a very simple device. However, if you already know that you will use the home trainer in the long term and would like to train your personal performance in a very targeted manner , you should consider purchasing a slightly better device.

This should be a small computer have, the values such as speed , distance route , heart rate , pulse and blood oxygen levels can be measured. At the same time, the computer should also be able to store these values ​​so that you can track your training success in the long term .

If you want to start slowly after a long injury again sports, you should look best for a exercise bike that meets your needs exactly. Here you should get advice from an experienced physician and test several devices, so you really get the right thing.

For example, if you have back problems or injuries , you should take a closer look at a Recumbent exercisebike. These allow you to do sports while lying down as it is modeled on a recumbent bike.

If you work out on a professional level, you should also purchase a high-quality training device. It should give detailed information about all important body values ​​and make it possible to program a very specific training track. Very high quality models can even show on the display what the soil texture looks like, which matches the resistance suggested by the computer.

For example, you may want to set up a long hill or just a slight climb. This increases the congruency of the training intensity and provides variety during the training. Since there is also a so-called random mode in which the device designs a training track that then needs to be covered, driving the same program several times will allow you to watch well as you gradually improve.

Important purchase criteria when choosing the right exercise bike

Have you determined exactly which exercise bike best fits your workout plan, which you want to realize with this device? Then you should also take the time to write down all the criteria that a suitable exercise bike for you to meet and take the exercise bike Test 2019 to help. For example , if you suffer from back pain , you should choose a device that will allow you to sit upright or even lie down .

In the Exercise Bike Test 2019, it is an important purchase criterion that the device can also be adjusted so that it fits perfectly to your own height . Some users prefer an upright posture, which can only be guaranteed if the length of the exercise bike is kept low. Others prefer to take a forward bent position. If you have the opportunity to test the exercise bike before, you should definitely be aware of it to ensure long-term fun with the exercise machine.

If you want to specifically work on your fitness and use a special program to burn fat and build muscle, then you do not come to the fact that the exercise bike has a computerthat provides information about all the important values. Simple devices provide a clip that attaches to the earlobe or finger.

He passes the information on to the ad, so you can see how many calories you have used or how high your heart rate is. Higher-quality models have sensors that are installed in the handles of the exercise bike. Here eliminates the annoying cable and you can move more freely.

If you live in an apartment building , you should also think in advance about the noise pollution of the neighbors. Some devices, especially very cheap ones, can cause quite high noise levels. This can cause your neighbors to feel bothered by the noise.

So if the apartment is clairaudient, then you should best resort to a device that is soundproof or promises a low noise level. Alternatively, you can place a thick rubber mat underneath the unit, which you can get in any good hardware store for little money.

Exercise bike vs. Jogging vs. treadmill

If you compare exercise on an exercise bike with running in the fresh air or exercises on the treadmill ,then each form of training has its own advantages and disadvantages . The bicycle exercise bike is best for people who like to ride a bicycle. Heavyweight people appreciate the fact that despite intense training, the joints and bones are not as heavily loaded as on a treadmill or while jogging.

On top of that, you can recover better than walking between the different phases by simply letting the vibrating plate run out or regulating the resistance as far down as possible. The disadvantage of an exercise bicycle is that you do not the whole body take , but mainly just the leg muscles . On the other hand, such an exercise bike offers the opportunity to train very effectively and with every level of training and to promote endurance.

If you want to jog , you should first have the right shoes . Here you should get detailed advice and compare. Some shops even offer the service to measure your own foot perfectly and to find the right model. A good shoe protects the joints and prevents them from kinking. At the beginning you should choose a track that is not too long and starts at a slow pace.

The disadvantage in contrast to training on the exercise bike is that you can quickly come to your limits and then in the worst case with slow steps to go home. The right breathing is also important , otherwise you will get pierced very quickly. Another disadvantage compared to exercise on the exercise bike is that you can slip or get injured while running if you are not using the correct technique.

Less dangerous is the treadmill . It usually offers additional cushioning, so that the joints and bones are not as heavily loaded as when jogging. The information provided by the computer helps you to monitor your progress in training and increase it slowly. Once you have reached a certain level, you can also tackle longer distances in nature or in the park. At the same time, training can be stopped quickly and easily if you can not anymore. Therefore, a treadmill is especially recommended for beginners, if you first have to discover their performance potential, so that you do not literally fall by the wayside.

Recommended accessories for training with the exercise bike

If you decide to do intensive training on the exercise bike, you should also think about a good approved accessory. First, you should get good workout clothes.

For a bicycle exercise bike are of course very good quality bicycle textiles that derive the sweat directly from the skin, so you do not cool.

Mostly they are also very comfortable upholstery processed, so you feel no pain on the back, even with longer training sessions. Also highly recommended are clipless pedals , which allow the most efficient transmission of power between foot and training device. With a metal plate attached to the underside of a special shoe, click into the special pedal and you will not lose contact. This is much more comfortable for the ankles compared to loops.

By slightly turning the foot outwards, you can release the binding between the shoe and the pedal . Such a system is not particularly expensive, often the manufacturers offer a package of pedal and the matching shoe for little money. If you use a real bike in the summer, the pedals can be quickly attached to it with a wrench.

If you have a training device that does not have its own computer that provides information about the physical values, then you should best buy a heart rate monitor . This usually consists of a belt that is strapped around the chest and a clock on which the values ​​are displayed. For an effective training, such a device is essential, because only so the own performance limits can be experienced and exhausted. But compare several heart rate monitors from different manufacturers and test them.

If you live in an apartment building, you should also think about effective noise protection. Often the bike exercise bikes are not well insulated, they make quite a lot of noise, which can lead to complaints from neighbors. The best solution here is to use a thick rubber mat from the hardware store, which is placed under the device and decouples it from the ground. Thus, the noise level is lowered in comparison many times .

If you basically do not want to buy a fitness machine, then you should once deal with the method of Mark Lauren . He developed a special program, in which the exercises are carried out alone with the body weight. So you do not need any tools and you can train anytime, anywhere. With a basic program that provides a half hour training session four times a week, you can build up a lot of muscle mass and significantly reduce your fat deposits in a short amount of time.

Alternatives to the exercise bike

As an alternative to an exercise bike, you can choose from a wide range of fitness equipment to work out inyour own home. If you do not like to ride a bicycle but prefer a fast muscle, you should take a look at modern power stations .

These allow the targeted training of individual muscle parts , as you know it from the gym. The difference is that multiple exercise options are combined in one device, so that less space is used than would be possible with individual devices. This way you can train your entire body with a suitable training plan and build up a lot of muscle mass in a short time.

A good fitness machine is also the so-called crosstrainer . On these devices you stand and imitate the movements you do while hiking or cross-country skiing. Stick to two poles that support your body movements. This is one of the best ways to train your stamina and effectively break down fat. Also rowing machines train the whole body and are an excellent instrument to increase the strength endurance and the fitness.

In contrast to the bike exercise bike , the abdominal muscles and the arm muscles are trained , so that a greater training effect and fat loss is guaranteed. However, training on a rowing machine is also very stressful, here it can happen quickly that you take over at the beginning. Therefore, it is best to have an experienced trainer or salesperson brief you and test it to prevent physical injury.

If you have little space available and you do not want to put a large device in apartment, you can also fallback on a much more compact weight bench . Pay attention also to the weight and allowable accessories of the bank. The weight bench can usually be stored very space-saving and can be easily dismantled after training. Since the dumbbells can also be disassembled, this is the space-saving and best alternative to train in your own four walls of endurance, strength and muscle . With the right exercises and dumbbells, it is possible to train your entire body. The costs for beginner’s sets are far below those for a home trainer.

Questions and answers about home trainers

Does sweating on the exercise bike help detoxify and detoxify?

In many YouTube videos or online articles, especially from vegans or supporters of naturopathy, it is said that sweating is good for excreting and detoxifying toxins from the body and should therefore buy an exercise bike for detoxifying and detoxifying . Sweating for half an hour a day is very healthy.

In fact, half an hour of sweaty sport is very healthy. But not because of the sweat. The theory of sweating to purify has been scientifically refuted . Scientists examining sweat in the lab found that there is NO (or less than 0.1 percent) toxins in the sweat. ” Sweat consists to 99 percent of water, ” says dermatologist Martin Schaller of the University of Tübingen told the magazine Stern , and Dr. Dermatologist. Dee Anna Glaser , Professor of Dermatology at St. Louis University, USA and member of the International Hyperhidrosis Society on their website, The job of sweat is to cool the body and protect it from overheating. Toxins leave the body via the urinary tract and the intestine.

In general, the body is also very well cope even with the toxins, although, according to the star some heavy metals such as mercury can accumulate in the adipose tissue . Instead of relying on the sweat, you should use the exercise bike rather to reduce excess fat pads . Drink plenty of water to make up for the fluid lost through sweat.

Where can I test exercise bikes?

You are thinking about buying a home bike for home and would like to subject this to a detailed test in advance ?

Exercise bikes can be purchased in many different sports shops or on the Internet. You can test the exercise bike on-site in a sports shop or take a closer look at the individual test reports of independent experts on the Internet .

Which exercise bike for stomach legs butt?

Many fitness fans want to specifically train the stomach, legs and butt.

With a crosstrainer, for example, you can specifically train these body regions. A good and satisfying stomach, legs and buttocks training allow for full-body training equipment .

Which exercise bike should I use for knee osteoarthritis?

In a knee osteoarthritis or inflammation , a certain exercise is quite a good healing process.

If you have a knee osteoarthritis and still want to do sports, you should under no circumstances operate a high-performance sport and rather choose a so-called gentle program.

Which exercise bike also generates electricity?

Meanwhile, the various manufacturers for the sale of exercise bikes always come up with something new. Some models also generate power for smaller devices at home while exercising. Whether for running a radio or lamps, they combine a body workout with generating electricity.

How do I train optimally with the exercise bike?

Optimal and perfect training does not always have to be done in a fitness center. With a good exercise bike, it is enough to spend about 20 to 30 minutes a day training to build muscle. During training, also pay attention to a certain variety and vary exercises.

Which muscle groups are trained with a home trainer?

Exercise bikes are available in many different designs and price ranges. Many exercise bikes are so-called whole-body training devices and train as the name suggests, all muscle groups very well. Exercise bikes convince with their flexibility and versatility in athletes and those who want to become one.

Which exercise bike is suitable for seniors?

Not only young people want to be athletic and keep fit. Also, more and more seniors recognize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and consider buying an exercise bike. In general, all models of the manufacturer are also suitable for seniors. These exercise bikes should be tested in advance if possible.

Which exercise bike should I use after a hip operation?

Athletes who have been practicing their favorite sport for several years do not want to give up exercising even after an operation such as a hip replacement surgery.

After such an operation, you can, in consultation with the attending physician and under certain circumstances and with the measure and goal use an exercise bike . However, make sure that you do not put too much strain on your body and, if necessary, make a slight bodybuilding training especially for the abdomen and hip area.

How do I take off with a home trainer?

Anyone who devotes himself to a workout wants to first and foremost gain muscle and thus do something good for his body. However, a well-designed exercise plan alone does not help a lot, unless the diet is also changed.

To specifically take off with a home trainer you should use the exercise bike about 3 to 4 times a week for about 20 minutes per workout and also pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet.

What is the best exercise bike?

Exercise bikes are available in various designs and price ranges. In order to simplify the buying decision, be with each exercise bikes again extensive tests performed and test winner determined in the price ranges.

If you are looking for a good exercise bike, you should take a closer look at these reviews, taking into account your personal desires and needs.

How many times a week on the exercise bike to lose weight?

If you want to take off with an exercise bike, of course, should pay attention to a regular use . You do not have to spend several hours daily on such a device, but you should still follow and follow a certain training plan . Professionals recommend using an exercise bike for weight loss about two to three times a week .

Exercise Bike Squeaks: What to do?

An exercise bike must of course withstand certain loads. It can therefore happen again and again that this shows signs of wear . First and foremost, these are noticeable by loud squeaking . Here, however, helps a little fat in the right places. Just have a look at the manual of the device. You will certainly receive a lot of valuable information in this regard.

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