How to choose an exercise bike: Upright vs Recumbent vs Indoor cycles

How to choose an exercise bike

Content In this busy life, most people don’t have enough free time for outdoor exercise or morning jogging. Office work, permanent congestion leads you to poor health and weight gain. Congratulations, finally you realize you need to pay attention to heath. You may be thinking of joining a gym. It’s a good idea. However, it […]

What Is An Ergometer?

what is ergometer

Content An ergometer is a professional sports equipment that is used at home or in a gym for training or even by a physician to determine exercise capacity. An ergometer is not really a bike that is at home and is used for training in the room, the so-called exercise bike to compare. Because an […]

Exercise Bike – What is it

best exercise bikes

Save yourself the transition to the gym and be athletic at home. Our excellent team of experts has analyzed the various tests on the Internet to make a comprehensive comparison of the available exercise bikes. Use our comparison table to find the right device for you What is an Exercise Bike? For recreational athletes there […]

Alternatives To The Bicycle Ergometer

Alternatives To The Bicycle Ergometer

Content A bicycle ergometer from the 2020 test comparison convinces with its modern technology and good comfort. Thus, these ergometers are ideal training devices for home use. In other types of training, the joints are more strained and you have to focus on all movements. If you like it especially comfortable, you can opt for a recumbent […]

10 tips for care bicycle ergometer

best bicycle ergometer

Content A bicycle ergometer is a training device where you can sweat quickly. Therefore it needs a regular cleaning. It is not for nothing that visitors to the gym are asked to disinfect the devices after use. Also, the ergometers that are used at home, require appropriate care, so that no germs form. For this cleaning and also for […]

How to adjust the bicycle ergometer in 4 steps

Content After purchasing a bicycle ergometer from the 2020 test, you first have to assemble the components. After that, users want to start training right away, but there are still some subtleties to prepare. Above all, this includes the ideal attitude to the height. If the ergometer is not adjusted properly, one of the fun passes quickly, […]

Is riding a stationary bike good cardio?

stationary bike good cardio

Content Working on an exercise bike definitely benefits the body’s cardiovascular system. You can work out your heart rate by way of doing sprint intervals in your exercise. With this, you can arrive and maintain your heart rate where you can get the most of the health benefits. To determine the zone of your heart […]

Exercise Bike Health & Fitness Benefits

Content Exercise Bikes are a cheap and economical way to lose weight, get fit, and conduct a fitness program in your own home. This type of gym equipment is also known the market as cardio bikes, spinner bikes and recumbent bikes, or stationary upright bikes.  Exercise bikes are one of the best ways you can maintain your health.  Why else would you see row upon […]

Burn Fat with an Exercise Bike

Ways in Which Men Can Lose Weight

Content Each month we will be posting new exercise bike workouts and exercise bike routines to help you make the most of your stationary bike.  If you have recently purchased an exercise bike then you probably want to know how to get the best out of it. Losing weight and weight loss with an exercise bike are one of the main […]

3 Advantages An Exercise Bike Has Over A Treadmill

3 Advantages An Exercise Bike Has Over A Treadmill

Content In any well equipped gym you can find a variety of cardio machines to choose from. Among the two more popular ones are the treadmill and the recumbent exercise bike. While most people I’ve spoken with told me that they believe a treadmill is superior to a recumbent bike in the intensity and effectiveness […]