We have used and tested the Gold’s Gym Trainer 720 treadmill and also read many different reviews and ratings on this machine. We do not think this model is a total piece of crap, in its price range it does hold some value but many of the reviews we have came across are too overly positive. To a lesser extent, some reviews too overly critical.

Maybe, you have read both the negative and positives opinions found on other websites and are left confused about what to believe? Here, we will talk about what we feel is the biggest and most important discrepancy in these opposing opinions.

Is this a treadmill you can run on?

If a person spends their money on a home treadmill that is advertised or reviewed as a model powerful enough for running, obviously, they will be very dissatisfied once they get it set-up and find out its just not good for running.

If you have spent any time researching for an answer to whether or not you can run on the Gold’s Gym 720, you will find some saying yes you can and others say absolutely not.

In our opinion, the truth is somewhere in between.

When you first hop on to begin exercising, it is sturdy (300 pound weight capacity) you will find push-button controls located on the center console that allow you to increase and decrease the speed.

The maximum speed of this Gold’s 720 treadmill is 10 MPH.

Let’s do the math!

60 minutes / 10 MPH = 6 minute mile

Most people I know could not run a 6-minute mile.

But this is where the explanation gets a bit sticky, let us explain something very important.

What the HELL is a G-Force 2 motor?

If you look into the specifications of this treadmill you will find the motor is called the G-Force 2. You can see other important specifications listed in the table below.

Specifications for the Gold’s Gym 720 TreadmillValue
MotorG-Force 2 Commercial Motor
Tread Belt (Deck)20″ x 55″ (Width x Length)
Cushion SystemAirStride
Warranty25-years motor
Lifetime on frame
1-year parts and labor

What the hell is a G-Force 2 motor? Never heard of this before. When it comes to treadmill motors, we are experts. We know the best style and amount of horsepower to look for in motor specifications (especially needed for runners).

A G-Force 2 motor is only a catchy name made up by the marketing department! There is nothing special about this motor. In fact, it definitely sends up red flags when a company needs to make-up a name, instead of telling the consumer the actual style and horsepower of the motor in their description. There are specific types of motors used in all treadmills.

The only style we recommend is continuous duty rated horsepower motor (CHP) this is the best style of motor. if you are buying a home treadmill for running you want this CHP motor to be at least 2.5 horsepower.

Another RED FLAG, about the Gold’s Gym 720 tredmill’s motor is it is called a “commercial” motor, considering the price of this model, there is no way in HELL this is a commercial motor! Models with commercial motors cost thousands of dollars.

Conclusion on whether or not this is for running

This probably would not be a bad choice as a budget treadmill for people who want to exercise by walking or made an occasional jogging routine. It does have incline, push button controls on the center console.

However, because of the motor we wouldn’t recommend the Gold’s Gym 720 to any person who wanted a serious running workout. It’s not a question about whether it has a top speed of 10 MPH, we agree it does.

The reason why we would not recommend this model is that we question the durability of the motor. It may work fine in the short term but we would be too weary it would fail in the long-term. The main reason is the company fails to provide information in the product description on whether or not this is a CHP style of motor and we are not going to play any guessing games.


This is how you buy a budget treadmill If the motor burns out after owning it for barely a month. If the frame or deck bends and breaks. If the cushion system wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. All this does happen, especially with lower-priced budget models. What do you have if the warranty doesn’t cover what needs to be fixed?  Then all you have is a piece of junk sitting in the basement or corner of the room.

Many companies will advertise by showcasing certain extra features that come with their model. I would not recommend making your decision based on the extras mentioned in the advertising. What you need to first look at are the core features, here we wrote a review of these core most important features.

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