Spinning classes are extremely popular nowadays and thousands of men and women in the UK sign up to see if they can get fitter and burn off calories at the gym.

Spinning classes are a great way to lose weight and research states that on average a user will lose around 400 calories in a spinning class. Knowing how many calories you can lose in a spinning class should be great motivation to get started, but did you know you can also buy cheap spinning bikes for use in the home?

There are many cheap spinning bikes reviewed on the Exercise Bike Planet website that you can purchase – the benefits to spinning at home is that you can exercise at your own leisure and not feel the pressure or expense of being in a gym environment.

What you need to know before you buy a spinning bike
Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the Internet about cheap spinning bikes. There are only a few simple factors you need to take into consideration before you buy spinning bikes and we’ve outlined them below for you.

1. How much space do I need for a spinning bike?

Some spinning bikes are larger than others and need more space. Always read the technical specification so you can see the amount of floor space you will need. You can get foldaway models and very compact spinning bikes that can fit under a bed or in a cupboard.

2. Will my weight be a problem?

Every single spinning bike we review on Exercise Bike Planet will come with a maximum user weight listed against it. Some bikes are sturdier than others so the majority of people will find a bike to suit their weight. If you do struggle to find one you may instead have to look at recumbent exercise bikes instead that offer more support.

3. How much do spinning bikes cost?

There is a spinning bike for all budgets ranging from under £100 to the thousands of pounds. We’ve displayed a selection below to get you started from some of the best fitness brands on the market today. Happy shopping – you can really get fit with a spinning bike so try one out today!

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