Have you had about whole body vibration machines and how they work? These equipments are exercise machines that consists oscillating or vibrating platform. When you sit or stand on the machine or exercise using the equipment the mechanical energy oscillations are normally transferred to the body as a whole. This is one of the reasons it was called Body Exercise Vibration Training.

These vibration plates cause very fast muscle contractions 30-50 times per second and this work the muscles continuously. These contractions not only build the muscle and bone density, but also burn fat, improve flexibility, improve circulation, increase metabolism, improve cellular oxygen and nutrient delivery which normally slows the aging / degenerative process. The equipment’s platform drops either 2 or 4 mm. This is a very gentle and small drop.

For instance, let’s say that you are standing on the machine with your knee bend. Once the platform drops 2 mm, the muscle is quickly ‘stretched’ or lengthened. The body reacts to it by quickly contracting your muscle. By the time the platform does that, it is already back to its first position. The machine drops again and the process is repeated. Since the platform has been designed to do this twenty to fifty times in a second, one can get a maximum of 50 muscle contractions in one second. In one minute, one can actually get over 3000 very safe muscle contractions. This is like doing 3000 knee bends. You can imagine how long these would take without the equipment. No matter the physical condition of a person, the subconscious stretch reflexes normally tighten almost all the muscles at once with vibration machines. This can be compared with just 45 per cent of the body’s muscle fibres which is used during normal training.

Conventional training increases muscle strength since the body reacts to the extra resistance which is created by the weights above and over normal gravity. With Vibration machine your body reacts to the equipments acceleration rather than added weight, and this is many times greater than normal training stimuli and is repeated 30 or 50 times in every second. The body has to adapt even more to overcome the greater load, and this enable you to achieve your training targets faster. Additionally, these vibrations increase the production of the body’s regenerative and repair hormones, strengthen bone tissue, improve blood circulation in the skin and muscles, increase the basal metabolic rate and improve lymph drainage. All this results in more speed, more strength, anticellulitis, more stamina, increased flexibility, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, mobility and coordination, fat reduction and collagen improvement.

The principle of “more is better” does not always apply to vibration training exercise. A person look and feel fitter, but does not have to train more intensively.
The added value of whole body vibration machine is improved training quality and efficiency, so one can shorten his sessions and recover very fast. The superior muscle-activation which the vibration equipment stimulates compared to traditional training, means that you require less time to work the muscle groups completely. A one minute exercise on the vibration platform normally burns more energy and creates strength improvement. In addition to the muscle contractions, vibration machine is also able to yield more of the muscles.

Since the vibration effect makes  body muscles to contract involuntarily, all the muscles that you are exercising will be activated. Actually, with regular exercise like weight lifting, only around 40% of the muscles will be working. With this machine the number can reach almost 100%. Not only will you gain more muscle contractions within a short period of time, but also more of the muscles will be working during the training. All these improve the leads that vibration exercise is a fast and safe way to exercise effectively. This is attained with minimal stress on the ligaments and joints. A person can perform dynamic or static movements including sitting, standing, lying, kneeling, and placing the hands on it. Almost every exercise from the normal gym workout to just sitting on the chair and resting your feet can be done on the vibration machine.

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