It often seems that even when motivated to do something beneficial for you, the time seems not to be on your side. One suggestion is to schedule workout routines in the early morning before the responsibilities of your life have time to intervene.

While trading exercise for sleep may not exactly seem like fun, it is a trick to spend the rest of your free time for fun only. With a little planning, you can soon be on your way to establishing a daily workout routine you can take pride in.

Why Early Morning Workouts May Be Best

Sufficient motivation to follow through with determining how to exercise in the morning may be provided by understanding some of the benefits of early morning exercise. Hold on tight to them so that you’ll find the motivation to wake up earlier in the morning.

1. Provides Relief from Food Cravings

Brigham Young University researchers determined by way of study that both obese women as well as women in healthy weight ranges experienced fewer responses in the brain to food images. This happened only after following an early morning workout routine. As a result, trading your comfortable morning routine for physical training can lead to eliminating your food cravings.

2. Frees up the Day

This reason for learning how to exercise in the morning is not hard to imagine. Getting that workout done in the early morning will free up the rest of your day.

This way, you’ll have time for spur of the moment social activities or spending time with family in the evenings that might otherwise clash with workouts.

3. Provides Energy for the Entire Day

Early morning exercise is the perfect catalyst for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs that will energize the body for a busy day.

4. Powers Cognitive Functions

An early morning workout routine has been shown to result in better brain activity and mental recall. These effects can last throughout the entire day.

Tips on How to Start an Early Morning Exercise Routine

The following simple tips should prove more than helpful for individuals wishing to learn how to exercise in the morning. This habit requires more mental strength than physical power. Therefore, we’ll be focusing more on psychological tricks to get you into the mood of an early bird.

1. Eat Well the Night before

The food you eat the night before a morning workout will have a great impact on how you feel and perform hours later. Eating meals that are too heavy can have you feeling sluggish the morning after.

It is best to eat meals that consist of lean proteins, green vegetables, and healthy fats in order to rise from the bed the next morning with sufficient energy. The evening’s last meal should also be finished two hours before bedtime. This way, once in bed, your body can concentrate on rest and repair instead of food digestion.

2. Hit the Sack Earlier

As mentioned earlier, the thought of giving up precious early morning sleep in exchange for exercise may not be a good one. However, the transition can be made a little easier by going to bed earlier than usual.

By getting to bed earlier enough to still get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep will minimize the disruption to your circadian rhythm. This step will make rising early from bed just a little easier as you navigate how to exercise in the morning.

3. Recruit a Workout Buddy

Surely you can find at least one friend that either exercises in the morning already or would like to determine how to exercise in the morning to facilitate their workout needs.

The buddy system can be of great impact due to the fact that the couple has the power to hold each other accountable. The trick can be more effective when agreements are made for the two to meet at the gym or a class at a certain time.

4. Prepare for the Day the Night Before

Another beneficial tip to help you figure out how to exercise in the morning is to perform morning preparations before bed.

It will help to make sure that clothes and shoes are already laid out, any pre-workout snacks are already prepared and coffee, if needed, is in the pot and only needs to be brewed. This way, you only need to do only the necessary things to step out of the door in the morning to hit the gym.

Having everything ready for the morning will make the moments leading up to your workout much smoother.


There are many great benefits awaiting individuals that decide to schedule their workouts in the early hours of the morning. This idea is also perfect for individuals who are busy during other parts of the day.

While it may at first seem like an inconvenience that is not worthwhile, implementing the tips above will make it much easier for you. If you already discovered how to exercise in the morning with a minimum of efforts, do share your tips with us in the comment section below.