If you want to ensure a good running of your treadmill, avoid warming up the engine and reduce wearing and you cannot miss this post. Here are the instructions on how to lubricate a treadmill belt and a demonstration video.

Video on How to lubricate a treadmill belt

Why you should lubricate As we indicated at the beginning of this post, part of the maintenance of a treadmill is to keep the dashboard of your treadmill perfectly lubricated. You should keep in mind that when you run on your tape you do it on a band. When you step on it while running, you are pressing on the board of your tape (hard part of wood). A friction occurs and you are holding back the band. When lubricating the dashboard you reduce friction, and therefore do not heat the engine, and extend the life of the treadmill.

Best lubricant for treadmill belt

What lubricant to use

To lubricate the treadmill , it is not valid with any type of oil or lubricant. This oil must be silicone. Treadmills themselves often distribute a silicone oil for treadmills Many of the tapes come with a sample so you can use it in the first sessions. For just over 15 dollars you can find a spray can that you can use for a long time. How to apply the lubricant As you have seen in the video, the process is very simple. Just follow these steps: Lift the treadmill band from the right side, and apply the lubricant between the dashboard and the tapestry We repeat the same step 1, but on the left side After applying the lubricant on both sides, start the treadmill at low speed. Keep the tape running for 2 to 4 minutes. Thus the lubricant extends perfectly over the entire board

When to lubricate

It is always advisable to do it after a training session. The tape should be at rest for at least 12 hours. Thus we allow the lubricant to settle well on the board. If after lubricating the tape you started training, all the oil would come out from the sides. In this way, the oil would have no effect and you should know how to how to lubricate a treadmill belt properly.

How much silicone oil to pour

If you spend when applying oil, the excess will split the tape on the sides. The consequences of this can be several: -Soil the floor -Fill the engine with oil, which will require subsequent cleaning to avoid future problems.

How often to lubricate

Each manufacturer usually offers an orientation table in its instruction manual. We recommend that you read the instruction manual of your treadmill carefully. Even so, from Fitnesstocks, we can recommend that you perform this operation at least once a month.

Tips on how to lubricate a treadmill belt

Antonio Córdoba, Fitness machinery specialist at the BH Concept Store La Grupetta in Madrid, explains that the fundamental care we should have with a treadmill is lubrication. “When a customer buys a tape and asks me how to take care of it, I indicate that lubrication is the key, the indispensable care that we must provide to this machine. Without it, it will stop working. In fact, 90 percent of technical problems usually result from a lack of lubrication, ”says the specialist.

When and how much

When we have to lubricate the treadmill and with what amount of product, it will depend on a quick analysis that should take these elements into account:

  • The weight of the user who will use the tape regularly
  • The number of users that will run on it (we always talk about domestic tapes)
  • The most common type of use that will be given: walking or running
  • The temperature of the place where it will be installed: if it is a humid or very hot area (for example, next to a heating radiator)

The more use we give to the belt and the more people use the machine, the more usually we will have to replace the lubricant. The heat also tends to dry the lubricant, so we must take it into account. According to the expert, if we use the tape two to three times a week, it will have to be lubricated every 10 or 12 days approximately.

Walk and run

Antonio Cordoba clarifies a very common mistake. The thought that running on the belt will spend more lubricant, and that is not so. “It is precisely when we walk on the belt when it needs more lubrication,” he emphasizes. “When you walk on the tape, it drags the weight of our body constantly. On the other hand, when we run we vote on its surface, so there are spaces of time in which the weight does not support. When walking the engine and belt suffer more, and when running, the structure, ”he explains.


We should not worry if we lubricate excessively, since the same machine will expel the excess ”. To check that the machine is well lubricated, “we will introduce the hand between the belt and the wood and the fingers should shine because the lubricant exists,” he says. The specialist explains that there are two types of lubricants: Teflon and liquid silicone. The latter is the most common and the one used by most machines. He recommends those that are applied in spray form, since they are more comfortable to apply.