Many of you often hear about a weighted vest, right? Especially those who are always concerned about their body fitness.

Often, you may see people using it in the gym or other places too. Did you ever think about the essence of using it? Well, it the easiest way to carry extra weights that can be helpful in your fitness program.

From children to older people, anyone can use a weighted vest. Just, they need to carry the right weight. But the most important thing is to carry it properly. You must think the why of it, right?

You should be. You may think that anyhow, you can use it. But I will say, ‘No.’ You cannot use it any way you want to. Let me tell you why. But first, let me define the thing for them who are new with it.

What is a weighted vest?

A weighted vest is a kind of vest or jacket that includes a lot of pockets. In those pockets, a particular amount of weight is kept to make it more substantial. You can place the weight of any amount based on how much you can carry. People generally use the best weighted vest for CrossFit for many reasons.

The main reason for using extra weights with your body is to increase your activity. It is helpful to lose extra weight, stay fit, and sometimes to treat any physical and mental disorders.

Especially children with abnormal physical and mental health are suggested by such kind of vest. But adults use it mostly for losing weight.

Why you have to use a weighted vest properly?

Well, using a weighted vest should be proper for two reasons. The first one is to get a better result and the second reason is to avoid accidental injuries. This is why learning to use a weighted vest properly is very essential for you.

You just cannot use it at any time anywhere. Think about what can happen if you use a vest with 80 kilograms in an empty stomach and when you are less than 60 kilograms.

In such cases, you can get injured. There are 3 types of weighted vests. The first one is mild, that can to 5 to 20 kilograms. The medium one can be 20 to 30 kilograms and the serious one can be 30 to 50 kilograms or more. So, you have to choose the one that will match your weight and skill.

At the same time, you have to use it at some particular time. It doesn’t work if you don’t move while wearing it. Again, you cannot jump with it to avoid injuries. However, here, I have added some easiest ways to make your fitness program easier and effective using a weighted vest.

Ways to use a weighted vest

As I have said that the ways of using a weighted vest properly don’t mean how you wear it but when and where you wear it. Because you can put it on in only one way by simply put it on. But you can carry it in different places and at different times to make your move active and effective.

1. While working out

You can wear a weighted vest when you are at your gum or home gym and doing exercises. It is helpful because it will make you burn more calories in a very short time. You can go through push up, pull up, cycling, running on a treadmill, and others wearing a weighted vest.

It works the most in your gym because you do workout to increase your activity and burn calories. So, when you are carrying extra weights, it works twice even before you notice. This is why you will see a lot of people wearing a weighted vest in a public gym.

2. While doing your households

Especially for ladies, it is the easiest way to use a weighted vest effectively. Men who have to do their households by themselves can follow this technique too. It will be very helpful because you cannot feel the pain or even notice how you burn calories in such an easy way.

While handling your households like washing dishes and clothes, cleaning the floor and other furniture, making a bed, etc. you have to move now and then. Often you stand up and sit down too. So, if you carry it at that time, your every step will work better to burn calories and to make you fit.

3. While running or walking in the morning

Following the same way, you can use a weighted vest when you go for a walk in the morning. You can run or walk smoothly wearing it. You can just wear it under your jogging dress and start walking. Believe me, your walk will work twice to bring a very satisfying result for you.

4. While you are out of your home

Suppose you are out for a shop or office, or you are going to school or college or coming back from them. You can use your weighted vest under your using dress. You cannot even notify when and how you make your every step effective and active. I must say that this way can be time-saving and more effective for busy people.

5. While you are hiking or roaming around

I suggest this way for those who have a habit of roaming around or hiking. Just put your vest inside your regular dress and start your journey. Every single movement of your body will work to burn fats and make you fit. Soon, you will notify the difference.

6. While you are in the office

Some of you have to walk all over your office and also have to move several times. You can use this time too. Just put on your vest inside your office uniform. Let your body cells move with weights. Under the pressure of work in your office, you will not notice when and how you carry such a weighted vest the whole day.

7. While lifting weights

Bodybuilders and weightlifters can also use a weighted vest while lifting weights. Generally, when you lift weights, your body parts work hard to gain power. When you wear a weighted vest, your body parts will work twice to gain such power. As a result, you will get a better result.


Hopefully, you have now no specific confusion about wearing a weighted vest. At the same time, you have found out seven easiest ways to use your vest properly to get a better result. Still if, you want to know something more, just give a knock. Soon, I will be there to help you with the answer. So, that’s all for today. Stay safe and secure and be healthy.