Countless people are interested in purchasing a top-notch treadmill, which in turn explains why many currently search for an unbiased LifeSpan TR 1200i review. Even though the 2.5-horsepower exercise machine is undeniably impressive since it boasts a 20×56-inch running area and features 15 different levels of incline range, the question remains whether it is truly a cut above the rest.

LifeSpan TR1200i Color Folding Treadmill | Full-Color 7” Display | At Home Fitness Treadmill
  • EFFORTLESS STARTUP: Quick-load screen and simple console buttons make it easy to get moving. 7" full color display and built-in Blueooth connectivity helps to sync your workout results with ease.
  • LIMITLESS WORKOUTS: TR1200i comes with 21 easy-to-use exercise programs, including 2 user customizable programs. Designed by exercise physiologists to expedite your progress for safe and effective workout routines.
  • SIMPLE FOLDING & UNFOLDING: Built-in hydraulic shock and wheels to fold up and store the treadmill when not in use. When unfolding, shock also softly lowers the running surface for safe and convenient use.

The Advantage of Silence

Reliable treadmills all have top-tier motors within them. The problem with the finest “engines” however, is that most of them creates so much noise. This is why many choose to jog outside instead of staying at home to lose weight. LifeSpan’s offering would never make anyone trade convenience for silence. Not only does its motor barely create any sound, but its belt is noiseless as well. Simply put, those who own a TR 1200i would surely agree that the only sound that they hear while working out are those made by their feet

True Benefit in Assembly

Aside from being quiet, the treadmill is also very easy to put together. As to be expected, many would assume that the exercise machine comes with fewer parts than most of its competitors. This is certainly not the case. LifeSpan’s fitness solution comes with pre-attached screws and bolts, which in turn means that it would no longer be necessary to open dozens of plastic pouches that contain such pieces. This is also the reason why some say that they did not even have to look at the instructions while assembling the treadmill.

Complete Customizability

This LifeSpan TR 1200i review would never be complete without paying sufficient attention on the matter of customizability. Simply put, it is virtually impossible to find a flab-busting machine that is on par with the TR 1200i in sheer flexibility. In addition to having very detailed manual settings, the exercise equipment comes with all kinds of preset workouts. What makes such pre-configured routines really remarkable, however, is that each of them could be further tweaked to one’s liking. In fact, even the incline level and speed could be configured thoroughly.

A Package-Inclusion Con

At this point, most people would begin to wonder whether the fitness machine has a downside. Well, it actually has one. In order to make the exercise equipment work, it would be necessary to apply a lubricant. While this might not seem to be an important step to some, it is vital in making sure that the belt would function in the best possible way. The problem lies in the fact that LifeSpan’s offering does not come with a lubricant – even one that would only suffice for a single use. It seems that the company’s cost-reduction philosophy creates hassles for customers.

The Encouraging Verdict

As made clear, the treadmill is quite impressive in most aspects. It is true though, that it has a lubricant-related downside. Nonetheless, it would be appropriate to end this LifeSpan TR 1200i review with this conclusion: no 1000-dollar exercise machine would be able to compete with this one.