It doesn’t matter if you’re a football player, baseball player or bodybuilder – no athlete can get by with just one machine in the gym. You need to engage in a wide variety of challenging exercises to push your body to the absolute limit in order to see strength and muscle gains all over your body. The Marcy Diamond MD 857 Olympic Surge Weight Bench is a one-stop solution for all your weightlifting needs. Unlike other weight benches which only lend themselves to a few exercises, this handy bench incorporates a preacher curl bench, squat rack and adjustable back pad into one neat little package.

The number of exercises you can perform using this Marcy weight bench is unbelievable. When I want to feel that incomparable burn in my biceps, I make use of the preacher curl pad and bar. This exercise is fantastic for bringing out the peak in your biceps for fuller, more impressive arms.

In order to attack my pectoral muscles from every possible angle, I do all of my bench presses on this bench. Thanks to the adjustable back pad and seat, I can hit my chest at various incline angles to challenge the muscles more and sculpt thicker and rounder pecs. There’s even a leg-developer with a pivot to help me maintain good posture while bench-pressing.

Of course, no workout would be complete without some leg exercises. Well, this bench doubles up as a walk-in squat station. Its nifty reverse squat rack design with adjustable rack pins ensures that I can easily rack my weights after squeezing out one last agonizing rep. This helps prevent lower back and knee injuries during this difficult exercise. The leg-developer can be used to perform leg extensions or hamstring curls for a more well-rounded lower-body workout.

Finally, by moving the back pad completely upright, I can perform seated shoulder presses to get those broad shoulders I’ve always dreamed of having. In summary, this Marcy bench is everything I need for a full-body workout.

Some fitness equipment tries to distract you with lots of bells and whistles, but fails customers where it matters most – stability. It’s no good having a weight bench with tons of newfangled attachments if the bench wobbles dangerously every time you pick up a heavy weight. Wobbly weightlifting benches aren’t just distracting, but also incredibly dangerous. It’s difficult enough bench-pressing 200 pounds as it is – you definitely don’t want to tip over while holding that much weight!

Fortunately this Marcy weight bench really takes the cake as far as stability is concerned. Although the engineers have had their work cut out for them with the multifarious attachments on this weight bench, they’ve done an infallible job balancing out each component so that the bench distributes weight evenly for great stability. I’ve never encountered any problems with this bench, even when I’m using very heavy weights.

I’m also fairly confident this Marcy bench is hardy enough to go the distance. The moment I received the package and felt the considerable heft of the bench components, I knew I was in for a treat. The bench is as solid as it looks. Most of it is made of heavy-duty metal and the rest of it is made of very durable plastic. Even the foam is high-density and can take some hard knocks. It’s a good long-term investment – maybe my children will train on this someday!

I must add one caveat to this otherwise glowing review – the bench takes quite long to assemble. I’m not very good with tools, so I took somewhere between three and four hours to put it together. If you have a weightlifting partner, enlisting his help will speed up the assembly process a lot more. Still, I’ve never had to tinker with this bench after setting it up, so I’m willing to overlook this small complaint. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this Marcy weight bench!

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