If you’re looking to cut costs this year (let’s face it, the economy is biting everywhere), buying a decent weight bench can be one of the most cost-efficient ways of bringing the versatility of the gym to your home. And yes, you save expensive fees, cut down on needless journey time and most of all, the effort of actually attending the gym!

This Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic bench is one of the best out there, offering an extremely functional unit, with a range of features; from a squat rack all the way down to Olympic weight plate adapters. The focus of this awesome Olympic weight bench is durability at an affordable price, and this is fulfilled by its robustness and ability to cater for users of dumbbells as well as barbells.

Just a few of the impressive Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench features

This weight bench is full Olympic size, with uprights placed at 42-inches apart. This means that the bench conforms to Olympics-specified size dimensions; guaranteeing that the user is working with what experts deem to be the best size kit.

The Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic bench also comes with fully adjustable uprights, meaning that users can set the barbell height that they’re comfortable with. Rare for a weights bench of this price is that the seatback includes a decline position, allowing users to perform decline bench press amongst other more niche exercises. There’s also a lat tower, allowing users to work their triceps amongst other muscle groups. This, combined with an arm curl means that nearly all major muscle groups can be targeted from this one Olympic weight bench. Further to this, the bench also includes a leg lift and curl bar.

The bench’s build is also extremely robust, with 3-inch steel uprights ensuring stability whilst the bench is put to any number of its listed uses. The bench is 88-inches long, 60-inches wide and 83-inches high, making it one of the larger and more substantial weight benches available on the market at this price.

What are customers saying about the Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench?

Nearly all reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive, citing its robust build and multi-purpose nature as being a few of its appealing points. Users state that they “would purchase it again” (a crucial test!) and that the lat and preacher extensions are both completely fit for purpose. Users also cite the low price and value for money in the  Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic bench that make it worth purchasing.

Users have repeatedly spoken of the padding on the bench being just right, and the bench itself being very sturdy. Also mentioned in reviews is the bench’s compatibility with other gym equipment, such as its suitability for working well with Olympic bar sets amongst other things. Another user speaks of the leg lift being a positive aspect, with another simply stating that it’s “awesome”.

Two quotes that seem to summarize the overall review of this product:

JDub “Superstar: “I’ve been using it for ~2 weeks now, and I can comfortably say that I would purchase it again”

Annette L. Mcleod: “The product was just as described. Shipping was fast and this product is of very high quality.”

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