Pinroyal 4-in-1 Adjustable Weight Combination Set is a multipurpose weight training equipment that can be used as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and push-up bar. The total weights included in this combination set are 33 pounds x 2 = 66 pounds (30kg).

Weights Dumbbells Set,4 In 1 Fitness Dumbbell Barbell Kettlebells Push-up Combination Set, Adjustable Weight Home Fitness Equipment with Connecting Rod for Every Type Training, 30KG/ 66Lbs (Pair)
  • 4 IN 1 WEIGHT FITNESS - Combination of fitness dumbbell, push-up, barbell and kettlebells, up to 30KG/ 66Lbs, quick conversion, you can freely to choose the training types you want and have an effective strength training at home without going to a expensive gym.
  • HAVING A POSITIVE LIFESTYLE - Our weight fitness kit allows you train and tighten your quads, glutes, buttocks, abs, biceps, triceps, legs and knees at home, burning body fat more effectively and create a shapely body.
  • EASY TO USE - Use the push-up bars to turn the dumbbell into kettlebells or use it independently for push-ups, while a connecting rod for barbell and easy to adjust the weight, multipurpose weight training equipment provides a better training way than exercise machines

With the connecting rod it can be adjusted and converted easily and quickly to the equipment and the training type of your choice. You can have a decent resistance training session in the comfort of your home without needing to get to the gym. You can train different muscles in different parts of your body, tighten and strengthen your triceps, biceps, core section- abdominals, buttocks, legs- quads and glutes and knees at home.

This combo set can help you burn calories and fat efficiently and help you achieve a lean and defined body if you follow a healthy diet plan. The push-up bars included can be used as push-up units and to change the dumbbell into kettlebells. Then by using the connecting rod you can turn it into a barbell and decrease or increase the weights to what you can handle. This set can offer you more flexibility and different ways of training than the exercise machines at the gym.

The connecting rod has a 20mm thick soft foam cushioning to fit your neck comfortably when you’re doing squats. This will help decrease any chances of soreness or fatigue later on. It is made of good quality PVC material that is odorless and not toxic and with a softer exterior, your floors will not get damaged. In the box, you will Pinroyal 4 in 1 Fitness Dumbbell Barbellfind 3 connecting rods, 2 push-up bars, 4 connectors, a rod foam cover, and the counterweights of 4 x 2kg (4.4lb.), 4 x 1.5kg (3.3lb.), 4 x 1.25kg (2.75lb.). You can do your push-ups wherever you want with the anti-slip push-up bars.

The PVC textured grip will help prevent slipping during the workout and will help keep you safer. This combination set would especially work for beginner and intermediate level trainers or if you are a bodybuilder and not able to get to gym for a while for different reasons, it will help you maintain your physique temporarily. This weights combo set is offered with a friendly customer service that will respond to your queries very quickly. Pinroyal is a manufacturer of pro-grade fitness equipment for home use and their products tend to be sturdy, durable, functional and flexible with good build quality and nice design. They are there to help you live a healthier life with a more positive attitude