If you’re really looking to save on those gym subscriptions and get an awesome weight bench for your own use at home, you can’t go far wrong with the Powerline PFID125X folding bench. Forget fees, long journey times (and venturing outdoors in winter!), as well as all that effort to get to and from the gym. This weight bench is a simple one-off payment giving you years of future use at a fraction of the cost of a gym membership.

This Powerline PFID125X flat incline decline folding bench supports most of the common weight bench exercises you’ll ever perform, such as dumbbell variants (chest/shoulder presses), and crunches and sit-ups. It’s also built very solidly, all in all making this weight bench an affordable must!

Some of the Powerline PFID125X Folding Bench’s awesome features

This is a multi-bench, meaning that users can perform a variety of different workouts on this one device. From dumbbell use (flying at various degrees of inclination, chest-pressing and vertical pressing/flying) to performing crunches and sit-ups, the bench is truly multi-purpose and versatile.

The bench comes complete with bottom transport wheels, meaning that the usually ever-common woe of setting up a weights bench in one position and being stuck with it is now eliminated!

The bench comes with seven adjustment positions, meaning that users can completely target their workout in a precise manner, allowing full muscle-sculpting at any angle imaginable.

The Powerline PFID125X flat incline decline folding bench is based on a sturdy construction, meaning that users of this product are guaranteed a stable and comfortable experience whilst using free-weights which would usually cause imbalance if not used on a well designed weights bench such as this.

The bench comes assembled in the box, meaning that after unpacking, users can simply begin right away! The bench is compact enough so that storage is realistic and easy (being able to slide under a bed, for example) whilst it is solid, meaning that its size doesn’t detract from its quality.

The bench is 57-inches long, 16-inches wide and 18-inches high, making it large enough for good practical use.

What are customers saying about the Powerline PFID125X?

Reviews for this product are nearly all positive. Users state that the bench provides a good free-weight workout. They are keen to mention the Powerline PFID125X flat incline decline folding bench’s ease of storage and therefore its convenience.

Many speak about it being a good complementing product for use with dumbbells.

Users praise its sturdiness, with many expressing surprise that the bench is sturdy yet remains compact. Users are generally pleased with the bench’s different degrees of incline, meaning that their free-weights workout is essentially multiplied by seven, due to the angles afforded by this feature.

For anybody wanting an extremely well-priced product, offering all of the features that one would look for in a free-weights bench, this is definitely a good buy. The product offers good value for money, whilst at the same time remaining sturdy and of good quality materials, meaning that the Powerline PFID125X flat incline decline folding bench will last long into the future.

Here are a couple of very happy customers, who reviewed on Amazon:

L.A Smith: “If you have limited space and want a good freeweight workout this is perfect. ”

David: ” I was impressed by how sturdy it actually was. For the price I thinks it is pretty unbeatable”

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