Push-ups are generally considered one of the best exercises. You may be part of the bandwagon who thinks on similar lines. Have you ever wondered as to why push-ups are considered the ultimate exercise? Read on to know better.

1. Multi variable exercise

Multiple variations are possible when one thinks about push-ups. When you do regular pushups, every major muscle in the body get toned up. None other exercise benefits you as pushups.

2. All Free

Pushups only require physical effort from your end. No training equipment is required and the body gets toned up too.

3. No specified area required

Unlike other exercises, pushups do not require a specific area or a visit to the gymnasium. You can carry out exercises in a closed room or venture outdoors, in case you so desire.

4. No time constraint

Pushups hardly require your significant time. These can be done in minimal time and you need not drive down to the gymnasium to do some of these. By the time your others friends reach the gymnasium to do other exercises, you would have probably finished the first round of pushups.

5. Minimal risk of injury

As you incorporate numerous variations in your push up exercises, the chances of encountering injuries also get minimal. Performing pushups in its varied formats strengthens your musculature from distinct angles leaving you much stronger and better prepared to deal with injuries.

6. Better cardio endurance

Healthy heart and powerful lungs are what you will have if you practice pushups on a regular basis. As cardio interval training and cardio endurance get incorporated into a single series of exercises, you would be better prepared to deal with any eventuality.

7. A sculpted physique

Pushups help built sculpted muscles from neck to your toe. This results in a sculpted physique that is proportionate to the body’s bone structure, muscle and natural frame.

8. Key to lifelong weight management

Pushups can be considered as the key to weigh management and help you to maintain a healthy balance between your desired weight and body’s natural defense mechanism. As pushups help build muscles, the fat burning engines of your body get accelerated naturally.
As a general rule one pound of muscle burns thirty five calories in a day. This is in contrast to the two calories that get burned by one pound of fat. As you do pushups on a regular basis, the fat burning capacity of the body increases immensely and fats get burned twenty four hours a day, almost seven days a week

9. Foundation of a fitness style

Pushups prepare a firm fitness style for you that will always keep you energetic, vibrant and better prepared for challenges of life.

10. Reinforces willpower

Pushups have a psychological effect on the body too. You emerge stronger, each day of your life and are better prepared to take on the challenges, life has to offer.
Pushups are considered the best exercise and it has a reason too. Now as you know the secret behind the popularity of pushups, it is time to brace up for the next session of exercise.