Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout Routines – Some New Ideas


If you are using a recumbent exercise bike as part of your fitness program then you could be looking for some new work out routines and workout ideas.  We’ve put a few together below which are designed to help you get the best from your recumbent exercise bike as part of a weight loss program or general fitness regime.

If you have been using your exercise bike for a while it can become boring.  The key to so many fitness programs is motivation.  Whilst the LCD computers present on most exercise bikes can assist in that by giving you targets to beat, sometimes you will need to mix it up a beat.  Here are some top recumbent exercise bike workouts to help you get back in mood.

Endurance Sprinting on an Exercise Bike

This is using an exercise bike in its most basic and pure form.  All you need to do is keep increasing your workout distance and time over a week.  So for example on day one see how far you can cycle and pedal in 30 minutes.

Then on day two try to beat that time.  Beating your best time on an exercise bike is one of the most enjoyable and easy workouts you can do.  If you exercise bike is not an advanced model and doesn’t log your data then keep a tally of your progress on a notepad.

Using Weights with an Exercise Bike

If you have a recumbent exercise bike then standard pedalling will not work the upper half of your body very effectively.  In effect all you are doing is working out your lower body and doing half a job!

Your weights will need to be heavy enough to be a challenge, but not too heavy so that you become tired after just a couple of minutes.

Take it slowly.  As you start to cycle you can repeat bicep curls.  Alternate that with punches to either side whilst gripping the weights.

High Intensity Interval Training

Your exercise bike will come with difference resistance levels and speeds and to make the most of your recumbent model you will need to start using these effectively.  To start off do a five minute warm up at a leisurely pace and a lower resistance level.

The key is not to burn yourself out too early.  As time progresses change the resistance levels up a notch and repeat again over five minutes.  So in effect every five minute chunk will become harder as you go on.  Remember though to give yourself a one minute breather between each five minute chunk, so you will go very slowly to regain composure.

If you can maintain these incremental five minute chunks over a half period then you will succeed.  At the end of thirty minutes make sure you slowly pedal for a three minute warm down period.